Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holistic Vocal Coaching and Non-Surgical Voice Repair...
It's not what you do, it's what you GET DONE!

Given that modern technology is ruling the world, it is very difficult for the consumer to make any choices with respect of purchasing any goods or services.

Everybody is claiming that they are the best and some of them are finding the most successful people in the same field and then plagiarizing the latter, mainly in theory, and claiming that they are as good and better than the originals.

Since people are bombarded with choices, they literally are confused and sometimes cannot separate the right from wrong, or even right from left (lol).

However, the real value is always prevailing.

The fake value tends to fail.

For those who like fitness, they are probably aware about a famous Nordic track fitness machine, which was heavily advertised, especially in previous years, on the television and other sources.

The machine then, and I believe still now, was valued starting at $2000.00, which, I agree, is quite an investment for home fitness equipment.

Nevertheless, though, this machine was endorsed by many reputable sources as premier fitness equipment.

Almost immediately after, and in the same sitting, I myself, spotted a similarly looking machine, which was advertised anywhere from $250 - $500, and the advertisers claimed that it was as good or even better than the original Nordic track.

I knew nothing about the fitness equipment, but I right away thought that it might be too good to be true, to put it mildly.

I used to have a friend who was, the least to say, a fitness addict.

One day, he informed me that he just bought the Nordic-track-alike fitness equipment, and with all additions, payed below $500.00.

"No way!" I exclaimed. "I saw this machine for over $2000.00 advertised on the TV."

My friend was very happy that he got a fitness bargain and then sadly advised me in about a months period of time that the machine broke, and was pretty much unusable.

My reply to him was, "Remember that we are not so rich to buy the cheap things or copies of the originals."

Now my friend got stuck with the equipment, which was no use to him and moreover, could not find the head or tails on how to claim the supposed guarantee to fix it or return the machine outright.

I, unfortunately, am not a fitness freak, but I do like to buy purses... (lol).

I always wanted the real Louis Vuitton purse, as all of Hollywood and Europe, for that matter, have a craze about those purses.

I do own one now and I paid for it $1500 plus tax.

When my husband found out about it, he nearly had a heart attack. He couldn't comprehend that anybody could buy a purse for that kind of money.

He thought that I was, minimum to say, crazy and out of my mind (lol).

Before starting arguing with him, I brought him three other purses from my closet, one of which was a copy of Louis Vuitton, the other one was a copy of Prada and the third one was a copy of Perkins.

I paid anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 per each purse.

All three were broken within less than a month period of their life.

After that, the fight was over, and I am very glad I have the real deal, as in my purse, I nearly carry my whole life (lol).

Similarly, in many services, and in this instance, the ones I provide, i.e. vocal coaching and non-surgical voice repair, there are a lot of copiers, which are multiplying by the day.

Lately, what comes to me that they've learned a great deal from my website and are now claiming that they know how to deliver it.

They offer their services for 1/3 or 1/2 of my price.

They put people through the long process and of course, the results have not been achieved.

The smarter consumers are realizing that, and then finally address their problems to the right source.

The less smart consumers, now are completely disappointed and think that the whole method or system is not working anyways, so in their opinion it is pointless to even come back to the original source...?

Go figure!!!

Their dreams are shattered and the vocal problems are still existent.

In other words, they were put through the process, but in a real sense, nothing has been done and the problem(s) is/are still prevailing.

They thought that they would "get the same" for a fraction of the price...?

The old saying, "you get what you pay for" obviously evaded their minds.

The process has gone on, evidently, the mission is still not accomplished.

I wish they could "buy" a clue and for a reasonable and affordable price to them, then maybe, just maybe, they would be able to make a differentiation between the process and the FINAL DESIRABLE RESULT.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Personality Transformation miraculously intertwines with Vocal Success
Vocally and otherwise Speaking, Teenage Outcast? or… none of those things! – Case Study.

Not too long ago, I was approached by a very loving and caring mom who told me a story of her teenage son, who really loved singing, but was constantly frustrated while trying to learn from different American vocal coaches how to sing properly.

His mom described him as a nice and sweet boy, but, however, experiencing throughout his life not only vocal problems, but problems in general.
His mom told me that he had a speech impediment and he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

So, it sounded like her son did not have exactly an easy time and thus, definitely, he was trying to express himself to, so to speak, feel emotionally relieved through music and singing,which is not unusual, and I see it in my practice quite often.

Given all that, I did not know what to expect because vocally speaking, the young man himself, at the day of his arrival, made me aware that he also had severe pitch problems.

Great, I sighed.

But they drove to me for over 11 hours from the United Sates and the course was fully paid.
So I had no way out (lol).
I have to say that I right away liked the whole family and their energy and love for one another.

It is a good sign, I said to myself, because in my work, the positive attitude and positive energy play a crucial role.
So we started the course and almost right away and to my surprise, the young man was following instructions to the tee and was opening up like a flower.
His mom mentioned that a lot of teachers and especially vocal coaches were previously upset on my, by now already, precious student.
For the life of me, I would not know why...?

The only guess I could take that they did not look and thus, did not find the key to the beautiful teenager to open up his heart and soul and thus, to discover his beautiful voice.
I have to say that this course of 14 hours so far (we were able to add 4 hours to my regular 10 hour course) was one of my favourite courses for the last while, as I was able to give somebody with so many labelled problems and diagnoses a hope to realize his dream to be able to sing and not to feel cast out, but rather feel like a dignified person and performer.
Throughout that course and after the completion of the 14 hours, his mom has expressed her attitude of gratitude: 
Below are excerpts from various e-mails to me...
“Your services are amazing and we are very grateful.”
“You have no idea what an impression you made on him. He has struggled for so long... you are like a light in the wilderness.”
“I know he has issues but I also believe those issues can be addressed which is why we brought him to you.”
“We are very grateful to have found you and appreciate the gift you are giving him.” 
Needless to say, the journey is soon to be continued.
My now favourite student headed back home on Friday and by the following Tuesday, his mom has booked the next 20 hours of our vocal development upon her son’s very strong request.
Him and I are both looking forward to reach the next heights in his vocal, and overall development. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Regular Vocal Coaching vs a Holistic Approach to the Person as a Whole

Almost 38 years ago, I began teaching people singing, and I was labelled as a vocal coach, which at the time, perhaps was quite close to the truth.

As the time progressed, I, more and more, was getting an understanding that I am not just a regular vocal coach and there is much more to me than any vocal coaching could offer to a person/artist.

Granted, first and foremost, I was busy developing (definitely) a unique approach to the voice mechanics themselves.

And I believe that by at least the year of 1993, it was absolutely complete.

Once that was in place, I more and more understood that I have had to connect it to the person who now is embarking on the use of these voice mechanics.

Sometimes, it's like when you go shopping, you see a nice beautiful slinky dress, which looks really gorgeous on the hanger.

However, if the person's look, weight, size, age is not appropriate for that type of dress to be worn, it would rather look ridiculous on that person, than gorgeous.

Similarly, when I first look at my student, I assess the way they look (weight and height), their posture, their conduct of themselves, their diet (after I interview them on the subject), their habits - speaking and singing - and of course, the quality of their voice and the application of their voice - speaking and singing.

All of the aforementioned components are playing a crucial role in their voice/vocal development and needless to say, non-surgical voice repair.


The level of IQ is extremely important in this instance, as well.

If I can not access the one's brain and convey my very intellectual and intelligent in its nature message, I can not do much on the person's voice.

To prove my point, just two days ago I got a call from a disturbed mother whose teenager had a problem with the voice, which disappeared after a cold and never came back the way it was before.

However, the mother mentioned that the child had Downs Syndrome, which right away was clear to me that, unfortunately, I would not be able to fix the voice of her child.

Since she had insisted, though, she put her daughter on the phone with me and within less than 10 seconds, I knew that I was right.

It was very disheartening from my side to refuse my help to them, especially given that the medical professionals (from her words) were just simply dismissing them and would not attend, in any degree, to her daughter's problem.

This precedent made it even more clear for me, that my Vocal Science method is a holistic approach to voice mechanics, which possesses an integration and synergy between all of the components, i.e. mental, physical, emotional and vocal. And nevertheless, the proper mechanics of voice, can not be instilled unless all of the components of the above and all of the components of the wholesome mechanism, also instilled in the physical body through the muscle use and muscle memory, will work in full conjunction and coordination.

In our day and age, I also noticed that people are lacking the motor skills, as they're sitting hours on end in front of their computers and thus, are not involved at all in the physical world.

My method certainly requires the alignment between subconscious and conscious mind, paired with at least decent motor skills.

Some people literally can not "walk and chew gum" at the same time (and they, in fact, are not possessing any kind of Downs Syndrome or other mental disabilities) (Go figure!).

How sad is that, though?

In any case, you, my reader, probably by now (provided that you are mentally sound), should have an understanding that any kind of work done on the voice only (goo goo ga ga, neigh neigh neigh, meow meow exercises and lip trills) will never make you a singer, or let alone will fix your voice. Rather on the contrary, all of the described above, is no doubts promoting a voice repair, which indeed feeds my practice, but shatters your dreams and aspirations in the same sitting.

The conclusion of it is, as I said before in one of my previous blogs: YOU ARE WHAT YOU SING and thus, the approach to your speaking/singing voice and, needless to say, to your speaking/singing performance, should be accessed from every conceivable angle to achieve A TOTAL PERFORMANCE.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Non-Surgical Voice Repair Protocol via Vocal Science(TM) Method and the Philosophy Behind It

I’ve been working on people’s voices since 1975/76,  but officially, the non-surgical voice repair method was born in 1991 when I acquired my own voice problem at the time and experienced all the aspects of the recovery of my voice on myself.

However, the cause of my voice trouble was not caused by improper vocal technique or excessive overuse of my voice. My problem was strictly induced emotionally and then got manifested in my physical body, and not only vocally speaking, but generally speaking as well.

After spending an enormous amount of money, time and energy, trying to find out what was wrong with me vocally and otherwise, I finally got addressed to a holistic approach to the human body overall.

I found out that my immune system was functioning very low and my adrenal glands were functioning very high.

Also, due to enormous stress (emotionally challenged marriage and a very high volume of clients and respectively, working hours), my whole system went out of whack.

My body was full of mucous and due to low immunity, it caused not just allergies, but also nearly asthma.

If to take for consideration that my father suffered with asthma over 30 years, I would presume that everything that I inherited on a cellular and hereditary level from my parents, was now present in my body and the symptoms of that were quite pronounced.

There were also some other nasty and quite alarming symptoms which showed up, inherited from my mother’s side.

So to put it mildly, it definitely was not a picnic.

Once I was made aware that I had to approach my vocal health from the holistic point of view, generally and systematically, the process had begun:

That consisted of the complete cleanse of the body, as well as complete build of the body, as holistic teaching suggests.

Mucous-less, non-dairy diet, along with cleansing and building herbs, and lastly, the perfection of my own Vocal Science technique.

Don’t get me wrong, I was already successfully teaching this very unique and innovative method originated by me, nearly 35 years ago.

Before all of that, my own voice worked like magic and I continued to instill this revolutionary method to thousands upon thousands of people.

At that time, even though that I understood what those people were going through, especially those with voice problems, I still never have had a problem of my own, and thus, just operated from the best of my knowledge.

Once I acquired my own vocal problem, which in my case and in many other cases, showed up as a symptom, warning that something else in my body was out of whack, has appeared to be that in a final analysis, was really a blessing for me and for my future clients.

Now utilizing this knowledge, while conducting my own voice repair via perfection of the Vocal Science technique, I can help thousands upon thousands of people and save them from the nasty operation and from the recurring of the existent vocal conditions.

However, after instructing them with the life and career saving technique, they also have to do the work on their own.

I can not supervise their diet and their herbal intake while they are out of my studio. I can only give suggestions and instructions of what needs to be done while they are on their own.

And I have to say that some of them are super compliant, and thus, their recovery is achieved much faster and less painfully.

The others still can not get a grip that they have to be on a strict diet, at least while the condition is still acute and persistent.

They’re telling me that they just tried a little bit of ketchup and a little bit of potato chips, some yogurt, and some white bread with butter and jam…

Then they complain that they have a setback…?

I’m not sure why they are surprised!

In my previous blog, I wrote about a lady from the UK who I just recently attended to, and saved her from the operation #3 to be performed on her vocal nodules.

Please read the excerpt from her latest e-mail to me:

“Anyhow, in the meantime the voice is sounding stronger. I am feeling loads stronger myself and the weight is dropping off without the wine, bread, diary (and all naughty but nice cakes etc). Making time for the herbs twice a day, drinking loads of Chlorophyll (actually think I am addicted) and doing a few exercises particularly before reaching to take a phone call. The new speaking through the upper palette is still not natural for me but am sure that when I do it, it relieves the vocal cords.”

This UK student of mine is an example for those who can not follow the protocol. 

In her e-mail message above, she perfectly describes where she is at after attaining a non-surgical voice repair course with me in the UK.

In fact, to her credit, she has changed her lifetime habits around, literally by the next day when she came to my hotel for the instruction.

Way to go, Girl!

Everybody knows that a recovering alcoholic can not try just a little bit of wine or vodka, as it is proven that inevitably it will be the re-start for the new alcoholic episodes.

Respectively, when the vocal box flora is disturbed, and the symptoms are highly present, the herbal and diet regiment has to be very strict, without exceptions or cheat days.


I know it first hand, as I have been battling with my weight my entire life.

The minute I return to so-called normal and familiar foods, I am not able to go back on the diet path.




Monday, June 11, 2012

Holistically speaking, Non-Surgical Voice Repair in the UK. Case study.

While still being in Canada, I got a call from a regular person, (not a singer), who was pleading for help, as she already has undergone two vocal operations and not even done by the laser, but performed by a scalpel.
She told me that she was running out of the options.
Both times, the nodules on her vocal chords were literally scraped, and thus, she ended up with scar tissue as a side effect of the surgical intervention.
Now, her nodules showed up the third time!

And yet again, my at the time future client, was offered the third operation!
Clearly, the vocal nodules were recurring themselves over and over again.
In between of the operations, my client attended a course of treatment which was called the Buteyko breathing technique.

Unfortunately, it did not produce any results with respect of the improving the voice situation, but rather produced the opposite result where the person now acquired a quite pronounced raspy cough.
Once I met with my client in my hotel in London, I right away saw that she looked kind of bloated and sounded quite raspy and hoarse.

After acquiring the information, which I described above, I made my assessment and evaluation of this case not only from the vocal point of view, but also from the holistic point of view.
I recommended a mucous-less and non-dairy diet and supplied my client with natural herbs and remedies, which are also designed to clear out the mucous and strengthen and lubricate the vocal anatomy.

My client had the herbs with her at all given times, including the time during her sessions, as by a protocol, in such acute condition as hers, I recommend to take those herbs throughout the instruction time. 

I returned back from the UK on Thursday, June the 7th.
Today, on June the 11th, I got a text from my client where she is saying that she is "feeling stronger by the day ", and on that note, she has been sending me "many thanks".
If she did not find out about me in time, she would go for the already scheduled operation number three.

And that, unfortunately, would leave her with even more scar tissue in her throat and still, evidently, would not solve the problem.
Now, via my sessions, she acquired a skill of how to use her speaking voice via Vocal Science™ technique and she got an understanding that the voice is an identification of the state of your being...
And, nevertheless, her physical being also required some close attention.
Now she is on the way to her complete recovery with full understanding of how to speak properly, utilizing the facial muscles in conjunction with the abdominal muscles, instead of forcing the sound from the throat and heavily engaging the neck and the chest muscles, which if to use excessively, would lead the person to the inevitable dysphonia on top of the already existing problem.
The saying that "you are what you eat" also applies that you are "what you speak and sing…"