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Holistic Vocal Coaching and Non-Surgical Voice Repair...
It's not what you do, it's what you GET DONE!

Given that modern technology is ruling the world, it is very difficult for the consumer to make any choices with respect of purchasing any goods or services. Everybody is claiming that they are the best and some of them are finding the most successful people in the same field and then plagiarizing the latter, mainly in theory, and claiming that they are as good and better than the originals. Since people are bombarded with choices, they literally are confused and sometimes cannot separate the right from wrong, or even right from left (lol). However, the real value is always prevailing. The fake value tends to fail. For those who like fitness, they are probably aware about a famous Nordic track fitness machine, which was heavily advertised, especially in previous years, on the television and other sources. The machine then, and I believe still now, was valued starting at $2000.00, which, I agree, is quite an investment for home fitness equipment. Nevertheless, though, this

Personality Transformation miraculously intertwines with Vocal Success
Vocally and otherwise Speaking, Teenage Outcast? or… none of those things! – Case Study.

Not too long ago, I was approached by a very loving and caring mom who told me a story of her teenage son, who really loved singing, but was constantly frustrated while trying to learn from different American vocal coaches how to sing properly. His mom described him as a nice and sweet boy, but, however, experiencing throughout his life not only vocal problems , but problems in general. His mom told me that he had a speech impediment and he was diagnosed with dyslexia. So, it sounded like her son did not have exactly an easy time and thus, definitely, he was trying to express himself to, so to speak, feel emotionally relieved through music and singing,which is not unusual, and I see it in my practice quite often. Given all that, I did not know what to expect because vocally speaking, the young man himself, at the day of his arrival, made me aware that he also had severe pitch problems. Great, I sighed. But they drove to me for over 11 hours from the United Sates a

Regular Vocal Coaching vs a Holistic Approach to the Person as a Whole

Almost 38 years ago, I began teaching people singing, and I was labelled as a vocal coach, which at the time, perhaps was quite close to the truth. As the time progressed, I, more and more, was getting an understanding that I am not just a regular vocal coach and there is much more to me than any vocal coaching could offer to a person/artist. Granted, first and foremost, I was busy developing ( definitely ) a unique approach to the voice mechanics themselves. And I believe that by at least the year of 1993, it was absolutely complete. Once that was in place, I more and more understood that I have had to connect it to the person who now is embarking on the use of these voice mechanics . Sometimes, it's like when you go shopping, you see a nice beautiful slinky dress, which looks really gorgeous on the hanger. However, if the person's look, weight, size, age is not appropriate for that type of dress to be worn, it would rather look ridiculous on that person, than gorg

Non-Surgical Voice Repair Protocol via Vocal Science(TM) Method and the Philosophy Behind It

I’ve been working on people’s voices since 1975/76,  but officially, the non-surgical voice repair method was born in 1991 when I acquired my own voice problem at the time and experienced all the aspects of the recovery of my voice on myself. However, the cause of my voice trouble was not caused by improper vocal technique or excessive overuse of my voice. My problem was strictly induced emotionally and then got manifested in my physical body, and not only vocally speaking, but generally speaking as well. After spending an enormous amount of money, time and energy, trying to find out what was wrong with me vocally and otherwise, I finally got addressed to a holistic approach to the human body overall. I found out that my immune system was functioning very low and my adrenal glands were functioning very high. Also, due to enormous stress (emotionally challenged marriage and a very high volume of clients and respectively, working hours), my whole system went out of whack. My body was f

Holistically speaking, Non-Surgical Voice Repair in the UK. Case study.

While still being in Canada, I got a call from a regular person, (not a singer), who was pleading for help, as she already has undergone two vocal operations and not even done by the laser, but performed by a scalpel. She told me that she was running out of the options. Both times, the nodules on her vocal chords were literally scraped, and thus, she ended up with scar tissue as a side effect of the surgical intervention. Now, her nodules showed up the third time! And yet again, my at the time future client, was offered the third operation! Clearly, the vocal nodules were recurring themselves over and over again. In between of the operations, my client attended a course of treatment which was called the Buteyko breathing technique. Unfortunately, it did not produce any results with respect of the improving the voice situation, but rather produced the opposite result where the person now acquired a quite pronounced raspy cough. Once I met with my client in my hot