Regular Vocal Coaching vs a Holistic Approach to the Person as a Whole

Almost 38 years ago, I began teaching people singing, and I was labelled as a vocal coach, which at the time, perhaps was quite close to the truth.

As the time progressed, I, more and more, was getting an understanding that I am not just a regular vocal coach and there is much more to me than any vocal coaching could offer to a person/artist.

Granted, first and foremost, I was busy developing (definitely) a unique approach to the voice mechanics themselves.

And I believe that by at least the year of 1993, it was absolutely complete.

Once that was in place, I more and more understood that I have had to connect it to the person who now is embarking on the use of these voice mechanics.

Sometimes, it's like when you go shopping, you see a nice beautiful slinky dress, which looks really gorgeous on the hanger.

However, if the person's look, weight, size, age is not appropriate for that type of dress to be worn, it would rather look ridiculous on that person, than gorgeous.

Similarly, when I first look at my student, I assess the way they look (weight and height), their posture, their conduct of themselves, their diet (after I interview them on the subject), their habits - speaking and singing - and of course, the quality of their voice and the application of their voice - speaking and singing.

All of the aforementioned components are playing a crucial role in their voice/vocal development and needless to say, non-surgical voice repair.


The level of IQ is extremely important in this instance, as well.

If I can not access the one's brain and convey my very intellectual and intelligent in its nature message, I can not do much on the person's voice.

To prove my point, just two days ago I got a call from a disturbed mother whose teenager had a problem with the voice, which disappeared after a cold and never came back the way it was before.

However, the mother mentioned that the child had Downs Syndrome, which right away was clear to me that, unfortunately, I would not be able to fix the voice of her child.

Since she had insisted, though, she put her daughter on the phone with me and within less than 10 seconds, I knew that I was right.

It was very disheartening from my side to refuse my help to them, especially given that the medical professionals (from her words) were just simply dismissing them and would not attend, in any degree, to her daughter's problem.

This precedent made it even more clear for me, that my Vocal Science method is a holistic approach to voice mechanics, which possesses an integration and synergy between all of the components, i.e. mental, physical, emotional and vocal. And nevertheless, the proper mechanics of voice, can not be instilled unless all of the components of the above and all of the components of the wholesome mechanism, also instilled in the physical body through the muscle use and muscle memory, will work in full conjunction and coordination.

In our day and age, I also noticed that people are lacking the motor skills, as they're sitting hours on end in front of their computers and thus, are not involved at all in the physical world.

My method certainly requires the alignment between subconscious and conscious mind, paired with at least decent motor skills.

Some people literally can not "walk and chew gum" at the same time (and they, in fact, are not possessing any kind of Downs Syndrome or other mental disabilities) (Go figure!).

How sad is that, though?

In any case, you, my reader, probably by now (provided that you are mentally sound), should have an understanding that any kind of work done on the voice only (goo goo ga ga, neigh neigh neigh, meow meow exercises and lip trills) will never make you a singer, or let alone will fix your voice. Rather on the contrary, all of the described above, is no doubts promoting a voice repair, which indeed feeds my practice, but shatters your dreams and aspirations in the same sitting.

The conclusion of it is, as I said before in one of my previous blogs: YOU ARE WHAT YOU SING and thus, the approach to your speaking/singing voice and, needless to say, to your speaking/singing performance, should be accessed from every conceivable angle to achieve A TOTAL PERFORMANCE.


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