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My Voice Is Gone And My Throat Hurts. What Could I Do?

One day, you wake up and you notice that suddenly, your voice is not the same as it normally is. You think to yourself; "maybe, its just morning raspiness and it will go away later in the day".  Five (or more) days pass and you realize that your voice is not getting any better.  It’s actually getting worse with every word you try to convey. On top of that, your throat feels like it is on fire and it has been burning severely. So, by now, you have come to the realization that something is definitely wrong there… Your  voice feels weak, and on top of that, it sounds raspy and hoarse . “What could I do to make it better” you ask yourself in desperation? Of course, right away, you turn to the “all reliable internet" for answers to your vocal dilemma, and find out that all of their “answers” are just generic explanation websites which, at most times, do not lead you to the best diagnosis and/or treatments. Now, you are lost completely and totally unaware

Non-Surgical Voice Repair Via Vocal Science ™ Method.

All you have to lose is your stress and fear; All you have to gain is your voice and overall health.   When a regular person suddenly begins to experience some voice problems , it becomes very devastating and, nevertheless, very scary. When a singer begins to experience a loss of range, and hoarseness of voice , not only does it cause stress and extreme fear of losing their career, but it becomes completely unbearable and extremely stressful for that individual; and of course, all of it effects his/hers overall health. The musicians in general are usually extremely emotional and quite passionate, which is not always beneficial to their physical wellbeing. It is a well-known fact that a lot of diseases are emotionally induced and then they manifest in the physical body. The stress alone can cause quite a change in the chemical composition and thus, can cause a complete imbalance in the body. If brought to the absolute boiling point, it will most likely attack the weakest

Could Speech Therapists (Or Speech Pathologists For That Matter), Attend To Singers With Voice Disorders?

Lately, for some mysterious reason , I hear more and more from people who used to be able to sing (or even professional singers with voice issues) contemplating to receive the treatment for their voice problems from speech therapists or speech pathologists…? How logical is that? Honestly, to me, it does not make any sense, as none of the above were ever trained how to become a singer or, nevertheless, knowing how to sing and, furthermore, how to treat singers from vocal diseases. Moreover, some of them actually suffer themselves from MTD ( Muscle tension Dysphonia ) or even SD ( Spasmodic Dysphonia ). So their “claim to fame” is that they had (and majority of them still have) such vocal disorders themselves. They brag about it, trying to convince a potential sufferer that they know all about it, since they have been suffering from the same thing…? My question is: if they have been suffering from such disorders described above, how did they get it in the first place

Why Vocal Science? Because… Nothing Is Science.

Evidently, there are a lot of ways to get into vocal problems, but there is only one way to get out of them. And that is by utilizing the Vocal Science ™ method –, proper speaking and singing voice application and The Unique Non-Surgical Voice Repair approach. The components of the Vocal Science™ technique have been scientifically researched for nearly four decades. In this instance, the sound has been treated as a physical material body. Since, nevertheless, any physical material entity travels in circular direction, the sound itself travels in the same pattern. When we are talking about a human being producing sound , the sound will travel in circular direction, (relatively, respectively and prospectively to the person’s height of the body and the width of the body), which will be consistent with the circumference of the circle. The Vocal Science method is totally congruent with the laws of physics and geometry.   As we speak now, in Boston US, there are the best of the