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Have you been a singer in the past, and had recently lost your voice? WE CAN HELP!!

 I have more and more inquiries from people who used to sing for some time in the past; and suddenly, (or at least so they thought), lost their singing range and some of them even lost their singing voice altogether . Now they are older and in their 40s (and counting), and they still cannot get a grip on the notion that their love and joy of singing might never be present again...? Quite a few years later after the occurrence, they had been still upset and even depressed about it.   Of course, they had been through numerous visits to doctors, speech therapists, pathologists and nevertheless many vocal coaches. However, in the majority of cases, it did not add up to any tangible, needless to say, expected results. With the above said, since they had lost their love and joy to be able to sing effortlessly and painlessly, their lives were never the same. Their passion and desire for expressing themselves, (telling their stories and expressing their emotions through singing), ha

Transformation Unlimited (Since 1984): Leave Your Comfort Zone 'In The Closet' and Come Out and Learn How to Get Off Of Your 'Treadmill'...

Adapt and Make It Yours: Integration and Synergy Between: Mental Physical Emotional And Voice/Vocal Components...  The above would make you a better speaker or singer, and nevertheless, a more complete person... We work with a lot of voice and vocal disorders, but in a real sense, my definition of the above will be that it is actually more so a life 'disorder', in a manner of speaking. Serious voice disorders like Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) and Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) are mostly emotionally induced. My mentor in the health department (retired now) was always asking her clients, "What exactly can you not swallow?"   Indeed!  I remember those words of wisdom since I met this person from whom I have learned a holistic approach to the human body, mind, and emotions. And then I connected it to voice disorders (while in the process of doing it for many years), totally understanding that it is not only the voice problem(s) my clients possess but, in the majority of ca