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Adapt and Make It Yours:
Integration and Synergy Between:
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • And Voice/Vocal Components... 

The above would make you a better speaker or singer, and nevertheless, a more complete person...

We work with a lot of voice and vocal disorders, but in a real sense, my definition of the above will be that it is actually more so a life 'disorder', in a manner of speaking.

Serious voice disorders like Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) and Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) are mostly emotionally induced.
My mentor in the health department (retired now) was always asking her clients, "What exactly can you not swallow?"  


I remember those words of wisdom since I met this person from whom I have learned a holistic approach to the human body, mind, and emotions.
And then I connected it to voice disorders (while in the process of doing it for many years), totally understanding that it is not only the voice problem(s) my clients possess but, in the majority of cases, it is a life (in general) consequence. 

In the summer of the year 2021, when the pandemic somewhat subsided, and businesses were allowed to re-open, I re-opened mine also and came across a lot of very emotionally disturbed women. 
The majority of those women were recent divorcees. Practically, in every case I had that summer, they were going through a divorce or already had been divorced.
However, for the majority of them, the separation from their spouse was not induced by their choice...
And needless to say, practically all of them were diagnosed either with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, or, even more so, Spasmodic Dysphonia. 
Given their marriage history (primarily spousal abuse), I was not much surprised at all!

Spasmodic Dysphonia, by the medical profession, has been defined as a neurological disorder. 
However, I only had a couple of cases that truly possessed an inherited susceptibility to neurological diseases.
One of them comes to mind who came to me for treatment from Seattle USA, whereas his brother also had been dealing with Spasmodic Dysphonia all his life and his sister, who, unfortunately, died of Muscular Dystrophy (MS) - both of which belong to the same family of neurological diseases. 

But via my extensive practice dealing with voice/vocal disorders, I can testify that a majority of them are induced emotionally, dealing with some kind of family trauma (husbands leaving those women for younger women, and more so, their own secretaries and etc.).
That was, indeed, hard for them "to swallow"...  (figuratively and unfortunately, not so figuratively speaking).
Such disorders like Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD), Sulcus Vocalis, Paralyzed Vocal Cord(s), and GERD are, in a real sense, giving people a hard time swallowing their food and even swallowing their own saliva.  
Their description is that they feel a "ball" in their throats which is preventing them from proper swallowing, and even, proper breathing. 

So, nevertheless, my approach is totally holistic and totally natural towards all of those voice/vocal disasters. 

Just a recent case...
A young girl came from another Province of Canada to fix her Muscle Tension Dysphonia, affecting both her speaking and singing voice. 
This girl just graduated from a reputable University with a Neuroscience Bachelors Degree. 
She happened to be an extremely smart and nice 22-year-old person. 
Once I started the instruction, I understood that, however, her physical abilities were next to none. 
As many parents who come from other countries are usually pushing their children into achieving academic knowledge and practically totally disregarding their physical development.
Due to the lack of the latter, these now young adults, literally cannot "walk and chew gum" at the same time to save their lives, so to speak. 
Their mental capabilities have not been trained in such practicality to be able to give the command to their child's motor skills and thus, those skills had never been developed at all. 

Vocal Science
Method, developed and implemented by me, requires that very synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components indicated at the beginning of this blog.
In the above case, the mental component had been graded at A+. 
The physical component at C-. 
Throughout this beautiful girl's course and treatment, we have learned that emotionally she was quite suppressed...
Her throat was locking on her due to her thyroid (which in holistic teaching represents suppressed emotions and lingering hurts).
Nevertheless, the voice is getting locked in the neck (MTD) and the thyroid on its own is not allowing the sound to go through to be projected on the surface. 
This girl lives with a huge family, who, according to her, are very loud and of course (especially her grandparents) do not possess a proper command of the English language.
So this young girl, was quite frustrated with her situation at home, and thus, was quite suppressed emotionally, especially at the beginning of our journey.
She told us that she was mostly only missing her dog (a beautiful poodle named Broly).
Needless to say, her Muscle Tension Dysphonia was derived from the situation in her household, and moreover, by my thorough investigation, I found very strange intonations in her voice, especially when we were practising speech exercises. 
That, somewhat, puzzled me at the beginning of our voice repair course, but then, I realized that I have seen something similar (especially from the younger people) who were also immigrants children. 

And even though, they were born here and spoke English without any accent, their mother tongue, however, has been sitting in their subconscious since birth.

In Russia, there was a very well-known Serial which was about a Russian Double Agent who was sent by Russian authorities to a German Nazi/Gestapo Unit to pretend that he was German from birth. 
And he was very successful at it, had no Russian accent and conducted himself as if he was born in Germany.   
Some years later, he was ordered to get married to another Russian spy.
And they did... 
After that, to make it even more believable, they were ordered to get pregnant and deliver a baby. 
During the delivery, his wife, while experiencing great pain, started to scream in the Russian Langauge...
That is how they blew their cover... 

So what does it tell you, my reader?

To me, it says that what you are born with, is what, nonetheless, you are going to die with...!

However, my mission is to clear out all of that as much as I possibly can and thus, help a great deal, not only to a person's voice but also to help them with their life in general... 
Whereas both are, nevertheless, greatly intertwined with each other. 

This aforementioned girl, who just left a couple of weeks ago, has been in contact with us quite often and is planning to come back and live here in Toronto, primarily to be by my side and continue her voice/vocal development, while improving her life in general. 

She is, no doubt, willing to come out of 'her closet' and definitely to come out of the 'emotional treadmill', in a manner of speaking.
Very commendable, indeed, as she understands that otherwise, there will be no change without a change. 

Now to conclude: 
As you already read at the beginning of this newsletter... Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My wish for you for this Holiday Season is:
Do not miss Santa's arrival along with Mrs. Claus and the elves (Ho-Ho-Ho!). 

I can guarantee you that your transformation (in whichever way you will desire) will begin from that moment on...


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