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Sculpturing an ordinary person into a vocalist… Is that possible? And if it is, what does it take to make it happen?

Teaching , producing and repairing voices for almost four decades, has brought an estimated 20.000 students of all kinds under my care. Some of them were complete beginners and wanted to do it just for fun.  Others were also beginners, but had a big ambition to become professional singers, however, sometimes; they did not show a very big talent to begin with. Obviously, I work with a lot of semi-professional and professional singers as well.  But today, we will be talking about the beginners with possession of ‘not so obvious, at the glance’ talent. A lot of them have big dreams. Are they realistic? From my point of view, they very much so could be. When I start working with them, it’s a clean slate i.e., they do not have the pre-conceived ideas or very bad habits for that matter, but just willingness and lovingness to realise their dream of becoming a singer. Sometimes, I prefer that to a big, so to speak, talent, as these, so called, ‘talented people’, not n

Is it possible to become a decent or even a professional singer in a matter of hours, and not years?

The answer to the above is yes. How so, you may ask? Everybody knows and mainly believes that you have to spend quite a few years to become a good singer and even more years to become a professional singer. That could be true in the conventional understanding of the vocal coaching and their well-known and recognised methods. I advocate my own, developed from scratch, Vocal Science ™ method and attached to it a revolutionary approach to voice mechanics.  I found a short and efficient cut to trigger the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy whatsoever.   I do work on the brain and on the full physiology, via method of visualisation and via triggering certain muscles in the body, employing certain physical movements, which bring the intangible and abstract approach to a tangible understanding and certain feelings in the body and the voice, respectively. Once the person understands the intellectual part of the equation,

Acid reflux In general. How does it affect one’s voice and vocal anatomy in a whole?

More and more people are calling to our professional vocal school and its division, The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, and addressing a very unpleasant problem – acid reflux, which not only is affecting their internal gastric anatomy, but also affecting their voice. Some of them are singers, but a lot of them are just ordinary people, whose speech was affected by the nasty symptoms, which literally burn and inflame their vocal cords.  Their throat flora gets disturbed and the vocal cords in a lot of times become thicker making its surface feel like sandpaper. The recent client with the above-described symptoms revealed that she was ordered a gastric intestinal operation to close valve, which was producing the excess acid, which in turn, was shooting to her vocal anatomy. Her question to me was, “if I do this operation, do I still need to fix my voice?” I watch a lot of shows related to the hospital theme.  Therefore, I gave her an analo