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Vocal Science™ - Voice Restoration and Life-Altering Experience!

When people inquire about their speaking or singing voice restoration, they think only about their voice and nothing else which could be related to the latter.  They do not realize that the voice is an essential part of their anatomy and a very important tool for communication (speaking or singing).  However, there are by far more benefits (in this case) to non-surgical voice repair then just the voice itself. Those regular people (non-singers) who have speech problems, usually come to our studio/clinic completely (by my definition) out-of-balance - Mentally, physically, emotionally and, of course, vocally. They possess a lot of problems and on every conceivable level:   Some have problems with weight - either too skinny or, on the contrary,   with quite excessive body mass. Some of them possess bad habits like smoking, drinking, drug use and other unhealthy addictions. Needless to say, they are not only physically unfit, but, nevertheless, mentally and emotionally

Madness to… Vocal Science?? I Would Not Create It On Purpose Even If I Could.

As technology progresses, unfortunately, human beings are regressing exponentially… How sad is that?  Sad indeed! In my roaster of clients, I possess (as far as I am concerned) the best clients they could be nowadays… However, some of them evidently cannot “walk and chew the gum at the same time”! In order for the Vocal Science™ method and technique to get “implemented into the human being” and make their voices to work upon design and upon “command”, it requires the integration and synergy between various components in order to “instil” a wholesome mechanism in one’s psyche, which would allow the human voice (speaking and singing) to work in its fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy. The intellectual understanding of such mechanism and its interconnection with the motor skills, will allow the voice to get in balance; and thus become to work in coordination and in congruency with the person's physical parameters (hight and width).  T

For The Love of Voice and… Relationships!! - Vocal Science…

We fix not only voices, but we also mend broken hearts, wounded souls & spirits and… nevertheless, relationships!  Why relationships, you my reader, may ask? The answer is, while the voice is getting healthier and thus stronger, the confidence of the sufferer also becomes stronger.   A lot of voice repair cases are emotionally induced and a lot of them are also caused by (supposed-to-be) the closest people they are related to. How ironic - you may wonder… Ironic indeed! On this note, let me tell you my own story:  In 1989/1990, my own voice suddenly and, I thought, without any reason, seized. Naturally, not knowing then what I know now, I was really puzzled as to why something like that would happen to me out of all people? I knew that I always was promoting a healthy voice; and thus, could not attribute its failure to poor vocal technique, or anything like that. After long suffering an investigation how to deal with it (via trial and error), I

Is It Possible To Conquer Serious Voice/Vocal Problems in 20 Hours (Not Years) Employing The Vocal Science™ Method?

Beyond the Reasonable doubt... What is this blog actually about? We just would like to bring to your attention that we successfully completed a speech and singing voice repair course with Alberto “Maui” Mauiztic from Cozumel, Mexico. Please check out his feedback after only 20 hours (protocol is 30) of our very unique instruction and natural herbal treatment. See below : “I cannot state enough how much Diana's teachings have helped me, I came to see her after more than 3 months of vocal pain, strain and absolute uncertainty of what my voice would be like in the near or even distant future... A singer who cannot speak for more than an hour without resenting it for the next few days... imagine that! Despite the fact that she sounded so reassuring and knowledgeable on the telephone it was a leap of faith to trust some unknown lady 3,000 km away from me and get on a plane to see her. If you've been suffering like me (and probably even more) you have been promised so much

Vocal Science™ Method: Welcome to our Voice Mechanics Repair Shop!

At The Royans Professional Vocal School /The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair , we naturally get a large number of inquiries related to voice/vocal problems, issues and disorders. The majority of people who actually inquire about our services truly believe that the problem with the voice is physical as, in their opinion, something must have gone wrong with their voice and the sound; and now, via speech therapy or a vocal operation, they believe that they will solve all of their voice problems and thus will sound the same as before…or even better. Unfortunately, only the minority of voice disorder sufferers do realize that conventional speech therapy, or even a vocal operation for that matter, would actually change anything… Due to the level of their intelligence, they do have the understanding that something went wrong with their vocal mechanics; which, nevertheless, have to be fixed and put back intact and, needless to say, back in balance. Easier said then do