Madness to… Vocal Science?? I Would Not Create It On Purpose Even If I Could.

As technology progresses, unfortunately, human beings are regressing exponentially…

How sad is that? Sad indeed!

In my roaster of clients, I possess (as far as I am concerned) the best clients they could be nowadays…

However, some of them evidently cannot “walk and chew the gum at the same time”!

In order for the Vocal Science™ method and technique to get “implemented into the human being” and make their voices to work upon design and upon “command”, it requires the integration and synergy between various components in order to “instil” a wholesome mechanism in one’s psyche, which would allow the human voice (speaking and singing) to work in its fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy.

The intellectual understanding of such mechanism and its interconnection with the motor skills, will allow the voice to get in balance; and thus become to work in coordination and in congruency with the person's physical parameters (hight and width). The abdominal muscles also need to be engaged into the equation in order to produce the support for the lift of the sound off of the physical body. With the quick mouth breath intake, the needed air (fuel) will be produced to achieve the flight of the sound (voice) which, nevertheless, will be directed to its aimed destination.

Unfortunately, some of my clients cannot interconnect the needed visualization (of how the sound travels via their height, width and centre of their body’s build) with the motor skills and the air intake, without which, the lift and the flight of the sound is not possible.

Usually, those who are now adults, never participated in any activities when they were children; and that shows instantaneously. Their mind, not ever being trained in anything outside of school curriculums, simply does not give proper command to their motor skills and, in our case, it doesn’t not interconnect with the abdominal muscles and the air which separates the physical body from the sound.

My school is operating now on its 35th year and, unfortunately, I have to state that I never seen so many mentally, emotionally, physically and thus, needless to say, vocally incompetent, people. We all know that once monkeys experienced evolution, they then became human beings. My biggest fear right now is that the opposite effect might take place… I however hope that at least in my lifetime, the latter will not happen…?


The second part of the equation is when I am receiving e-mails and phone calls from the potential clients…

Toronto Star once written an article about me and my method; and their author stated there that my teaching, and the method itself, is “definitely not for the faint of heart”. I added that the Vocal Science™ method and technique is definitely not for people with a below-average IQ either.

One of my clients from the previous years, who actually was quite profound, said: “Diana… Your method and approach is actually very simple (like everything genius usually is), but definitely not easy at all!”

The above is very true and it, no doubt, has been designed for a regular human being to comprehend.

However, some of the e-mails and phone calls, I should really display to the general public for their reader’s digest and for a humorous break (to spice up their lives a little bit LOL). However, I always say that “it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad…”

Sometimes it makes me wonder what I would do with that person if he/she registered for my course. My future-doomed client would most likely be unable to get the simple understanding of what this quite unique method and technique would involve. Their mental “puzzle” is simply not working - just like a Rubik’s Cube which sometimes is quite difficult to align”. However, for the mentally-fit person, it should be simple to solve.

To give you and example, let’s say I speak about “A.B.C” and presume that the person on the other end is with me on the topic. All of the sudden, that person begins to speak about “X.Y.Z”, which throws me completely off of my presentation topic. After that I desperately try to put my “communicator in question” on the right track… But little bit I’ve known… Now, my partner-in-conversation suddenly begins to speak about “1.2.3”…?

Funny! - you, my reader, may exclaim. Not really… That’s what I call madness.

I do feel very sorry for those “quite-incapacitated” people who cannot sustain a simple conversation and comprehend the gist of it. 

So by that time, there is already not a doubt in my mind, that if they somehow will even end up in my studio, it would be “hell on Earth” for both of us to achieve any tangible results. Unfortunately, it’s getting worse and worse with respect of people’s understanding and comprehension of what’s involved to become a good speaker, singer, or furthermore, to gain back their lost voices. 

In fact, the person’s voice (broken or not) is the least of my concern. The person’s aptitude and attitude is my biggest concern, not to mention their (at least remote) mental and physical fitness, which will contribute a great deal in health and, of course, if needed, restoration of their voice.

To conclude:

I am still trying to be optimistic and am hoping for human being’s progress forward. 

I am hoping that, in some point in time, they will take their eyes and hands off of their computers (looking for instant-gratification) and, like before, will become physically active, acquire a positive attitude as well as trust in proper (manually-induced) education and the legitimate educators for that matter…

The voice, I can definitely access provided that the above- described components are present and when the person, (concerned about their voice), really would want to be helped!


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