Case Study of our recent International Client, (a Businessman from Paris, France) with the Diagnosis of Sulcus Vocalis and His Successful Course and Treatment

Our recent international client Cedric H. (from Paris, France), 38 years old, had suffered from Sulcus Vocalis for 3 years, as nobody was able to rectify it. 

That definitely affected his business, as he lost confidence in presentations and never knew when his voice was going to cease. 

Here is his testimonial after he had undergone a 40-hour course and natural herbal treatment (conducted by Widely-Renowned Master Voice/Vocal Coach and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist Ms. Diana Yampolsky), which had been delivered to him over 10 consecutive days:

“My name is Cedric and I come from France.  

I was diagnosed with Sulcus Vocalis about 3 years ago.  

Slowly but surely, my voice started to fade off and I called Diana in September because my voice went totally off. 

She found space in her busy schedule and I made my way to Canada. 

I went from pretty much 20% of a voice to around 90% of a voice, which makes me today very happy. 

I know that there is still some progress ahead of me, but I learned a strong foundation thanks to Diana. 

I was close to going for surgery and thanks to Diana's technique, I am happy to say that I avoided this severe treatment. 

I am looking forward to heading back home and being able to work and enjoy some time with loved ones. 

So again, thanks to Diana and her team for having me in Canada. 

It was not easy. 

It was a long 40 hours of training and treatment, but it was all very worth it.

I look forward to some maintenance in the future and once again will be coming to visit Diana and The Royans Team. 

So thank you very much Diana.” - Cedric H. Cedric has since returned to France and wrote the following to us: "Today in the office I had a 1.5-hour meeting with other people and it went ok. However, I am still adjusting my life a lot. The ENT Doctor said that I have to continue using my voice in the right way. Of course, it is already amazing, but I have to remember to take breaks. Meanwhile, I had spent lunch until sunset with friends, and my voice was ok. When I felt that my voice was tired, I left right away and went home."

                 Cedric's Feedback 2 Weeks After Completing the Course                         

Cedric also reported that his voice now lasts up to 5 to 6 hours during some social events.

Before coming to us, he was saying that his voice did not last even 5 minutes, as it was breaking in the middle of his conversations. We are very proud of you Cedric! Way to go man! Remember that the best is yet to come! - Diana & The Royans Team

Cedric's Feedback 5 Weeks After his 40-hour Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course 


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