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Do you own your voice "signature"? If not, how can you obtain it?

What do I mean by the voice "signature", you may ask? What I mean by it is that your unique sound and style should be present in your performance. Some people do not know how to connect with the sound their producing and how to own their voice. They're simply copying to the T, the original singer, while covering the well known tune, or use the same sound they like in their so called original tune. My specialty as a master vocal coach/consultant for many years, is to discover and uncover the artist's true spirit/voice. I truly believe that your voice is your spirit and it has to be flown unlimitedly off of your physical body and to the universe, so to speak. And needless to say, the sound has to be flown upon design. After all, when the spaceship is launched, the astronauts or the tower are not guessing where it's going to end up - on the moon or on Mars. They pre-count and pre-design the destination, and means how the spaceship will get there, much in ad

Vocal Science(TM) - Voice Repair Proof Method

What do I mean by that title, you might ask? It is extremely peculiar, especially that 90% of my work nowadays is non-surgical voice repair . How do you think I acquire the clients who do require the non-surgical voice repair? My answer is,  I do have suppliers...? Take a wild guess. Who do you think I call suppliers? My "wild guess" would be - the well known vocal coaches and renowned music producers. They successfully manufacture voice problems , i.e. vocal nodules , polyps , dysphonia name a few, and I, in turn, successfully attend to those problems. It seems to be the perfect equation...? For whom though? I do not complain about the lack of business on that front, but what about the artists? As we're witnessing now, every second one of them requires, never mind non-surgical, but quite evidently the surgical interference.  How sad is that? All of them have "the best team around them", or at least their management so claims. Mor

Vocal Repair. Alternative methods of treatment. What are they and how useful are they?

For Many Years, I am advocating non-surgical voice repair for my clients. Some of them are singers, some are not. Quite a lot of them have similar symptoms and often, similar causes of their voice loss. When we talk about those who are not singers, it is somewhat a different feel and perception from both sides, my own included. With the singers, it's usually a straight forward deal. Their career is based on the use of their voice. Before they could sing, however, not necessarily up to professional standards, (which is what caused the problem in the first place) but now they cannot sing at all. It is a tragedy to say the least, as all of their dreams are shattered and performances and tours are postponed until further notice, or even indefinitely like in John Mayer 's case. It is interesting enough that those artists are not looking for any gimmicks with respect of the means of how to fix their voices, and primarily, willing to do anything to get back on stage.