Vocal Science(TM) - Voice Repair Proof Method

What do I mean by that title, you might ask?

It is extremely peculiar, especially that 90% of my work nowadays is non-surgical voice repair.

How do you think I acquire the clients who do require the non-surgical voice repair?

My answer is,  I do have suppliers...?

Take a wild guess. Who do you think I call suppliers?

My "wild guess" would be - the well known vocal coaches and renowned music producers.

They successfully manufacture voice problems, i.e. vocal nodules, polyps, dysphonia...to name a few, and I, in turn, successfully attend to those problems.

It seems to be the perfect equation...?

For whom though?

I do not complain about the lack of business on that front, but what about the artists?

As we're witnessing now, every second one of them requires, never mind non-surgical, but quite evidently the surgical interference. 

How sad is that?

All of them have "the best team around them", or at least their management so claims.

Moreover, when anybody dares to give them a suggestion that maybe their team is not as successful as they might think, they take offence and confirm that their team is still the best, disregarding the fact that that very team produced the vocal problem in the first place for their artist.

The Vocal Science technique is the voice repair proof.

It recognizes that the vocal cords and the vocal box are not "made from steel", so to speak.

It minimizes and practically eliminates the wear and tear on ones vocal anatomy, as the constant pressure on the vocal box produces inflammation and growth of foreign cells.

The Vocal Science technique got it down to the science, no pun intended. It treats the voice as a physical material body and its theory in its core suggests to lift that sound off of one's vocal box and restructure it to the different set of muscles altogether (facial cavities).

The facial chambers (sinus cavities) will take over the pressure of the sound, and moreover, will embrace it, and then also will amplify the sound at least four times over, without any effort at all.

The facial muscles will concurrently work with the abdominal muscles, whereas the latter will produce the support for the lift of the sound and thus, the employment of all of it will practically eliminate the use of one's throat, larynx and vocal cords.

If the vocal anatomy is not engaged, or the least to say, engaged minimally, that would mean that the person who adapts the Vocal Science technique will be voice repair proof, as by the law of averages, if it's not broken, why fix it?


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