Do you own your voice "signature"? If not, how can you obtain it?

What do I mean by the voice "signature", you may ask?

What I mean by it is that your unique sound and style should be present in your performance.

Some people do not know how to connect with the sound their producing and how to own their voice.

They're simply copying to the T, the original singer, while covering the well known tune, or use the same sound they like in their so called original tune.

My specialty as a master vocal coach/consultant for many years, is to discover and uncover the artist's true spirit/voice.

I truly believe that your voice is your spirit and it has to be flown unlimitedly off of your physical body and to the universe, so to speak. And needless to say, the sound has to be flown upon design. After all, when the spaceship is launched, the astronauts or the tower are not guessing where it's going to end up - on the moon or on Mars. They pre-count and pre-design the destination, and means how the spaceship will get there, much in advance.

If the performer does not know how to get his/her's voice off their anatomical muscles (the spaceship off of the launching pad) and project it over and above their physical body, the spirit will not be unleashed and, in a manner of speaking, it will remain in its "physical jail".

If that "flying" component is not present, the voice will never become distinct and the performer will never own it, per say. He/she will be stuck in the karaoke bars for the lifetime and will never be able to realize the big dreams to succeed in the major music industry at large.

That brings us to a revolutionary Vocal Science technique and method, which teaches the vocal performer how to utilize the facial and abdominal muscles of their physical body for the ultimate use of their voice and sound.

Once the sound comes out on the surface from within, it does become unique and, so to speak, "signed".

Sometimes, while listening to the radio, you may not right away know whom the song played by the DJ does belong to, but you may recognize the voice. And if that occurs, you know that the particular artist has established his signature underneath of his sound.

Your fingerprints and your DNA do belong just to you.

The voice and the sound has to also become that and belong to you and to you only.

That will differentiate you from the mediocre singers, who just produce a little bit more than a noise.

Your tone, in this instance, will also become unique.

By my experience, the major movers and shakers in the music industry are looking exactly for that.

They want somebody unique looking and unique sounding.

They want distinction on every level.

So the moral of the above is: Once you own your voice, by the virtue of fact of knowing how to power it, without any strain or pain on your vocal anatomy, and how to deliver it to its aimed destination, without any heavy anatomic involvement, you will obtain your signature, which down the road may be worth millions of dollars, pounds or whichever other currency on Earth.


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