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Vocal Science, Non-Surgical Voice Repair For All The Right Reasons… Think Outside Of The Box!

In a manner of speaking, this blog will be a perfect continuation of the previous blog named “ Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next? “. Indeed… What’ next? By the law of averages, the next best thing would be to look and find the alternative solution to any of your health or voice problems. After all, we are talking about your health; and not only your voice/vocal health, but your health in general. I always had said that the voice is a reflection of the state of your being and the identification of who you are. It is equivalent to your fingerprints, as they voice you possess is exclusively your property. You can acquire voice problems from all different causes and for all different reasons. One of them could indeed be connected to the state of your health in general. One of the most common reasons could be your thyroid problem, which itself is interconnected to your emotional state of being. According to

Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next?

The next thing is to regain your lost voice and gain back control of your life.   However, easier said then done! We noticed that if our potential clients reveal to us that they started having vocal issues only a few month ago, statistically, those clients with voice problems will not end up in our studio anytime soon. However, the ones who have been suffering with their voice problems for over 2, 3, 5 or even more years, will most likely embark on our services that much faster. I thought about it long and hard and I came to the conclusion that those with recent voice/vocal problems have not been “out-doctored” enough yet. They still believe (especially in countries like Canada and England) that the medicine is “free” (in a manner of speaking); and thus they will be able to find adequate “free” medical care to treat (and even “cure”) their vocal problems.  Since it’s all new and fresh to them, they are heavily accessing numerous doctors and specialists, especially

Vocal Science: All Voice - No Pain! ("All V - No P").

Not only a great amount of people are losing voices these days, but also a lot of them are experiencing severe pain in their throats. Before, we had complaints, primarily from singers; but more and more, just regular people (speakers) are complaining on extreme discomfort in their vocal box in general.  The singers are usually ruining their vocal anatomy simply for the lack of education and simple knowledge; and thus, lack of the proper vocal technique. They very often end up with laryngitis , i.e., with the hoarse and raspy voice ; not to mention an extreme pain in their throats. The singers (also very often) end up with the growth on their vocal cord(s); such as polyps, nodules, cysts and etc.   The regular people who do not take proper care of their voice and (in majority of times) their health in general, usually end up with muscle tension dysphonia or spasmodic dysphonia .  Nevertheless, they (of course) are also susceptible to the growth on their vocal cords, but

Vocal Science: Fix your Voice and Experience "Shocking” (So To Speak) Side Effects!

To find out what they are, Please Read On... Due to this digital and very chemically polluted world, we are receiving more and more inquiries about various vocal disorders which people experience on a day by day basis.  Our fruits and vegetables are chemically altered and our chickens (for example) are double-sized, due to be fed and raised with hormones and antibiotics.  All of the above weakens our immune systems and makes us susceptible to all kinds of diseases; and unfortunately, cancer is one of them. Almost on an everyday basis, we are hearing about peoples’ thyroids being removed (usually due to cancer); and then, as a result of that, one (or even both) vocal cords  become paralyzed ! Also, people who have their regular diets consisting of a lot of fat, mucus and acids, could get a problem with the excess of gastric acid in their bodies, which could produce what’s called acid reflux; and which, in turn, may burn ones’ vocal cords and (on top of it) restrict the pers

Vocally Speaking – If You Own The Car, You Probably Will Guess That Topping Up The Fluids, Will Not Fix Your Car’s Mechanical Problems!

More and more, I am getting requests to have a video chat ( Skype , FaceTime , WeChat and what have you) with my prospective clients who, on top of it, asking for some tips on how to fix their speaking and singing voices…? ?? + ?? Nevertheless, some of them have pretty serious voice/vocal disorders . One of them very recently told me about his excessive acid reflux , which (almost on the root) ruined his singing voice. --- This is a direct quote from his e-mail: “2 years ago my voice would crack on low notes, and now today I have some good days, but still not 100%   I went last month and had my throat looked at.   He said he seen scared tissue, and 2 pin drop nodules at top and bottom of my vocal cords.   Also he said I had a lot of mucus on my cords.” “I am reaching out for any tips you can help out with on full recovery, retraining the vocal cords to be stable on all notes.” --- So this person (and any other people for that matter) truly believes that