Voice And Vocal Problems… Out-Doctored And Out-Treated… What’s next?

The next thing is to regain your lost voice and gain back control of your life.
However, easier said then done!

We noticed that if our potential clients reveal to us that they started having vocal issues only a few month ago, statistically, those clients with voice problems will not end up in our studio anytime soon. However, the ones who have been suffering with their voice problems for over 2, 3, 5 or even more years, will most likely embark on our services that much faster.

I thought about it long and hard and I came to the conclusion that those with recent voice/vocal problems have not been “out-doctored” enough yet. They still believe (especially in countries like Canada and England) that the medicine is “free” (in a manner of speaking); and thus they will be able to find adequate “free” medical care to treat (and even “cure”) their vocal problems. 

Since it’s all new and fresh to them, they are heavily accessing numerous doctors and specialists, especially those who they don’t have to pay to, from their own pocket. After a year or two, having no accountable results, they begin to realize that the medical profession is not always beneficial in dealing with voice/vocal problems.

The doctors are, of course, more instrumental (no pun intended) when it comes to surgeries, but not all vocal problems could be remedied via a vocal operation. The doctors are obviously “scalpel or laser happy”, especially when it comes to growths on the vocal cords (nodules, polyps, cysts). However, if we are talking about muscle tension dysphonia or spasmodic dysphonia, no surgical interference could be offered in that instance.

Then the patient is usually offered conventional speech therapy, where they are instructed to blow bubbles and to blow into a kazoo, as well as to perform lip trills…

All of the above will, no doubt, produce the dry throat and will aggravate whichever voice/vocal issue the patient may have.

So the question is: How useful is that?

After being completely out-doctored and “out-treated”, our potential clients finally start to look for alternative sources such as our institution, and other institutions alike.

Now, conducting in-depth searches, they finally land on one or both of our websites. They are all happy, as they think that now, all of their vocal troubles and tribulations are finally going to be resolved and, on that note, they contact us…

Now, I would like to share with you, my reader, how this process is going now and how it used to be going in the previous years:

Let’s compare my exquisite, premiere services (which actually do produce the desirable and accountable results) with Mercedes Dealership.

In the past, I owned two high-end Mercedes; and when I first came to the dealership to purchase each of them, I felt worthy of it and deserving of it as well. I also (in full consciousness) was realizing that at, the absolute bottom, the Mercedes Benz that I was looking for, would start at $60,000/$70,000. I did not expect to pay a price of the bicycle for the high-end Mercedes, nor did I expect the sales person to “dance around me” with all kinds of specials…

Somehow, my potential clients (especially nowadays) expect from me (and our institution, nevertheless) exactly what I just described above. However, to their credit (in the past) they still possessed a realization that it is a “Mercedes services” that they were planning to acquire. I still had to provide them with “special care” (in fact, it was, and still is, my pleasure to do so) and then I would conclude it with a reasonable deal for both parties.

Today the problem is, that even though my potential clients are totally out-doctored and out-treated, they seem to have lost the concept of the “Mercedes premiere service”; and moreover, those services are expected to provide them with the full cure, in the nick of time and for a “nickel ninety nine” charge for it…!

The problem is, that in our digital era, bombarded with a whole bunch of useful (and not so useful) information, people are unable to differentiate a Mercedes from a scooter. How sad is that?

Nevertheless, in spite of providing no less then Mercedes services, we still “dance around” quite a bit to best accommodate our potential clients; and not only to make our services most affordable to them, but also make their stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Lately, we have been adding quite a few complimentary items; like my book “Vocal Science – Flight to the Universe” (value of $45), a natural herbal and homeopathic voice repair kit (value of $250 to $300), transportation to and from our studio/clinic and even lunch (complimentary of The Royans School) on an everyday basis throughout our client’s stay. You could compare it back to a basic Mercedes, where it would be offered to be upgraded to a convertible, sport, AMG package and the top-class tires with the top-class original rims…

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Indeed it will be; and unfortunately, it will continue to remain to be a dream, as in reality, nothing like this would ever happen!

So my dream would be that my potential clients would separate their unrealistic dreams from reality and, on that note and in a manner of speaking, “wake up and smell the coffee”!


Stay in touch with reality, but never give up on your dreams!

To conclude: We wish the absolute best to you all. Now… and in the future!


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