A Valentine’s Day Love Story Drama...

A Valentine’s Day Love Story Drama...

The Result: An Absolute Beginner Signs with a Reputable Talent Agency!

In previous years, I had worked a lot with amateur singers who were labelled as wannabe singers. A lot of them were recognized by various talent scouts and agents, especially when they were appearing in karaoke clubs or open mic events in a variety of bars and clubs.

Once upon a time, one of my beginner students was brought up by her husband to a big karaoke club to show him what she had achieved with only 5 hours of instruction (by that time) with me.
On top of it, it happened to be Valentine’s day karaoke night!
Understandably, my student felt very nervous and insecure...

However, she also told me that she remembered (what we still call to this day) “smile and bite”, and to also enunciate and thus pronounce her words with absolute clarity and to the best of her abilities.
By the time she finished the song, (to my memory, it was a song called “Time After Time” – by Cindy Lauper), she was helped down from the stage by a gentleman who praised her on her vocal performance - basically right off the bat.

He continued talking to her, bringing my student to his table and, first and foremost, he told her that he totally knows where, and with whom, she has been taking her singing lessons.

“I believe it is that Russian lady that you are going to - the one who is located on Sheppard and Yonge... Right?”

With the above statement, my student was absolutely shocked!
“How could he know that?” she thought.

He said “I am a talent scout, and I am seeing Diana’s students everywhere… They are all smiling and using their cheekbone muscles; and are always in tune, standing on stage like ballerinas (with perfect posture), and mainly, you could understand every word they are singing.”

My student was so surprised that she had completely forgotten that her husband was actually sitting on the other side of the room, waiting for her to join him. The talent scout, however, had no idea that she even came with the husband, as he only spotted her on stage.

Approximately two hours later, my student realized that her husband did not know what was going on and probably was upset, thinking that she just got picked up by another man…
Realizing that, she, in despair, returned to their original table, but only to find that her husband was actually gone…

To make the long story short, her husband simply left and after my student was desperately trying to find him (by calling him from the public phone every ten minutes), he was refusing all night long to come back to pick her up.

We are talking about the year 1991. We are also talking about an Italian family where, in that era, the wives were fully dependent on their spouses and primarily did not drive, or did not even know (geographically speaking for that matter) what was happening outside of their household.
Needless to say, that whole karaoke experience nearly brought my student to a divorce...
Go figure!

However, to finish on a positive note, after completing the Vocal Immersion Course with me, she responded to the talent scout's inquiries (this time, however, with the blessing of her husband. LOL) and then, actually, she ended up being included in his agency’s roaster…

With the above said, evidently, The Vocal Science™Method and its unique voice/vocal technique speaks for itself! The core of the above is such that a wholesome body and the voice mechanism merge... Once the components of that mechanism are in place, the wannabe singer first moves up to a semi-professional singer; and then finally, after perfecting and polishing their craft, moves on to a professional category (if they choose to do so).

Needless to say… when my singers are on stage or heard on the radio, my Vocal Science™ Method and its unique technique's "signature” is present at all times!



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