Vocal Science™ - Voice Disorder…? We can help you and your voice “rise to the occasion”, so to speak…

What do we mean by that? Let’s find out!

If I could say so myself, The Vocal Science™ method and technique is truly “engineered” to amaze! 

For many years, we have been attending to all kinds of people with all kinds of voice/vocal disorders (speakers and singers). Our voice repair clients, nevertheless, are experiencing today the 22nd century in voice/vocal innovation.

Our non-surgical voice repair methods are very unique and totally holistic. We are not just working on a person’s voice. We are working on their mind, body and soul; and then treat the voice as a significant part of their anatomy, as well as their psychological makeup.

Once we succeed with all of the above, our now former clients had often been asked: “Is that…magic?” No… it is Vocal Science, they exclaim!

However, the restoration of a damaged voice could be a very tasking (needless to say) detailed and intense process.

Vocal Science…. 

“I will love again, stronger then before” - sings Canadian pop star, Lara Fabian.

Let’s hope that you too will love your voice again, especially once its fixed and restored back to its natural beauty, strength and beyond…

Your voice is your tool for communication, your pride and joy; not to mention that it is a reflection of the state of your being, which does (majority of times) identify your personality and even reflects on your very own “blueprint” in a manner of speaking.

In this case, it is clear that we are not just fixing voices; we are fixing people’s voices.

We promise to “have your back” all the way to our mutual success!


We are your voice associates!

We can state with absolute confidence that we can assist you with any of your voice/vocal issues in a fast and efficient manner.  We will utilize all of our experience and expertise (of nearly 4 decades) to rectify any of your voice/vocal issues.

However, we cannot produce any results without your cooperation and commitment to be the best you can be. We cannot do it without your dedication to achieve your goals and your ability to acquire the best voice possible (whether it has been previously compromised or not…).

As for singing performers, please note: 

Regardless of how healthy or unhealthy your voice may be and regardless of whether it will become any better via our combined efforts, if you don’t have it in your “persona” so to speak, and are unable to connect your voice to your “persona”, your effort to become any sort of performer will most likely be obsolete; and all of your efforts to chase that “wonderful voice” will be (the least to say) wasted.

So find yourself, open your heart and soul, connect to yourself and find the way to connect to other people while communicating (speaking or singing…).

Don’t be selfish and self-centred, as with those qualities, you will never become a performer, and thus will NEVER rise to the occasion… 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

If you embrace and adapt the latter…, 
WE will promise that YOU will rise to the occasion… 


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