CASE STUDIES of Our Recent and Noteworthy Clients/Students

Let us introduce to you, the 17-year-old Tory J. of Wisconsin USA who had acquired and suffered from VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction) along with Asthma for quite a few years. 

The above was treated and cured within 8 consecutive days (40 hours of instruction) due to Tory undertaking our famous Super Accelerated Voice/Vocal Immersion Course, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments. 

Using the newly adopted Vocal Science™ Method and, nevertheless, its unique voice/vocal technique, Tory was able to release the harmful pressure off of her vocal cords, as well as her neck and chest. 
That new application of the voice and the newly established breathing mechanism that Tory learned during the above-mentioned course, had immensely helped her breathing and her speaking and also singing voice production. 

Her mother, Stacy Jax, wrote to us after Tory's course was completed highlighting Diana Yampolsky's services:

"She's professional, knows how to repair the voice and has been able to help people who actually thought that their only option was surgery or , otherwise, to live with their voice in a less than ideal capacity. She can help those who struggle on a daily basis with their vocal challenges.  

It was a difficult eight day treatment regimen for Tory. By Day 3, we could tell her breathing was better and she hasn't needed her daily inhaler or emergency inhaler since treatment."

Please see more here about what else Tory's Mom wrote in an open letter.

Please witness Tory's success by watching the video below:


Next, we have Mark S. from Texas USA - a sufferer of Muscle Tension Dysphonia Disorder, as well as other side effects (concerning his health in general) from surviving two long COVID-19 infections... 

Mark is an executive of a big reputable aviation company (Southwest Airlines). 
His job is highly packed with using his voice for presentations, meetings, gatherings, scheduling of employees and many other responsibilities requiring a healthy and vibrant voice. 

When he came to us, it was indeed his last option as he tried many other so-called 'medical professionals, but all of that was to no avail. 

He still was suddenly losing his voice during his presentations and seminars and never was confident anymore that he would actually start and finish his speech without his voice disappearing. 

Please see his video sitting in our studio and spilling out his now healthy voice and healthy emotions after 10 days (45 hours of our unique instruction coupled with intake of select herbal and some homeopathic remedies).


Milana K. - Witness Milana's Testimonial After & Before after an Express 10-Hour Course consisting of very intense Instruction coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment...:

Milana came to us for a Super Accelerated Introductory/Exploratory Course of 10 Hours to Fix her hoarseness and raspiness brought on by the diagnosis of two Nodules on both vocal cords. 
No doubt, that these growths are still present, as the nodules cannot get dissolved instantaneously. 
However, the quality of Milana's voice improved dramatically in just 2.5 days! 

Please hear and see for yourself the video we took at the end of her 10-hour course and treatment.


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