The Success Story of Aubrie M - Muscle Tension Dysphonia Survivor - PART 1

“Just landed… I had a wonderful, encouraging time! I can not wait to come back.
I will definitely be in contact soon!” - Aubrie M

Aubrie arrived to us last Friday, November the 1st from the USA. Prior to her arrival, we have been in communication with her for a few months, as she had to pay off her 30-hour course and treatment in increments.

We had already been very impressed with Aubrie throughout the process, as she told us that she was working (simultaneously) two jobs - totalling over 70 hours a week to come to us to fix her muscle tension dysphonia disorder; thus claim her life back - and, in our opinion, no doubt, more positive and better quality than before.

Up until Aubrie had arrived to us, we had no idea that she was a young single mom with a young son. For the last three years, her dreams, however, had been completely shattered. Apparently, nobody in her native city, (Pittsburgh) could help Aubrie to rectify her vocal problem. let alone to realize her life-long dream.

Instead, by the majority of ENT doctors and speech therapists, Aubrie had been offered not to speak, and furthermore, not to sing at all... indefinitely! However, on the contrary, one ENT doctor (in spite of Aubrie having a bad cold at the time which, in short order, turned into Chronic Laryngitis), suggested otherwise...

He said: "you can speak and sing all you want and nothing is going to happen to you or your voice". Nonetheless, the latter was the worst suggestion to give to a person possessing quite a serious voice disorder such as muscle tension dysphonia and, no doubt, by my definition, strained vocal cords.

At the time, Aubrie, of course, listened to the "authorities"; and then, in a relatively short period to time, brought her voice nearly to the point of no return. Some other ENT specialists suggested a vocal operation, which I still can not comprehend on what exactly they were planning to operate...?

The above suggestion, in my opinion, was beyond ridiculous, to put it mildly. Mind you, my reader, we were "somewhat" surprised, but not overly, as we had heard that numerous times from other voice repair clients of ours.

How sad is that?
Very sad indeed!

For all of Aubrie's efforts, an amazingly positive attitude and inspiration to become the best she could be, I offered her, in the day of arrival, a complimentary Introductory/Exploratory Session of two hours duration. It had served a very good purpose, as both Aubrie and I already had a better idea of what we will be dealing with for the next six days. Now both of us, excited and motivated, were ready to start our thirty-hour Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course and Natural Herbal Treatment the next day.

In the midst of all of that, Aubrie got a cold and we had to miss some time of training. Luckily, I had extra herbal remedies which put her back on her feet within less than two days. At this point, if to count the Introductory Session, we have achieved 22 hours in total. Therefore, Aubrie still has 10 hours to complete the original 30-hour course.

In this short period of time, due to - and in spite of - some unforeseen health issues, we accomplished a great deal of not only speaking and singing voice recovery, but we were even able to embark on and achieve the beginner level of a regular person who would otherwise come for singing lessons (less voice repair). With Aubrie, we uncovered a beautiful, strong, almost an opera-sounding voice. All three of us (Jamie Mckay, our manager and Junior Instructor included), where ecstatic! Like Aubrie, Jamie and I can not wait for this beautiful young lady to return back to us here in Toronto to complete our collective journey.

Aubrie now is looking forward to embarking upon the intermediate and then advanced Vocal Masterclass... To us, this young lady is like a breath of fresh air;

a very beautiful, very positive, very motivated and very goal-oriented young lady who, in our opinion, will definitely succeed greatly - and therefore, soon, all of us will welcome a new talented artist whose success will be celebrated a great deal by all of us, and for whom we will be very proud of, to say the least.

Stay tuned for Aubrie's further developments and her own inspirational stories about her not-easy, but no doubt, very successful venture ahead.

Way to go Aubrie!
We love you Girl!
Remember that The Best Is Yet To Come!


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