Vocal Science™ Delivering (In-Person) to the Online World…

Vocally speaking, that is exactly what The Royans Professional Vocal School and The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair do and advocate.
We just celebrated our 38th anniversary since we first opened our doors (February 15th, 1984).

When we did, we had in our possession one rotary phone and sometime later, a tape answering machine.

In no time, we had over 100 students, 7 teachers, a retail music store and rehearsal space for the bands to practice.

Those were the days…

Interestingly enough, the business was by far more efficient, not to mention, more personalized and even more intimate, so to speak.

We neither texted each other trying to establish the schedule or confirm the sessions, nor did we email each other for the information or for details concerning our services.

Everything was done fast and efficiently via landline on both ends and, nevertheless, the school was booming!!

Today, people have no concept of talking on the phone and lately, even no concept of actually receiving the instruction, or treatment, for that matter, in person!

They want it via phone, Zoom or WhatsApp.
Go figure!

I am old school and I find when I work with a person’s voice and nevertheless, with the person as a whole, it does become quite an intimate endeavour, as the voice reflects the person’s true being and through its development establishes his/her’s identification.

The human body represents the “instrument“, from which the person (speaker or singer) should be able to extract the maximum desireable capacity. 

It is only possible when the person's body is positioned properly and all the muscles of the body are working in full conjunction and coordination with each other.

If the person does not stand straight and thus, their body is quite slouched, the sound of their voice will be drawn down and it will end up in the chest and eventually will die out at the person’s feet.

If, for example, the person stands with the pelvis out, their sound will be falling onto their hips. It will also become crooked and, nevertheless, will never reach its aimed destination.

As we already know the sound of the voice is a physical material body and it travels as such, i.e. relatively, respectively, prospectively to the person’s height, width and central line of the person’s body.

How the above described is possible to establish via Zoom, let alone on the phone? Beats me...
I work with the person, not the robot, therefore the real eye contact (not virtual), and the real connection (like the mother and the unborn child connected with an umbilical cord) are very important.

I get to know my student by looking at them and their life, sometimes starting from their childhood.
Also, the emotional makeup of the person I am working with is very important in our present and future vocal development. 

It never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to a serious voice repair, that those troubled people are asking for a virtual cure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, the chiropractic doctors and masseuses will be questioned whether or not they could perform their skills virtually, so that the very lazy and out-of-touch people would be able to receive even those services not leaving their couch or their home per se.  LOL!!!

It is the least to say retarded, but, unfortunately, it is almost becoming a reality...?  
I am, personally, really scared, as I’m not sure where this world is going to end up.
No wonder the economy is exponentially going down the drain, as the real people have been substituted by machines and robots.

One of my assistants revealed to me that his future date wanted to give her agreement for the actual date via skype.

My assistant was not exactly a "spring chicken", however (still young enough), even he was a little shocked, to say the least, by such a proposition. 

How pathetic is that?

I understand that this is our world today and somehow, at least the parts of it, I, unfortunately, have to accept.

But, if I can help it, I would still like to continue doing what I have been doing best for a greater part of my life - delivering my experience and expertise, my love and passion for what I have been doing (even in today’s online world), up close, interactive and intimate, (and needless to say), IN-PERSON.


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