Case Study: Paralysis of one Vocal Cord and complete surgical “Butchering” of the other. Let’s examine the above occurrence and its related consequences.

Who We Are...?

We are Natural, Alternative and Holistic Practitioners, Specializing

in Non-Surgical Voice Repair and Other Health-Related Problems.

Dear reader of mine, please note that we are exactly who we are. Please read the title carefully!

We are not doctors and we are certainly not magicians… However, if we could say so ourselves (not to mention the, at least, 30,000 people who have passed through our doors for over 39 years now), the results that we produce (whereas nobody else, to our knowledge, had possessed experience and expertise comparable to ours) are, indeed, can be called miraculous, and they are, nevertheless, happening on a regular basis while our clients have been under our care.

In spite of my best efforts and extensive experience and expertise, I can only provide a person with, so to speak, a “Vocal Prosthesis”. It can be compared with the person’s lost limb(s). There is no way those limbs, or even the new limbs, can be sewn back on.

But what I can do is to create the finest “prosthesis” which will practically pass for the real deal.

Stating the above with absolute confidence, we have to note and must say that those miracles which are being produced on a regular basis, are definitely not a one-sided affair.

We are and have been employing our revolutionary Vocal Science™ Method and its very unique (in its nature) voice/vocal technique. But while delivering the message, we require from our clients absolute compliance, consistency and ultimate frequency in attending our sessions.

All of the above will absolutely assure the recovery and restoration of one’s voice. Nonetheless, "it takes two to tango” so to speak. Everybody knows that, nowadays, the world has gone exponentially crazy… to put it mildly. After my trip to the UK, I personally came to a conclusion that now the word “crazy” would be an understatement, as the word INSANE would be somewhat in order…

Let me tell you a little more about my experience while I was there:

My first original client was a singer/songwriter who, not too long ago, got diagnosed with a polyp on his vocal cord. I, in fact, said in a few of my previous blogs that “I am not, per se, concerned about my client’s voice/vocal problems. I am concerned about them”…? What do you mean by that - you, my reader, may ask?

Let me explain it to you and I will try to do so to the best of my knowledge. In the year 1999, our prominent Toronto newspaper, named ”The Toronto Star” wrote an article about me and my practice. The name of the article is “Not as Easy as it Sounds” The author of this article mentioned that, by her observations, (she has been taking a lesson herself while writing) that the whole process is definitely “not for the faint of heart”. I added, at the time, that “it is also not for the people with below-average IQ”...

Now, besides the above statements, I came to the conclusion that it is also not for the person with unstable emotions, as well as with nonexistent physical fitness and/or balance for that matter.

The fact is that the Vocal Science™ method is indeed an integration and synergy between the mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. It requires an “installation” of a wholesome mechanism which allows the voice to work in the fullest capacity possible and with no strain or pain on the vocal anatomy.

This mechanism consists of very viable components such as:
  • Lower abdominal muscles, which play the role of the voice-lift support.
  • Upper diaphragm muscles (rib cage), which are very instrumental with respect to building the body of the sound.
  • The facial muscles (sinus cavities) will harbour and secure the sound within their chambers.
  • And lastly, all of the above will assure the projection of the sound to its aimed destination.

Now, my reader, reading the above, you are probably understanding the meaning of the phrase delivered by the editor: (“Not as easy as it sounds”)… and what it actually entails...!

Given our digital “progress”, people are becoming completely non-physical, as the majority of their time is spent on the internet and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Given that, it is getting harder and harder to make them “walk and chew the gum at the same time” in a manner of speaking. In our very unique practice, we need to make our recipients walk and produce the sound while concurrently using body movements - which are extremely instrumental in achieving success in producing the ultimate voice quality (broken or not).

So my UK client with a polyp on his vocal cord which, according to him, he acquired while vigorously yelling at his mother and sister (not to mention his wrong approach to voice mechanics while singing), assumed that his polyp will fall out off of his vocal cord the minute I would land in London’s Heathrow airport… I was not sure whether to laugh or cry at that statement...

But, suppressing my own emotions, I attempted to put some sense into my doomed client and began my usual routines. The Non-Surgical Voice Repair course, coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatments, was supposed to last for 30 hours with two sessions a day - consisting of two sessions of two and a half hours duration (with a complimentary lunch in between them) and thus totalling 5 hours on each day. With all of his very unstable behaviour (actually consistent with, bipolar behaviour) I was able (at best) to achieve only half of the protocol (15 hours maximum).

Given all that, and still trying to save the designated course, I did invite him to Toronto to finish what we had started; but warned him that if I witnessed anything remotely reminding me of my visit to his neck of the woods, the course would be discontinued immediately and definitely to the point of no return. Prior to him coming to us here in Toronto, I did advise him to get his “head examined” via seeing a professional counsellor - and thus to try to put a “handle”, so to speak, onto his excessive and unstable emotions…

I guess…. it remains to be seen….

Now I am going to tell you about my second client who was booked on the same visit there in the UK.

The lady of 86 years of age arranged with me what we call an introductory/exploratory session, the duration of which, like here at home, is usually 2 hours. This lady had her parathyroid glands removed 5 years prior to that (2013) and as a result of the above-mentioned, her right vocal cord had gotten paralyzed. Since then she had undergone 2 more vocal surgeries which did not improve her voice quality at all, rather, on the contrary, made her voice even worse.

Within less than 2 hours I managed to get her counting from 1 to 5 with a practically normal (even properly placed) sounding voice!! Her daughter was present in my hotel room and she kept exclaiming “Mom, I can totally hear the improvement”! Her daughter was exclaiming over and over throughout my intervention. Her name was Vivian and she was constantly repeating that never before my session, that she heard any improvement whatsoever from previously attending many other sessions like medical, alternative or any other kind for that matter!

Then they left, and early the next morning, I got a phone call where my “doomed” client revealed to me that she was a “little disappointed”...? and therefore she did not think that it would actually justify the money she would want to pay for further sessions.

Go figure…!

To tell you the truth, I was stunned - to put it mildly!!

Firstly, not only due to a prior paralyzed vocal cord and, moreover, two “butcher” surgeries after that, I, while employing all of my extensive experience and expertise, could hear that the whole right side of her vocal anatomy was damaged exponentially; and not only it was clearly dysfunctional, but practically, it was non-existent.

How sad is that?

Sad indeed!

In my, nonetheless, vivid visualization, I saw a “half-butchered cow” in preparation for a “slaughter”; whereas the other half (in my vision) was appearing to be “mooing”…

No offence intended, it's just a cartoon…
However, very much so to the point...
Not sure if anybody could fix the above-displayed cow's voice...
I, in fact, could have actually done it, should've I been given a fair chance!

The above is a mild description of her vocal anatomy condition. For example; let’s, for a second, visualize a person who got their leg amputated… Can any magic, or science for that matter, would be able to regrow a new leg for that person?

My Dear Readers: Please Note, that in spite of my best efforts and extensive experience and expertise, I can only provide a person with, so to speak, “Vocal Prosthesis” . It can be compared with the person’s lost limb. There is no way any limbs, or even the new limbs, can be sewn back on. But what I can do, is to create the finest “prosthesis” which will practically pass for the real deal!

Absurd! - you, my reader, may exclaim! It is indeed! But my so-called “doomed client” was expecting nothing less than that… and, nevertheless, she expected the magic would have to happen within two hours of the Introductory/Exploratory session, nonetheless, conducted from a hotel room.

Let me explain to you what I mean by the term 'Introductory/Exploratory' session:

That session is designed to introduce a potential client to the Vocal Science™ method and its revolutionary voice/vocal technique. Also, it consists of certain tests and explorations (finding what works and what does not). And lastly, during that session, analyzing the above, the best course of action would be defined and thus implemented into further instructional, combined with natural treatments, sessions.

At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that the world, nonetheless, went from the definition of crazy to the definition of insane. After this UK trip, I, unfortunately, had gotten totally convinced that we just dropped down to another level of craziness (complete insanity)…!!

How scary is that…?

I could compare it with an absolute nightmare, but I am still hoping that one day I will wake up from this “horror dream” and experience the world in all of its beauty, as I once did in the past.

Amen to that!!


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