Could you increase your vocal range without even attending any sessions at The Royans Professional Vocal School?

The answer to the above is Yes, because... we got it down to the Science!

On this note, we would like to share with you a blog with an unexpected testimonial from Mr. Brian Ellis Sales Manager of Newmarket Infiniti Nissan -  Also a guitar player and vocalist.

Please read below.

"I have been playing music for over 23 years and singing for the last 5 years somewhat seriously. I met Diana as a customer at Newmarket Nissan when she came in to look at purchasing a Nissan Juke, which if you have met Diana is the perfect vehicle for her personality!  As it turns out, from my time playing in bands over the years we actually know a few of the same people and ended up having a lot to talk about with regards to the music industry. Through this conversation and speaking to Diana about how she helps her clients, I picked up a few singing tips that I decided to try out on my own. Just implementing the small amount of knowledge I picked up through these conversations I was able to increase my range by about two tones, which is something that I hadn’t been able to improve on at all over the previous 5  years of trying! I was convinced my range was just limited to what I could previously sing, so the ability to increase it by two tones was very intriguing to me. I look forward to doing a few full sessions with Diana in the future to see how much more I can improve my singing ability and range!"
- Brian Ellis


Below is the pre-history of our meeting with Brian Ellis:

Last year, I was attending to my vice repair client (named Ben Lee) who happened to be a finance manager of Nissan Canada. Needless to say, I successfully fixed his speaking voice and, through my workshops, even taught him how to sing.

Ever since Ben Lee has been traveling across North America with motivational speeches for Nissan everywhere.
In the interim, driving a hard-roof convertible (the Volkswagon EOS), I managed to hit a dear (or more accurately, a female dear had actually 
ranacross my car and hit my car - and respectively, me in it).
The car was immediately towed to a Newmarket body shop...?
That action initiated by my insurance company really puzzled me.

Why you may ask?

Because my whole front (the hood), after the impact, was totally raised up and all of the mechanical parts of the car were out of wack -The engine, the breaks and everything that was located under the hood.
Given the above, I would assume that the car had to be towed to the Volkswagon dealership, so the mechanical parts of it would be addressed first before fixing the body of the car -  and before making it clean and shiny...
Needless to say, the body shop was unable to fix the car and had sent it to Volkswagon three times over. However, in the final analysis, the car was never the same after the accident.

In fact, on a parallel track, when I hear that people (especially singers) run to the speech therapists (who never sung a note in their entire lives) to fix their singing voice, that makes me wonder...
That is basically consistent with a car which needs the mechanical issues to be addressed, being sent to a body shop...?

It would indeed be funny if it was not so sad!
So my former client, Ben Lee, (finance manager of Nissan Canada), witnessing me being upset about the latter, offered to help me to buy, this time, a new Nissan car.

That happened to be the Nissan Juke.

And as Brian had mentioned in his write-up, this car indeed fits my personality.
So Brian and I met to put the deal together and hit it off right away, speaking about music, singing and life in general. In fact, I have to say that I had many cars over the 32 years that I have been driving and thus attended many dealerships including the Mercedes ones.

On this note, I have to say that the Nissan dealership in Newmarket is the most pleasant and welcoming place out of all of them, not to mention Brian Ellis himself. So if any of you are looking for a new car and wonderful, very knowledgeable and very helpful people, call Brian and you will get the service of a lifetime!

I am extremely pleased with my car, with getting to know Brian and the rest of the dealership, including people in service and parts.

Way to go guys! I will recommend you to anybody and everybody at all given times!


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