The Intellectual Mind and The Physical Body... What Role Do They Both Play in One's Vocal Development?

- Revised and modernized version from July 23rd, 2011

I've been teaching, consulting and recording vocalists for close to four decades. I've also been conducting group vocal interactive workshops and seminars for the longest time. It is extremely interesting to watch and experience the changes with each generation.

What was happening before is history. What is happening today is reality. And today's reality is very confusing, and at times, disheartening.

On one hand, people are much more advanced now than they've ever been. In what sense you may ask? Definitely technologically. Also quite definitely, intellectually, as the technology gives them access to much wider venues than they could have ever dreamt of. 
Yet, physically speaking, it's another story.

The Vocal Science method, which I have been advocating for quite a few years, requires an integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. Unless all of those components are working in compliance with each other, the mechanism required for the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible cannot be "launched". 

The physical component of such mechanism, nowadays unfortunately, is not even on the radar.

How could that be so, you, my reader, may be wondering?

The fact of the matter is that the people are not physical anymore. They spend too much time at their innovative electronic gadgets and not enough time embarking on any physical activities. Purely and simply, they cannot "walk and chew the gum at the same time" and thus, I should say, they cannot "carry a tune in a bucket" for that matter. The balance and coordination between their mind, body motor skills and their voice as an outcome, is just not present. Therefore, the physicality of the sound cannot be enforced or can be, but with great difficulty. In other words (and evidently), the people's physical state is at least five levels below their intellectual capacities... Go figure!

It is sad, but it is the reality today. Every day it is harder and harder to make people physically apply the vocal techniques they're taught. Their, so to speak, "incapacitated" and "un-tuned" physical bodies are simply not allowing them to prosper.

The question is: Where are we all going with the advanced technology then? I don't profess to know. But my wild guess is that we're not at all going to the new heights; neither with our health nor overall prosperity... and most definitely, not vocally!

We can only hope that the majority of the population will "wake up and smell the coffee" (and not the virtual one. LOL).

We also hope that people will finally have an understanding that not everything is "be-all and end-all" what they read online. And most importantly, they will realize that something like their health (nevertheless their vocal health) CANNOT be attended to remotely!

On that note... Our claim is as such:

We are here not only to teach and consult, as well as to fix and repair voices, we are here to help you to claim your healthy and vibrant voice, your ultimate health and, nevertheless, your life overall!

Diana Yampolsky is the Master Vocal Coach, Studio Vocal Producer, and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist at The Royans Professional Vocal School in Toronto, Canada. She is also the creator of the Vocal Science method and Talent Scout & Director for the 4 A.M. Talent Development and Artist Management Group Inc.
If you find yourself struggling with vocal performance or are in need of voice repair, you can reach Diana by email or phone at 416-857-8741


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