Does Your Voice Sound Healthy And Intact? If Not, WE Can Make It Happen!


Attention teachers!

The New School Year Approaches…
Does your voice sound healthy and intact?

If not, WE can make it happen!

We will make your voice sound clear and vibrant.

We will also help make your words more announced and pronounced.

With our unprecedented efforts, expertise and experience, we will assure the health and the quality of your voice for a lifetime!

We advocate a very unique program known as "The Total Communicator Program", which is designed to improve your communication and your verbal performance (coupled with an appropriate body language), on every conceivable level!

In fact, at any time, our prime clientele is teachers as well as fitness instructors, lawyers, voice-over actors, TV and radio personal, professional singers and actors...

The above-listed professions do require excessive use of voice…And if those people are not aware of the proper application of their speaking and /or singing voice, they could very easily damage their voice and sometimes (God forbid), to the point of no return.

On this note, let’s examine all of the possible options regarding how to save and protect one’s voice for a lifetime…

There are a lot of factors which you have to keep in mind to properly maintain your voice and keep it healthy and vibrant - thus assuring its total performance on every level:

  • Firstly, you need to adopt the proper application of your speaking and, if needed, singing voice. We teach our (very unique in its nature) voice/vocal technique. It is designed to remove the harmful pressure of the sound from the vocal anatomy which, by itself, is priceless!!

  • Secondly, you have to maintain a healthy diet - avoid dairy products which can produce a lot of mucus in the body and, no doubt, will land on the bottom of your throat.

For example: If you can visualize a dancer who is trying to initiate a jump from a very thick carpet instead of a wooden floor, his/her jump will not have the needed height; and moreover, the dancer’s knees and ankles might be in jeopardy…

Similarly, if the speakers’ or singers’ throat is full of mucus, the takeoff off of the vocal cords (and vocal box in general) will not be effective and, especially, speaking of the singers, their high range will definitely be jeopardized.

The speaking voice will also be sounding much lower than normal; and thus, it may produce a hoarse and raspy sound.

So if a person consumes a lot of acidic foods like tomatoes, oranges, various processed foods, the majority of carbonated beverages, and also consumes excessive amounts of sugar, as well as products containing a lot of yeast (like baked goods and, nonetheless, alcohol), the sound quality of the speaker or singer, may become extremely compromised. We also do not recommend excessively-spicey foods.


Please keep the above in mind and protect your valuable “instrument” from harmful damage.

As the “player”, adapt the right vocal technique which is designed to achieve the “lift” of the sound off of your vocal anatomy and, needless to say, on the final analysis, designed to bring the sound of your voice to the “new heights”.

To conclude: 

If the above-mentioned protocol is followed precisely, rest assured, your voice will “soar”... and, needless to say, WILL take “Flight to the Universe” - where the sky is the limit!


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