Niagara Falls "Legends" in Concert Overview.

My Husband and I attended yesterday (October the 4th) Legends in Concert in Niagara Falls and really enjoyed it and loved it. It was very well staged; in general, the performers were very look-alike to the original artists and also sounded quite close to the original acts.

The absolute best, in my professional and personal opinion, was Tina Turner’s look-alike and actually, in my professional opinion, she was sounding better then the original Tina Turner. As a Master Vocal Coach and Voice Repair Specialist with over 40 years of experience; teaching, consulting and repairing voices, I should say, that even I, could not improve anything in that act, singing or otherwise.

Way to go Cookie Watkins!

As for the person that I could have truly professionally helped, especially with the high range and a better pitch, would be the Roy Orbison impersonator, Brian McCullough. In my professional opinion, his voice was quite low positioned while singing, and that suggests right away, that the struggle with the high range and the pitch throughout the performance will most definitely occur.

The voice was projected from the chest cavities instead of the facial muscles, which are supposed to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles. The drop of the lower jaw, (very much so), had contributed to the drop of quite a few notes on the vocal cords and on the chest, thus somewhat compromising the pitch as well.

The performer was truly “saved by the bell”, via backup singers who were picking up dropped notes and nicely blending with the singer.
Way to go guys!

Mr. McCullough, however, possessed a very good look-alike demeanor and definitely had a good voice, as the actual “instrument”, so to speak. So if the application of that beautiful voice would be improved, the audience, especially those who are aware of what is actually going on with the singer on stage, would be even more enlightened by the totally perfect performance.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show, especially for everyone’s heart and soul.

So my husband and I would highly recommend to anybody (especially for those who had lost, or will lose, money in the casino.. LOL), to rejuvenate their spirit and then, on a happy note, perhaps, win not only in the casino, but in life in general.  


  1. Nice legends in concert tribute shows. They are really good artist even similar to the original


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