Danger!!! Do not attempt to do any vocal exercises over the Internet or using related CD's or even DVD's. Your voice may be in jeopardy!

We are not trying to spook you for Halloween. This is actually the truth! 

Due to the Internet being so accessible virtually by everybody, a lot of people think that they could find the answer and the solution to every problem they’ve got.

In majority of cases, they might; but in some cases, it’s just simply not possible.

We just got yet another client who literally explored all the internet sites available on earth, and ended up coming to us with an obstruction on the right vocal cord/larynx and, somewhat, mild symptoms of muscle tension dysphonia.

He was pushing and pulling his voice to the max, (almost to the point of no return).

He followed numerous methods and instructions and had done lots of speech and singing exercises, which lead him to the obvious damage of his vocal anatomy.

Being born and raised in New Zealand having a specific accent, his voice was very low positioned and his speech was hardly understood.

Needless to say, he spoke very softly and was hardly heard.

Today, after less then 14 hours of voice repair and concurrent speech and vocal instruction, his volume increased quadruple times over (speaking and singing), his annunciation and pronunciation became completely clear and he was able to embark on 2 sets (beginner and intermediate) of singing exercises, being able to reach over C of the second octave!

It was nothing short of a miracle!

A person who hardly spoke on Sunday and could not sing anything, (even a very simple melody), today, is heading towards a semi-professional singing level.

He originally booked us for 30 hours of voice repair and vocal instruction.

Yesterday, seeing and experiencing the huge progress, he changed his flight back home and booked an additional 10 hours which, in total, will make 40 hours.

Our projection is (literally pulling him out of the “swamp”) that we could bring him to a semi-professional level now; and on a later date, when he comes back to refine his newly found skill and take it to a professional level, we will be able to record a great demo with him, giving him a head start to realizing his dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

We have to note that this particular person wrote numerous songs and even learned how to play a guitar, but basically had to “pack it in” so to speak, as his voice was no longer reciprocating towards his desires and goals. We are putting him back to his “vocal shoes” and we hope that he will have a “good run” with his newly found skills and rejuvenated voice and spirit.

So, on this note, we wish you to come to your senses and stop experimenting with your voice and your health in general.

We would not want you to feel like a Dracula outside of the Halloween celebration.


Happy Halloween!
Best of Vocal Health and Prosperity Forward!


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