Vocally Speaking - Sinking "Titanic" or...?
Your Voice Will Go On and On...

The "Titanic" movie is the greatest movie of all times, in my opinion.

There was featured the greatest ship, the wonderful love story and a beautiful song "My Heart Will Go On", sung by Celine Dion, one of the greatest Canadian singers.

As we know,  the very sad occurrence happened to the seemed to be safest, fastest and presumed to be strongest ship.

The Titanic was pushed to perform even faster and stronger than it was originally meant to be by those who actually designed this "super boat".

In fact, the ship designer was present on the scene and his words were, "I'm sorry that I did not build a strong enough ship to save all of you".

On this note, let's compare what happens with the newly found and discovered talented artists.

They also appear young, beautiful and strong.

And then... they're pushed to the max.

Rehearsals, recordings, performances, tours, and what have you...

To withhold all of this, you almost have to be a super man or woman, with the strongest ever genetics and not to mention, the vocal box, which the majority of singers are using and abusing at all given times.

If only they knew the trade secret I possess of how to avoid the excessive use of the vocal cords, larynx and vocal box in general,  then a lot of ENT doctors would be out of business, especially charging a lot of money for the laserscopy of polyps, nodes and nodules, which they perform on an hourly basis.

If the music industry also knew about it, they would encourage their artists to embark on such, however not yet fully disclosed and public domained, revolutionary vocal technique, which then no doubts, in a nutshell, would save their massive "Titanic" from sinking and on the contrary, would actually improve their revenues and their success rating.

Also, technique or no technique, they should not exploit their talent to a nearly deadly outcome.

Outside of their voices, their bodies are not made from steel either. And not just any body could withstand an enormous physical pressure.

Therefore, when the breakdown happens, the "movers and the shakers" who are involved in the artists' life are surprised and puzzled, as they thought that the artist they picked was invincible and almost not human, due to their apparent talent and looks.

When the breakdown happens, everybody in a manner of speaking is "sinking".

The concerts are sold out and now the revenue for the tickets have to be returned to the buyers.

The artist is physically and emotionally distraught.

In the case of the Titanic, we already know that the majority of the people had died and only a small amount of people were saved.

The once greatest ship was never recovered in one piece.

Up to this day, they are still recovering its pieces...

Let's don't make it happen to any of our artists. Let's sufficiently train them vocally, and make them stronger mentally, physically and emotionally to the point that they would be able to withhold any "hurricanes" and be able to avoid a confrontation with any "icebergs".

And then and only then, them and their voices will go on, and on, and on...


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