Adapting Vocal Science™ Method... Virtually?? Let's Find Out If It Is Actually Possible?

Needless to say, on an everyday basis, I have been getting a substantial amount of e-mails and phone calls with inquiries about my private services, group workshops, books, herbal treatments, etc.

As technology is progressing rather rapidly, more and more inquiries are about whether or not they could sit at home, stare at the computer and nevertheless, learn how to sing professionally but also fix the quite substantial damages localized in their vocal anatomy...? Go figure!

It never ceases to amaze me how naive and, I'm afraid to say, unaware some people are.

They, unfortunately, absolutely have no clue that the voice is a part of their anatomy and overall physiology, not to mention, it is also a big part of their emotional makeup.

For the record, my own approach to voice mechanics is very holistic. That, firstly, applies to people's vocal anatomy and then, nevertheless, to all of them in a general sense. 

In my opinion, the person, while speaking or singing, represents, in a manner of speaking, the “instrument” and the “player” at the same time.

With that said, a certain posture should be in place in order to achieve maximum results while speaking or singing.

Nonetheless, a certain body position and posture (in particular) should be properly administered in order to achieve the ultimate health (vocally speaking and otherwise) and thus, produce the absolute best quality of speaking and/or singing voice.

Let's visualize a violin player who holds the violin upside down, or crooked for that matter.

"He's Really Trying His Best...!!!"

I don't think, in this instance, the player, to begin with, will be hitting the right strings and on top of that, producing a pleasurable sound for the ear….

The danger of the above is also that the player will strain his neck, his arm and his back while playing incorrectly.

In other words, the physical body of the player will be in jeopardy and the musical performance will definitely not be up to par.

Similarly, when I work on the speakers' or singers' already pre-damaged or damaged voices, I need to assure that they are there with me in person - physically present and standing directly in front of me.

During my instruction, I employ quite a bit of physical activities, which allow me (by employing my clients' body language), to bring their bodies and thus, their voices into complete synchronicity and balance between each other.

It also allows me, via my clients' body responses, to see exactly where my students/clients are at. At that point, I am able to direct them to the right conduct of their mind, body, soul, emotions and nonetheless, their voice as an outcome of the integration and synergy of all of the above-listed components.

I “instill”, so to speak, in my performer a wholesome “mechanism”, which consists of lower abdomen and upper diaphragm support for the voice to be lifted off of the physical body for the sound to be restructured in a different set of muscles (facial muscles) which, in turn, will help to get rid of the harmful pressure of the sound on the vocal anatomy, while at the same time will achieve projection of the sound to its aimed destination by constructed design. 

I employ those facial muscles which play the role of the natural amplifier/resonator and which support the voice lift (to literally avoid the crash), via those muscles working in full conjunction and coordination with the very needed support of the abdominal muscles.

I ensure the structure of the sound by taking into consideration the central line of the human body (nose, belly button, in a manner of speaking, parameters).

Now... Could you visualize all of the above being done virtually via Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime etc.?

I suppose if you can visualize physiotherapy, chiropractic or acupuncture treatments being done virtually...? 

Go figure!

In other words, if you are looking for the real thing, you have to be really present in all aspects of that word and, needless to say, in every conceivable way.

If you are looking for a magic pill while you have a severe growth on your vocal anatomy, or a DVD with instructions, which is not interactive and even if it is completely correct, it is still one-sided.
However, if you believe that your virtual presence is good enough, please make sure that you will block my e-mail address and never will dial my phone number ever.

I also mentioned the emotional side of things previously, and, on that note, I would like to mention how the person’s emotional state, especially those with voice repair needs, could play a positive or sometimes, unfortunately, a negative role.

Stay tuned for future publications where I would shed more light on the latter topic. 

To conclude:

In this day and age, people are quite obsessed with technology and paranoid about scams.

They suspect everybody and anybody, while, in turn, forgetting that they are the ones who need help, and not the other way around - at least from where I sit.

They insist on virtual lessons and actually condemn me for not agreeing to do so.

In some cases, no explanations as I gave in the above paragraphs, or even more explicit elaborations, would make sense to those troubled (in my opinion, by that point, on every level) people.

They're "screaming" for help, but in a real sense, they don't do much to actually receive it.

They have been busy being paranoid and suspicious, and also have been busy thriving on their technology fixations.

Some of the singers have been pointing out their busy performing schedules while having quite a few nodules or even bleeding polyps on their vocal anatomy. Addressing the above, so to speak, busy schedule, those singers justify why they can't reach me in my studio and only could do virtual sessions at best.

From my side, I sincerely wish them all a speedy recovery with whichever means they find suitable for them. 
However, on the other hand, I also suggest that they should consider seeking some kind of psychotherapy...

So my suggestion is to book the above-described appointment, quite in advance, as I presume that the lineups will be even longer than the ones to get the COVID vaccination(s).

"Imagine that the line up to this place actually already started Since 1844..."

Why not, as some of them are insisting instead of a voice specialist - who would actually do the work on their voice mechanics and nonetheless, themselves (holistically speaking), to see a chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist and perhaps even a gynecologist, or proctologist... to heal their voice problems? Lol…

Now the latest: 
The person inquired which at first seemed to be about voice problems he experienced, but his main topic to us (Vocal Institute) was about his Fibromalaygia...?
We responded that we are not Doctors but natural, holistic, alternative practitioners, specializing in non-surgical voice repair (and definitely not in fibromyalgia or anything of the kind).
We, as patiently as we could, explained the above to the person of interest, but he kept insisting on fibromyalgia treatment and almost not at all about his voice problems. 
Moreover, he was asking if the hotel, food, and board, were all included in our already very discounted rate that we have been offering for the VOICE REPAIR COURSE AND TREATMENT.
Our answer was pure and simple: "NO TO ANY OF THAT"! 
His reply to us was: "Then No Thank You."
In our opinion, it was simply a hopeless case as his mind was fixated on one and only thing: Fibromyalgia. 

"Hello Vocal School!
I Have Fibromyalgia!!!"

Our question to ourselves was; What does that have to do with voice repair and natural herbal treatment?
Maybe it had something to do with it, as once we would work on his muscle tension dysphonia and other voice issues, we would be able to aid his fibromyalgia diagnosis - By relaxing his neck and throat muscles and his whole body in general.
However, the latter would be addressed only as a side matter. 
Clearly, it was a no-go from our side and his as well. 
However, along with his primary care physician and rheumatologist, the psychotherapy would definitely never hurt! 

As I always say, “THAT WOULD BE FUNNY, IF IT WASN'T SO SAD..." - 


"Let's Hope Not!!!"


  1. I have paresis, and I know how to sing properly but the lack of movement in one of my vocal cords is causing me to crack and not really keep notes well. I need help, how can I help myself.


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