Singing Lessons for Teenagers with Problems... Individualized Life Coaching

In 1984, my partner and I started a music school for children and adults.

We had 7 teachers teaching all kinds of instruments and also giving vocal lessons.

In 1986, my partner died and shortly after, I moved to a new location and started specializing to what I knew best and have done all my life – vocal development.

In 1987, I turned The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts, into The Royans Professional Vocal School, specializing in professional vocal coaching.

Now we have started dealing with teenagers who wanted to be either the next Celine Dion and later, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.

Then came along Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin. And then the music became more sexually and violently pronounced. 

The music reflects and effects to what is happening at certain times in the world.

The music theme and scene changes and the mentality (especially of the growing teenagers) also changes.

The more “liberation” and “freedom” music offers, the more loose our growing population becomes.

They have been advised, (by Lady Gaga’s performances), that there should be no boundaries between the sex genders and your free to do whatever your heart desires, so to speak.

Is it good?  In a way, it is, but sometimes not so good…

If the children/teenagers are being raised in strong families with both parents present, they have a much stronger support and thus, resistance to the outside, (sometimes not so perfect) world.

If the union of the family is broken and the child/teenager is growing like wild flower, it is very easy for the young adult to succumb to the suggestions of the outer world, as nobody is there to explain or teach them otherwise.

That’s how we acquire teenagers with problems. 

Those parents who were busy working often have missed their child’s needs while the child was growing up. They realized it when they found their child dropping school, hanging out with the wrong crowd and, sometimes, even using drugs. 

Now the parents are alarmed!

They desperately trying to discover their child’s talents and cater to that. The child, feeling alone and lonely, often turns to music and, particularly, to singing to express their hearts, souls and emotions.  

They simply WANT TO BE HEARD!

To the parents’ credit, they find for their growing, and troubled children, some music/singing lessons, through which the recovery of wounded soul and heart begins.

I always said that the voice is an expression of who you are and Identification of the state of your being.

While working on the voice, I am mostly working on the human being and make sure that the person in front of me, young or old, first and for most gets back in balance. 

And by structuring, placing and projecting their voice, I assure a total balance of the human being.  

I assure that their hearts and souls are filled with music of the right kind, which in the long run, will make them that much more fulfilled and happy individuals. 


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