MTD, SD, ADD, Lack of Balance, Low Level of Fitness…

From our side, a Holistic Approach to Rectifying all of the above and more!

Now, with over 36 years of business, we thought that we had seen it all. As it appears to be, the above is actually not the case.

In the previous years, we had never seen people who have no control whatsoever of their physical bodies; nor we had seen people who absolutely do not know English phonetics.

We do see a majority of clients who are entering our establishment and who developed very bad habits over the years; especially while trying to conduct their physical body with obvious inability to “walk and chew the gum at the same time” in a manner of speaking. The fact is that the Vocal Science™ method and its very unique vocal technique requires the person to use certain body movements while walking and talking (or singing) at the same time.

Also, a lot of our clients, especially those with speaking voice problems, possess the wrong formation of the words to begin with. While pronouncing certain syllables of the words, the consonants and the vowels within them became formed incorrectly. So the pronunciation of certain words became completely compromised.
Nevertheless, the people with voice disorders come to us being very upset and depressed, wondering why such a nasty thing happened to them…? So naturally, they are spiritually very down - which does not help when it comes to fixing their voice/vocal problems. I said numerous of times in my previous publications that I consider the voice being a form of the human spirit. So all of our healing process is geared towards unleashing one’s voice; and thus awakening their spirit…Once the voice (i.e., the human spirit) is lifted off of the physical body and its vocal anatomy, the mood of the voice disorder sufferer becomes much better, as they hear and experience the results of our collective efforts almost instantaneously!
In this case, we are using our voice repair clients’ physical body as a “platform”, which plays the role of the “voice lift” (in a manner of speaking, the ‘blast off’) support, where the lower abdomen is responsible for the actual height of the sound and the upper diaphragm (rib cage) is responsible for the width (body) of the sound. By doing this, we assure the one’s vocal anatomy is in complete “rest” and free from the harmful pressure which had been previously generated from the sound of their voice…

Opposed to conventional speech therapists who recommend “vocal rest” (which means no talking or singing for a prolonged period of time), we recommend to speak and to sing; but, while at it, to use the proper application of the speaking and/or singing voice.
Let’s visualize that the engine of your car broke… Will you be putting your car in the garage to “take a rest” and hoping that the car is going to fix itself…? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yes, my reader. Unfortunately, it does! In our case though, while the sound gets re-channelled (so to speak) in a different set of muscles altogether, the vocal anatomy, in this case, is now free of harmful use Isn't that is the name of the game?

Via special speech and singing exercises, the sound of the voice gets restructured into the upper facial muscles (sinus/vocal cavities). Those cavities help to amplify the sound of the voice quadruple times over, to say the least.

Just a recent case of an older woman who came to us to strengthen her speaking voice, proved to be very successful - and not just for speaking… Attending my recent voice/vocal workshop,  (not previously ever singing a note in her life), she was very-much-so at par with the actual singers who were, along with her, attending the very same workshop.

During one of the last speech repair sessions with me, she asked me at the end to do a little bit of singing with her. And to both of our surprise, she sang a few notes completely in tune accompanied by a beautiful bright tone and was able to hold those notes for quite a long period of time.

“WOW..!" we both exclaimed! She just left for her vacation and I would not be surprised if she would enter some Karaoke singing, or whatnot, while there… I am pretty sure that when she comes back from her holidays, she would want then to embark on singing lessons.

The application of proper mechanics of the speaking voice is completely congruent with the application of the singing voice. So 40 hours of speech development with the aforementioned client opened up a whole new world for her - where now, no doubt, she will be able to express her heart and soul via the proper use of her singing voice as well. Way to go Girl!!

During those two months we had been on it together at least 3 times a week (2 hours at a time), she started to look at least 5 years younger, as she developed her upper cheekbone muscles; and thus had also gotten a younger look, smoother skin and much less wrinkles at the age of 61. She is speaking much louder now and sounds much more assertive with much greater annunciation and pronunciation of the words coming out of her mouth. 

She has a lot of very important meetings ahead… I do believe that with her newly-found voice, and thus newly-found confidence, she will be sounding and looking very professional and, nevertheless, even more beautiful!

Was this an easy process, you, my reader, might be wondering? Let me tell you… NOT AT ALL! But we conquered the problem which had also required a lot of psychological guidance with multiple levels of sound advice on my part.

All of the above was a part of the holistic approach not only to the sound of the voice, but to a person as a whole. Practically any voice problems or vocal disorders, in order to be conquered to the max, require a lot of conversations, guidance on every level, mentoring and tutoring in almost forensic details… No doubt, you are what you eat, you are what you speak and you are what you sing!

On this note, stay tuned for my further input and output derived from my extensive experience and, nonetheless, grand-all expertise concerning the betterment of the human being in every aspect of that definition.


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