How to Become and Remain to be a Professional Singer in a matter of hours, and not months or years?

Since 1984, we have been receiving students who really wanted to make it in the music business.

And a lot of them did.

Many of them got signed with major record labels, as well as, had won many singing competitions including international ones.

To name a few, please see below: 

  • Brian Melo - Winner of Canadian Idol 2007 

  • Lukas Rossi - Winner on the CBS TV Show Rockstar: Supernova

  • Alex Norman of illScarlett (Sony BMG Music Canada) 

  • Cindy Gomez - INTERSCOPE Records (Produced by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics)

  • Trish (Patricia Campbell) - Signed with Capitol | EMI Records

  • Candace Santos - Winner of the 2006 and 2007 Rising Star Contests & the 2008 Young Asian Canadian Idol

  • Brian Pisani of One Second 2 Late (Produced by Greig Nori - Sony BMG)

  • Jake Robertson - Lead Singer of the Any Zen rock band

  • Jesse Dryfhout of Stabilo (Virgin Music Canada)

  • Edwin (Sony Records)

  • Brian Byrne of I Mother Earth (Universal Records)

  • Rob Moratti of Saga (Inside Out Records)

  • Nicole Hughes of Minx (Sony/ATV) and co-writer of the Canadian Idol hit song 'All I Ever Wanted'

  • Rodney Ronquillo - Winner of 2015 Shaklee Idol In Cleveland, Ohio

  • Chris Ning - Winner of the Band vs.Band Battle on Ultimate Rock Star

  • Yan Fung - Recording Artist in Hong Kong, China

  • Sugar Prince - R'nB Singer recently featured on 103.5 FM

  • Robert Michaels (Warner Music Canada)

  • Sarina Paris - Dance Factory in Italy (EMI Records)

  • Diana Salvatore - Winner of 2000 UOMO/BMG Talent Search, 2012 Chevrolet Sonic Commercial performer

  • Charlene Smith (Warner Bros. Records, China Records U.K.)

  • Monik Garo (A+M Records)

  • Julio Reyes Chiconi of Dominicanada

  • Diane Higgins of Jane Doe

  • David D'Amico of Chronic Overboogie

  • Hayley (Universal Records France)

  • Erin Lang - Up & Coming Alternative Singer being produced by Roger O'Donnell of The Cure

  • Paul Umali of 604 (Universal Records, Germany)

  • Bob Harris - Lead Singer of The Bringers Of Swing: Jazz/Rock

  • Natasha Manarin - Indie Artist for Supertash

  • Nick Lombardi of DropKick Me Jesus (Neptune Records)

  • Vincent Gaetan of Bad to the Bone Tribute

  • Shayne Romero - Kantahan '95 soloist champion

At the time, (end of 80s until the middle of 2000s) I primarily dealt with professional or semi-professional rock and pop singers as well as wannabe singers like beginners and intermediate calibre...

Those years especially, our singing students were very ambitious and inspiring young people.

Many of them had their goals set and the majority of them actually achieved their goals and, nevertheless, with flying colours.

I have to say, that the people those days, in general, possessed enthusiasm and also, nonetheless, inspiration to achieve their desired success!

They were very motivated to reach their goals whatever it took...

They were not distracted by texts, emails and social media overall.

They actually used their brains (and, not to mention, they actually possessed some).

Nowadays, they are using the internet instead of their brains - looking for instant gratification, so to speak.

In a real sense, people are so busy now and nevertheless, lazy, so that they don’t have either the time nor the capacity to think and sort out their priorities.

In my opinion, the past years were the most glorious ones!!

But, let’s come back to the present…

Some “old souls” still exist, Thank God!

Those ones are still willing to work on their craft to realize their dreams.

I always say: “Do work hard, but also... WORK SMART…”

However, with the described above individuals, whom we attend to at the present time (but, unfortunately, much less than before), it’s still a pleasure to work with (just like it was before in a quite distant past...).

So, what will it take nowadays to become a professional singer?

The attendance, the compliance, full attention, the understanding of what the Vocal Science™ Method is all about and what it could do for them.

It, however, requires a lot of patience and, nonetheless, sound physical and emotional conduct.

The person of interest has to be completely open to constructive criticism, where some possibly made mistakes by them, will be pointed out and constructively addressed.

Our prominent newspaper the “Toronto Star” in 1999 wrote an article named “Coach Me If You Can.”

The author of the above-mentioned article also declared (after physically experiencing a glimpse of the Vocal Science™ Method) that it is "not for the faint of heart".

I added that it is also not for people with a below-average IQ...

When the internet kicked in, I believe, it was presumed that it will be used along with human brains and not instead of them…

Unfortunately, it is not our reality today.

In 1994 there was another article written about me by the Brampton Gaurdian newspaper named: “Voice Coach Teaches A 'Mind Over Vocal Cords' Philosophy.”

I do agree with the above, as the whole Vocal Science™ Method is geared towards “mind over matter.”

If the human mind does not have proper “software,” but instead of the latter, has a “virus,” on their "human-computer", the voice will never work to its full capacity and definitely will not work upon the design and upon their sound (healthy and vibrant) brain command.

Nonetheless, in the above-described case, the singer will never become professional, as he/she simply will be unable to comply with standards of professional singing and many other aspects which are required for "making it", so to speak!

Thank you, my reader, for reading and understanding and following my drift. 

There is more yet to come your way...

In fact... About the technical elements of professional style, we will elaborate in our next article titled: 

"The Technical Elements of Vocal Style: 

How to Become and Remain to be a Professional Singer (Part 2)

But… What about the Vocal Style?

Can it be taught?

Let’s Find Out!"

Stay Tuned!


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