Spasmodic Dysphonia - The cause... The cure? Is it possible?

Lately, more and more inquiries I get are from people who suffer from a very nasty "voice disorder" called spasmodic dysphonia (SD).

In a real sense, it's not per se just a voice disorder - it can also be a neurological disorder, whereas the symptoms of the above-described, produce uncontrollable voice spasms.

Below is the story of my female client (64 years old) from Missouri USA.

She was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia disorder and naturally thought that something just incidentally happened to her voice...?

She was diagnosed by an ENT specialist, but was never advised what she could do about her voice condition.

When I got her and her husband on the phone, I naturally started to ask them questions with respect to how and when that happened and of course, if they could think of anything that could have triggered that condition.

They both replied that their lives were pretty much free of stress and they couldn't see or think of any possible cause of that disorder to take place.

I, of course, knew that it could not be the case.

The majority of the illnesses in our bodies are emotionally induced and then, all of that manifests in our physical body.

So, definitely, there was some emotional trauma happening and quite possibly it even started a few years back.

Finally, my clients arrived and we began the sessions.

In about 15-20 minutes from the beginning of the first session, I found out about the events happening in that family, which emotionally speaking would be enough to kill a horse or two, never mind to cause a voice disorder.

They, somehow, could not think of the connection between some tragic events in their lives and the actual consequences, which in this case resulted in spasmodic dysphonia.

Moreover, my client revealed that on top of everything else, she had high blood pressure.

That alarmed me even more, as her condition could be a, so to speak, "rehearsal" before the actual stroke.

In other words... pre-stroke condition!

Very often people who get affected by a stroke, not only can get paralyzed, but also often lose their speech completely.

In fact, a stroke (in its nature) is also considered a neurological disorder.

So when condition like this is present, you have to look very deeply into the roots of the cause, and yes, of course, to work on the voice, but mainly to work on everything else, i.e. emotions, high blood pressure, overall physical condition and many more physical and mental aspects, which could contribute not only to the spasmodic dysphonia, but to many more severe health conditions.

I always said that the voice is the expression of who you are and the identification of the state of your being.

The doctors in this case, and in many other voice disorder cases, offer to shoot Botox into the vocal cords, along with other nasty treatments.

Needless to say, they are working on the "stove" when the "fridge" is broken.

I did everything I could holistically, and my client with her husband left very satisfied and happy. She left not only with a much better voice, but with much more understanding of her relationship with her husband and by extension with their three children...

If the voice is spasming, there is something else that is spasming in the person's body, nonetheless, the mind and the soul also.

Think about it!!!


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