Vocal Science™: Acid Reflux Affecting Voice - Case Study!

Case Study!

For many years we have been fixing people’s voices which have been affected by acid reflux… 

One of the cases - of the year 2014 - stands out the most.

A woman in her early 40’s walked into our studio and told us her story… 

She was divorced from her very abusive husband, who happened to be a lawyer and also the father of her 10-year-old daughter. 

So this beautiful woman of Middle-Eastern descent was now a single Mom and a kindergarten school teacher. 

Due to her occupation (dealing with young children all-day), she had to speak a lot and also sing rhymes and songs with quite a large group of preschoolers…

Meanwhile, she told us that she got a hole in her esophagus; and, due to that fact, her gastric acid was uncontrollably shooting to her throat… 

Naturally, her voice was very-much-so affected; therefore, causing her voice to sound raspy and hoarse.

I had to explain to her that she had two related problems:

One of them was purely medical and the other one was a wrong application of a speaking and a singing voice. 

Due to the wrong way of using her speaking and a singing voice, the sound of her voice dropped in a low throat position, so to speak.

Therefore the acid, which was pouring from her guts, had no problem reaching her throat. 

In this instance, her vocal cords and other parts of her vocal anatomy in general, ended up being burned. 

I told her that, for her physical problem, I could administer natural herbal remedies and help her reduce the symptoms while she was waiting for her surgery to close that whole.

Meanwhile, my aim was to save her voice and make it sound normal in order for her not to lose her job.

The philosophy of my very own Vocal Science™method is such that the sound of the voice has to be lifted off of the vocal cords and off of the vocal box in general - to be achieved by my very specially-developed speech exercises coupled with special body movements and the consumption of specifically-selected natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies.

Once the sound is restructured from the vocal box to the upper facial cavities, the pressure on the vocal anatomy becomes very-much-so reduced and practically eliminated. 

However, those facial muscles need to begin to work with the abdominal muscles in full conjunction and coordination in order to reach desirable results.

All of the above would play a very important role in the sound-lift support and will also help to create a proper body for the actual sound of one’s voice.

I did all of the above described and my client in only 20 hours of instruction regained her normal speaking voice and even acquired a newly found singing voice, and thus she was able to continue her work with the preschoolers. 

She also got rid of her pain in the throat and was very happy with the end result. 

However, she still was awaiting for her gastrointestinal surgery to get rid of, (in the final analysis), her physical problem.

Unfortunately, we had lost track of this client of ours, but we are quite sure that she is healthy, more confident and much happier now - being able (under our guidance) to achieve her goals 

- obtaining a healthier body and a healthier spirit within that body which, in turn, is equivalent to a healthy voice!


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