Could Vocal Talent Alone Assure Your Vocal Performance Career For Life?

Evidently not…

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Let’s analyze what has been happening in the last few years and, nevertheless, recently:

Majority of our very talented artists had experienced vocal problems in one-way or another.

A lot of them had undergone vocal operations:

And that’s to name a few…

All of the above-listed people are talented artists, but obviously, the majority of them had been lacking the proper vocal technique; and thus, they ended up having vocal issues (and some of them more serious than others).

Could they have avoided the interruption of their professional lives, careers, joy and monetary loss?

No doubts they could - They just could have been more attentive to the technical aspects of their craft and not just rely on their talents and love for music.

Could you imagine a figure skater trying to jump a triple or quad not knowing what it consists of and, moreover, not having proper muscle training assuring that the physical body could withhold the weight of the landing of such jump?

Also, if you think of ballet dancers who work at the bar at least 4 to 8 hours a day, would you imagine them doing ‘pirouettes’ and "Pas de Deux" wearing point-shoes and having no prerequisite with regards to what they are doing?

In this case, serious injuries would, no doubt, occur.

They, nevertheless, have to be able to keep their whole body weight on those toes of theirs.

That means that their balance has to be unshakable, their point-shoe techniques have to be immaculate and their ballet elements (separately and in correlation), have to be ‘on point’. (no pun intended)

So where do the singers come with the idea that the technical aspect of using their voices properly and efficiently does not necessarily need to be embraced?

Lately, it has been all about the show and showmanship.

For example there have been about a $40,000,000 dollar stage built for Bono’s performance.

With that said, basically, everything had been in place to cover up the inadequacy of true vocal performance.

How sad is that? Very sad, indeed!

If our truly talented artists possessed a proper vocal technique, which would protect and save their voice for life, we would not be hearing (unfortunately, quite often) on the news about the next upcoming vocal surgery of the next pop-star.

Go figure!


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