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Suffering from voice disorders like Sulcus Vocalis, Muscle tension Dysphonia or, perhaps, even Spasmodic Dysphonia? We can help!

We specialize in a unique form of voice restoration and enhancement - designed for those who suffer from voice disorders, vocal disorders, vocal cord damage and speaking and singing voice problems overall.

Since 1984, we have serviced over an estimated 25,000 (combined) students and clients who have been coming to us for non-surgical voice repair sessions and treatments.

The school originally started as The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts. Since 1987, we started specializing in singing and speaking only. We stopped teaching piano, guitar, violin and other instruments. So, given that, the school got renamed to the Royans Professional Vocal School.

In 1989, I myself acquired an, evidentially, emotionally-induced vocal problem. I have to say that, at first, I had tried to rectify that problem via help offered by medical professionals - but, unfortunately, to no avail.

Luckily, by a company named Nature’s Sunshine, I was addressed to a place which used to be called Health With Herbs. The practitioner who I was addressed to and who is, to date, my friend and associate, introduced me to a natural and holistic approach to health.

Her very first words to me were “Diana, your voice problem has nothing to do with your voice”. 

“How so?” I exclaimed…!

She enlightened me about what could cause my voice problem. During those sessions, I realized that I was emotionally disturbed due to my very emotionally abusive marriage which caused huge stress overall. Apparently, my thyroid was the main problem. I was explained, at that time, that the thyroid, in fact, represents suppressed emotions.

Didn’t it ever…?

Due to that fact, my voice was unable to pass through the needed channels in my anatomy - and thus, I lost all my singing range and the quality of my voice, as it actually deepened at least a tone down. I was devastated, as I have been singing since age 5 and teaching singing since age 17. My livelihood was in jeopardy, to say the least.

By that very natural holistic practitioner, I was offered to take a course - conducted by her - on the holistic approach to health. I also was offered to learn iridology (the science of the iris), the use and application of the natural herbs and remedies, as well as nutrition.

After learning all of the above and then passing the exam with high marks, I began to practice what I was taught. I cannot be grateful enough for the knowledge I had received, which I am using up to this day for myself, my family and my clients.

Continuing teaching voice (speaking and singing), I was more and more using my knowledge in a natural approach to any voice problems - which had then gown into more profound knowledge about voice disorders, voice problems and issues.

My very unique Vocal Science™ method had gotten “married” to the natural and holistic health methods which began to play a crucial role in voice recovery, restoration and enhancement. Since my approach - for many years now - is indeed natural and holistic, the “labels” (which the medical profession suggests) do not actually make any difference in voice recovery… What makes the difference is the “installation” of a certain “mechanism” (in a manner of speaking) in one’s brain.

In this instance, the human brain gives the appropriate commands to the physical body first, and then respectively, to the voice to do exactly what it has been programmed to do. In fact, overall, the nature of vocal problems is usually mechanical and a lot of those vocal issues, nonetheless, are emotionally induced. Mine, in fact, was not mechanical, but - nevertheless - it was emotionally induced.

It had not only effected my voice, but effected a lot of my other organs and, no doubts, the former had provoked some diseases which I inherited from my parents.

For example, my father had been suffering from asthma for almost all his life. When I had my voice problem, the very first thing I acquired was a severe asthma - which I had never experienced before. There were other health problems which I had to conquer via my newly-adopted-and-embraced knowledge.

I also learned how to use the natural herbal and - even some homeopathic – remedies to enhance the health of not only my voice, but also my health in general.

As for nowadays, stress for people around the world is prevailing, and thus more and more people have been experiencing voice and other related - and unrelated - health problems. So, nonetheless, the approach to those problems can be one and only - which is holistic and natural.

Once I collect the history of the client’s life, I (more or less) know what factors of their lives had plaid the role in the loss of voice and/or various voice disorders which they had acquired.

In almost all cases, the “application” of the speaking and singing voice has to be completely changed.

Like, for example, when a patient is diagnosed with the Muscle Tension Dysphonia voice disorder, their voice tends to get “stuck” within their neck muscles. It is a nasty disorder which makes the patient’s voice raspy and hoarse - or sometimes even whispery and breathy.

To “unstuck” that voice from the neck muscles is a real ordeal, to say the least. It is very “manually-induced” work for myself and my client. We are literally working on each syllable and vowel of the word(s).

Ultimately (and this applies to all voice disorders) we have to “unstuck” and lift that voice off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords, and literally re-channel it into the different set of muscles (the facial cavities) - which will, in turn, begin to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles - which will support the lift of the sound, as well as the actual height and width (the body of the sound).

The upper back muscles also will be helping the upper diaphragm muscles to stay intact and assure the full body of the sound. The facial muscles have to be strong enough to be able to harbor the sound which is (by itself) a physical material body; thus, the above allows the sound to travel in a circular direction - and nevertheless, relatively, respectively and prospectively to the height and width of one’s physical body (the “instrument”). Now to perfect that “mechanism” which will allow the human voice to work in its fullest capacity possible, we have to establish its components:

- Abdominal support
- Structure of the sound
- Placement of the sound
- And lastly, projection of the sound to its aimed destination.

The above components apply for both speaking and singing voice and certainly allow for the harmful pressure of the sound to be removed. In this instance, the voice becomes restructured and thus moved to its “safe haven” - so to speak.

Once it’s done and the vocal anatomy is “resting”, the application of the natural herbs and some homeopathic remedies will take place.

Having the vocal box and vocal anatomy overall freed up, the healing process will begin that much faster and will become that much more effective and efficient. Now the flora of the vocal anatomy will be on its way to healing and recovery; so the voice (even if it was previously damaged) will begin to soar “straight to the universe – where the sky is the limit”.

The above approach applies to practically every voice disorder - however, in each different case, it could contain some various components of the matter, as still… no case can be exactly the same!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Vocal Science™ - Strategic Response! Do you have a voice/vocal problem…? We have a strategic approach to rectify it.

We would identify the cause of your voice issues and then we will find the solution for the appropriate alternative/holistic treatment which, in the majority of cases, will lead to a desirable cure!!

In February of 1984, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts was founded. Just over 7 years onward, it turned into The Royans Professional Vocal School, as we started to specialize in voice and vocals only. 

At that time, a lot of singers (and speakers, for that matter) successfully completed their programs with us and went on their merry way to their singing performances, public speaking careers, as well as to working in the media channels like radio and television.

Then, evidently, life became much more stressful due to (at that time) an enormous demand on human skills. Like figure skaters and gymnasts, the singers and speakers started experiencing a lot of trauma caused by various injuries in their field. By the end of the 80’s, my own stress took over my life and I too was experiencing some problems with my singing voice.

After looking for the cause and for solutions on how to rectify my vocal issues, I finally came across the natural herbal remedies as well as some homeopathic remedies to enhance the healing of my vocal anatomy and, more so, my thyroid gland - which I’ve learned that, according to holistic teachings, is actually responsible for suppressed emotions which affect the human voice (speaking and singing) a great deal…

In my case, once I realized that my marriage and a load of my business was causing me a lot of stress and a lot of unrealized feelings and emotions, I've learned how to approach and thus rectify my physical and emotional problems. And then, respectively, I’ve learned how to implement my very unique vocal technique into the equation. Once I was on the other side of things, I began my now-enhanced practice of a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the person as a whole.

That was a stage one to be able to treat, and then get cured of all of my vocal issues, as well as, concurrently, from all of my personal life problems. Stage two began when I realized that I could help a great deal to people who are experiencing voice/vocal problems and also problems in life in general.

Before I begin any of the voice repairs, I do a full assessment and evaluation of the voice/vocal problems and mainly their cause(s). Some voice/vocal problems are being induced by a wrong application of their voice, i.e., inadequate voice/vocal technique. The latter is not a very complicated cure. But a lot of times, the causes of the vocal issues are deeply stowed beneath the present symptoms. That’s where the real strategy - with respect to how to approach the voice matter(s) - takes place.

If the person is open to undergo an honest/deep assessment for the sheer fact that they really want to rectify all of the above-mentioned causes, it should not be that difficult to put the person of interest on the right track to achieve a complete balance. Needless to say, their healing will begin almost instantaneously. On the other hand, if the person is not-too-open to reveal their external (and, mainly, internal) problems, it makes the healing a little more complicated.

The technical side of things is usually not a big problem, but the disturbed emotional make-up could be a real stopper to the healing progress. At this point, the very gentle and subtle approach will have to be strategized… Both the former and the latter play a very important role in one’s recovery. The integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components should be present at any given times, or otherwise, the balance between the brain, motor skills and the voice as an outcome, cannot be achieved.

Physical fitness is also a very important variable in the above equation. Diet and environmental factors are also very important. Each case, nevertheless, is very different and very unique in its own kind. Therefore, the approach to all of the problems - not just voice/vocal - has to be completely individualized and, for that matter, properly “tutored”. No doubt, the process described above is quite complicated, but definitely achievable, given that the approach to each and every problem(s) - vocal or otherwise - is completely strategized and catered to each individual on a very subtle and, nonetheless, cellular level.

To conclude:

The above is definitely not for the faint of heart - revealed a 1999 Toronto Star newspaper article. However, from our side, we can promise that when this complex process is complete, you will become a much happier, much healthier and much more vocally sound and energized' person. So if you are open to embarking onto this life-altering experience described above, we will welcome you under our roof and under our exceptional, highly-individualized care!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vocal Rehab: Private Tutoring and Exceptional Voice Care.

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, under the umbrella of The Royans Professional Vocal School, for over 36 years now, is offering one-of-a-kind vocal rehab to those with various voice disorders.

We have - estimated over 25,000 - speech and singing students as well as various clients coming to us from all over the world for non-surgical voice repair tutelage and natural herbal treatment to rectify their voice/vocal problems.

Especially for those who come to us from out of town/out of the country, we provide a full term of private care, and not only for their vocal condition(s)…

We provide our clients with:
  • Accommodation during their stay
  • Transportation (if needed) to and from our studio
  • With complimentary lunches
  • With the initial voice repair herbal kit
  • And now, even offering a supplement for their flight to us
Of course, some conditions apply to the above.


During their stay, we advocate our own Government trademarked method named Vocal Science™; and it’s, without a doubt, a totally revolutionary approach to voice mechanics and the person as a whole. We obtain the whole history of our clients’ behaviour - like dietary habits, general health conditions, we assess their emotional makeup, and nonetheless, we identify the possible causes of their vocal problems. We summarize all the facts provided to us by the client and find the optimum solution for their recovery on every level.

In all of my previous publications, I’ve always said that “in a healthy body will live a healthy spirit”. In my book “Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe”, I had pointed out numerous times that the voice identifies with a person’s spirit… And if the human spirit is down, everything else will be down - voice included. Our program is definitely not for the “faint of heart” - and, nevertheless, not for people with a below-average IQ. Our program is extremely intense and definitely requires physical, mental and emotional fitness in order to acquire a “vocal fitness”, in a manner of speaking.

After reading the above, ask yourself a question… Are you ready for the described-above ordeal? If your answer is yes, we will be happy to harbour you under our roof. In that instance, we will guarantee you our best and completely unprecedented efforts which have never failed!

However, on this note, please remember - it takes “two to tango”, therefore we require all of the above-described, as well as complete compliance with our very unique instruction and treatment and, nonetheless, also an appreciation of our efforts employed, coupled with loyalty.

We hope to see you soon.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

What Is the Nature and also the Cause of Spasmodic Dysphonia? Case Studies:

Is Spasmodic Dysphonia always the cause of a spasming and/ or generally-malfunctioning voice, or could it be just multiple - and very nasty - symptoms induced by the injury(s) occurred within the vocal anatomy?

Over many years, I have been tending to numerous of people with the diagnosis of Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD). I would like (down the road) to present to you (my reader) several cases with different causes, treatments and outcomes after all of the above:

About the latest case of Tanya G, you already know in general that Tanya came to us to Toronto, Canada all the way from New Zealand in hopes of the complete recovery of her voice from her Abductor SD.

Let’s examine what the very specific instruction and treatment process actually entailed and whether or not it was possible to achieve a complete cure of a generally-incurable voice disorder within only 50 hours of instruction and treatment.

In a nutshell, below is Tanya’s story:

Tanya told me that before such occurrence, she was a very loud and flamboyant person. She also told me that she used to teach fitness classes (up to 7 classes a week) which, after her vocal injury, she had to downsize her workload to only 2 classes a week.

Her voice (according to Tanya) started gradually subsiding; but naturally, she could not agree with that and continued using her voice like before - and even in a more intensive manner, pushing it and pulling it to the max until it “snapped”.

Within 3 years of the first signs of damaged voice, her voice began spasming uncontrollably and her vocal cords were not coming back together in sync, as if they were hitting some obstruction on the right side of her vocal anatomy.

During our sessions, I did not at all think that the nature of her vocal injury is neurological or neurologically induced. Now thinking about her case thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that there were symptoms of hit-and-missed signals between her brain and her injured larynx which, in turn, was producing a disturbing sound; actually suggesting some neurological damage to the nerve endings. However, I still would qualify her case induced by mechanical damage due to overuse and misuse her voice prior to her injury. In other words, her voice was somewhat sounding as if it had a neurological nature to start with; but those neurologically-induced symptoms, in my opinion, were a consequence of the physical/mechanical damage - and definitely not otherwise.

Once I combined my instruction with the special body movements, which were commanding Tanya’s brain to give a proper signal to her vocal anatomy (vocal folds and larynx), we were able to achieve a completely clear and clean sound.

The above, as far as I am concerned, absolutely (and nonetheless, against all odds) proves my point.

The above manipulations between the brain employed motor skills and the voice as an outcome, suggested that numerous repetition of the latter would eventually condition Tanya’s brain to give the proper and balanced command to her physical body and thus her voice as well - as an outcome of the above described.

20 years ago, our prominent Toronto newspaper, “The Toronto Star”, once said that the Vocal Science method - whereas the technique of which is a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the person as a whole - is definitely “not for the faint of heart”.

The Vocal Science™ method requires total fitness as well as coordination and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. The person in question needs to understand the concept and nature of the treatment from the physical point of view, as well as from the kinaesthetic side of things - and then make a substantial effort to retain both variables.

In this instance, the natural herbal treatment is also advocated - as those potent remedies also play an essential role in ones’ healing. We are talking about healing of the disturbed vocal anatomy, as well as the physical body an emotional aspects of such matter.

So as you see, my reader, it is a very complex and highly-intense situation, but it works - and thus, given a sufficient amount of time, the patient (against all odds) could even opt for a total recovery on every level.

Tanya just texted us that she safely arrived back to New Zealand. This woman is a real trooper and the real McCoy! We know that the best is yet to come for her and we want to see her reaching her original state of happiness and prosperity forward!

In the next series of blogs on the same topic, we will profile quite a few more cases of SD of different kinds and different outcomes.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

From New Zealand to Toronto - Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia Case - Progress Report!

Upon completion of 50 hours of instruction and treatment, we would like to bring to your attention a testimonial, provided to us by Tanya G - Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder sufferer from New Zealand.

This testimonial contains a dialogue between Diana Yampolsky and Tanya.

- Please see below -

Tanya: My name is Tanya G and I had been diagnosed with the Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder. 

I came all the way from New Zealand, which took 26 hours to fly to Toronto. As of today, I had done 50 hours of instruction for my voice recovery and the process of it has been very difficult, to say the least. But I have gotten the “tools” to go home with to work hard and bring my voice to where I want it to be.

Diana: Was it worth the flight? 

Tanya: Yes, it definitely was.

Diana: - However, your expectations were for a full recovery within those 50 hours; as you understand now yourself, it was not possible to achieve the full voice recovery in such a short period of time and within only 10 days.

Tanya: Yes, I understand. It is hard work.

Diana: But with regards to what has been done and to the route we took, can you see the "light at the end of the tunnel”?

Tanya: Yes, I understand that at “the end of the tunnel”, I will be able to recover my voice.

Diana: So, in other words, to be continued as, no doubt, the essential part of laying the foundation for the full voice recovery has been completed. 

In the interim, the next thing to do will be to practice at home with those “tools” (knowledge and experience) you have received during your stay with us.

Nonetheless, if it becomes possible, it would be very beneficial for you to revisit us for part 2 for your more advanced voice instruction and treatment in order to complete your full voice restoration.

Tanya: Thank you, Diana.


Stay tuned for more detailed information which will shed more light on the process of voice recovery for the above-described disorder.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Attention Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferers: We can assure you that there is hope for a full recovery of your voice - in most cases!

Please read below the synopsis of our present voice repair client and SD sufferer, Tanya G.

We have just received a client suffering from the Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder. She came to us (just 4 days ago) from another side of the planet - New Zealand! We’ve learned that it took her over 22 hours to fly to us - to Toronto, Canada.

To date, Tanya, under my thorough guidance, completed 20 hours of a very intense voice instruction coupled with a natural herbal treatment. In my estimate, our client’s Spasmodic Dysphonia disorder originally was determined to be between stage 1 and even possibly 2.

In my previous blog about the same voice matter, I specified that in “my books”, this very nasty voice disorder possesses 4 stages, whereas the stage 3 and 4 could be somewhat treatable, but usually never curable (at least to my knowledge and experience).

Tanya and I are working very hard, executing very detailed instructions (bringing it almost to forensic science)… The process involves a lot of repetition of the new sounds’ formation. First and foremost, we have to knock down all the bad habits and establish new healthy ones. It involves the establishment of certain positions of the mouth, lips and tongue, coupled with the proper posture of the body. The Vocal Science™ method is a unique intellectual and intelligent method of visualization.

I have been using a developed-by-me diagram of the physical sound, which reflects its movement and direction. For greater clarity, I’m also using laser light, showing exactly how the physical sound travels in a circular direction, relatively, prospectively and respectively to the person’s height, weight (body of the sound) and central line of one’s body parameters (nose and bellybutton).

Such unique instruction is coupled with certain body movements to use a body language to put the person in a prime position, utilizing their (so to speak) “instrument”, which allows them to use their intellectual abilities in integration and synergy with motor skills - and thus achieve the aimed destination of the sound, now being harboured in a completely different set of muscles (facial cavities, working in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles). The latter allows the sufferer’s voice to move freely away from the lower throat position, while concurrently reducing the harmful pressure from their whole vocal anatomy in general.

I could compare Tanya’s case with patients who I attend to in the past and who were recovering from different stages of stroke. Those patients did not have spasms, but their whole speech pattern (almost like Tanya’s) was basically erased in its entirety. So I had to teach them (as well as Tanya) to learn how to speak again with a completely new application of their voice, using a completely new modality of completely new behaviour. The latter (in many aspects of it) falls into the same fashion as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Once such an endeavour described above is completed, the new horizons inevitably will be reached.

My book “Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe” teaches how to “fly” anyone’s voice/spirit straight to the Universe - where the sky is, indeed, the limit!

Stay tuned to hear more about Tanya’s progress for the next 30 hours yet to come! We are hoping to produce before-and-after instruction videos and bring it for your viewing. Tanya said that she is, and will be, open for your emails with any relevant questions to be sent directly to her. Meanwhile, she is enjoying the process while both of us, working hard, however smart, on the final goal to achieve the complete recovery of Tanya’s voice.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Voice Repair or Human Being Repair…? That is the Question.

- Holistic approach to a person as a whole -

Case study of our present student of Indian descent.

G.B is our present student - a male of 27 years of age. 5 years ago, he came to Toronto from India to become a student in one of our colleges to take a business program. Prior to that, he attended a college in India (computer engineering) and successfully graduated from both programs - in India and in Toronto, Canada.

You would think, my reader, that with two colleges under his belt, so to speak, he would be now a successful employee or even an employer of any of the companies/businesses of his choice. However, instead of the latter, he ended up being employed here in Toronto as a truck driver…

Why? - you, my reader, may ask. My answer ( given 16 hours of my work with him to date ) would be:
  • Somewhat voice delivery problem,
  • Pretty heavy accent.
  • And, nonetheless… overall insecurity.

Let’s examine why he enrolled in our program which is called “The Total Communicator” with the elements of some voice/confidence repair…

This is, in short, his life story:
Growing up on a farm in India, and now residing in a foreign country completely on his own from the age of 22 to the age of 27, without receiving any help or support from home, also not having a perfect command of English and still possessing quite a heavy accent), made him completely “closed in” and therefore not being talkative at all.

But in spite of the above, this young man came to enrol in our program with his dreams and high goals set for himself.

He revealed to us that he wants to be a business entrepreneur, work for himself and achieve the goals in high-end sales. Being smart and educated, he perfectly understands that without a good voice (the tool for communication), without the modification of his accent, without coming out of his shell and offering his knowledge and skills to the world, he will not go far with his life and his life goals and accomplishments.

Spending with him, so far, 16 hours of instruction (and even during that time, implementing some natural herbal treatment, combined with his diet enhancement and modification), it could not make me any happier witnessing his progress on every level.

I could witness his enjoyment when he hears the difference in his voice ( now supported, structured, placed and projected ), and also when he is experiencing the difference overall in his health, in his spirit, in his emotions and in his physical makeup.

I just found out yesterday that he hired himself a personal trainer to build his body, as I am already building his mind, spirit and voice.

In Russian culture, we have a saying:
In a healthy body lives a healthy spirit.

You, my reader, already know my philosophy from my previous publications.

I have always said - and I still say it now:
The voice is your spirit!

Within the healing process, which I offer to my clients, I make sure that I lift their spirit (voice) and, nonetheless, make it “fly” away from the physical body and straight to the universe… I guess it is no wonder that my book is called “Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe”.

So this young man/student of mine is on his way to much more happiness (and thus the accomplishments of his personal goals and achievements) than he ever experienced in his lifetime.

By the time we end our 30-hour course (in this case, not only the voice but a human being transformation) I can envision that his voice/spirit, will be soaring to the Universe - where the sky is the limit!

At The Royans Professional Vocal School and The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, we offer transformations on every level - UNLIMITED!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

You got Diagnosed with Sulcus Vocalis… Now What?

The first question you have to ask yourself is:
How did you end up with such a nasty diagnosis?

You may ask yourself: What have I been doing wrong with respect to my speaking or my singing voice for that matter?

Analyzing the above while looking for the answer, you may remember that you had a bad cold or virus… At that time, your voice got quite compromised and it became raspy and hoarse. You, meanwhile, were trying to clear your throat quite hard and pushed and pulled your voice (also quite hard) to make it clearer and louder…

By doing all of those things, you no doubt strained your vocal cords, and are now have been experiencing the consequences of such actions. In the end, you ended up with pain in your throat, with an even more raspy and hoarse voice and, in some cases, perhaps with breathing difficulties. By the way, the latter may bring you to the next undesirable diagnosis - you may acquire asthma-like symptoms… God forbid.

To get to all of the above, you perhaps used your voice/vocal technique incorrectly to begin with. Moreover, when you got that bad cold and/or laryngitis (as a result of the latter), yet again trying to bring your speaking and/or singing voice up to par, you had pushed and pulled your voice above its limits - and it resulted in strained vocal cords - to the point of them not coming back together in synchronicity; and thus, not properly closing… That (what’s in the medical terminology) is called Sulcus Vocalis.

Now let’s examine what’s available for treatment (and possibly cure) in the medical field:

The doctors have been offering their patients to surgically instil some kind of an artificial device on the vocal cord(s). Some of the patients were offered such procedures like injecting their own fat tissue (to be extracted from other parts of their body) and instill it on one of the compromised vocal cords - assuring the patient that it would help to treat and, even possibly cure, such disorders as Sulcus Vocalis. As our extensive experience shows - none of the above was ever even remotely effective.

To give you an example:

In the past, one of our US clients who agreed for both procedures - the fat which had been extracted from his stomach and placed on one of his vocal cords, and then (when the fat dissolved within two months) he was offered the artificial device to be placed on the same vocal cord.

Chris was an aspiring musician and singer who just got a record deal - (That was his life-long dream). During his recording (from his own words), “My voice just ‘popped’ ”. The young and very talented singer had his career in jeopardy. Therefore, he was ready to undergo any medical procedure to restore his voice and continue his music journey. Both his speaking and singing voice were quite compromised. The device which was instilled on his vocal cord had gotten it completely paralyzed… How sad is that? Within only 10 hours, when he came to us, I was able to practically fully restore his speaking voice.

However, his singing voice would require multiple hours; and even then, I would not be able to guarantee that Chris’s singing voice would be fully restored… Very unfortunate indeed! I am pretty sure though that if he came to me before undergoing those useless medical procedures, he would have more chances to have his singing voice restored as well. Needless to say, his vocal condition back then was, unfortunately, at the point of no return.

So, given the above, our recommendation to you, my reader, would be to try everything possible non-surgically before you give in to any medical/surgical interventions.

Vocal Science™: Restoration and enhancement of speaking and singing voice, employing our very own unique method and technique since 1984.
Success is in details!
Learn more about us:

| www.vocalscience.com | info@vocalscience.com | 416-857-8741 |

Friday, June 21, 2019

Muscle tension Dysphonia… How can this Disorder Negatively Effect the Singing Voice?

Recently, we received a very talented (musically and otherwise) student who has been offered a major record deal in the United States.

Three years ago, this singer/songwriter/producer felt that he could no longer reach the high notes, which he could easily reach before.

He experienced vocal fatigue and thus could sustain any sound only for a short period of time. He acquired fear and emotional distress, knowing that his singing voice is not working in full capacity as before. He decided to withhold embarking onto the record deal; And rightfully so, as he felt that he could've lost his voice altogether if he continued singing (and speaking for that matter) in the same fashion.

Within our introductory/exploratory session, we explained to him that if he does not change the application of his speaking and singing voice, he may actually lose his voice to the point of no return.

What could be a bigger fear and frustration for a talented up-and-coming singer then to lose their “instrument” (the voice)? No doubt, it can be completely devastating for anybody, let alone for a person who could lose his singing career for good… Needless to say, our soon-to-be student will be attending our non-surgical voice (speaking and singing) repair course, nonetheless, coupled with natural herbal treatment.

So stay tuned and we will be glad to introduce you to his post-course letter which we have no doubt that it will reflect nothing but complete success!
“When you’re a singer and it’s your voice, it is just a terrible, terrible feeling,” she told the outlet. “It was a great, great loss, so I had to come to terms with losing the voice that I had and rediscovering my new one.” - Shania Twain.

To add, I would have to say that Shania's "new" voice is nowhere near sounds as good as before her ordeals... Frankly, it sounds like she still has Muscle Tension Dysphonia disorder, coupled with elements of Sulcus Vocalis (where the vocal cords are not always working in sync with each other - and thus, a gap between them becomes apparent).

Shania Twain, unfortunately, still sounds somewhat raspy and hoarse. Her voice, at times, disappears due to the gap between the vocal cords, and therefore it gets trapped in her neck and her lower throat. Yes, the surgeons (I'm sure, the best ones) were trying to fix her "instrument", but they did not address the "player".

In other words, the mechanical application of the proper use of the voice has not been addressed - which means that it is only a matter of time when the voice will seize again and, at that time, the damage of the vocal anatomy will, most likely, become irreversible and inoperable. God forbid that it will become the case. I personally would not wish it on any enemy...

The moral of the above is:

If, for example, the "car mechanics" are broken, don't put it to "rest" in the garage... It will not fix itself. Also, washing, polishing and waxing that car, will not make it drivable. Fix the mechanics first, then wash, polish and wax next. Also, if the driver does not care enough about his/her car (like not changing the oil on time, not ever doing a tune-up, not rotating the tires, etc.), this car will not last too long.

However, if all of the above is taking care of, but the driver is not actually aware that the gas pedal is on the right, as well as not knowing how to follow the GPS, and lastly, not driving on the correct side of the road, the accident would likely to happen...

Likewise, there are many components which could cause vocal injury. We will identify all of them in our next blog.

Please stay tuned.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Could Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) Transform into Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD)?

Yes, it could!

We, my reader, would like to introduce you to at least two stories which we had come across.

In the year 2014, I got an e-mail from a person who said that she had been diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia.

In that e-mail, she said that her speaking voice was quite compromised and that she was seeking help in that regard. As usual, I responded and asked her to give me a call so that I could hear her voice - and would know what I would potentially be dealing with in order to help her to the best of my knowledge. She had never called; thus it was left up in the air…

In the year 2015, I got yet another e-mail from her, reminding me that we had already communicated (via e-mail) a year ago. In this e-mail, she was revealing that now, her Muscle Tension Dysphonia had turned into Spasmodic Dysphonia. She also warned me that her speaking voice got exponentially worse. I have an extremely good memory and I could recall right away who she was.

So right from my phone, I responded and told her that I was on the way home from work and that I would be home in an hour. I also wrote to her that, at this time, she would definitely have to call me - or, otherwise, I will not waste my time responding to yet another e-mail from her. Surely enough, I got a call from her and, I swear to God, I could not understand one word she was saying… After trying to bring this conversation to some reasonable state, I had given up and told her outright that, at this point, I would not be able to help her with anything. It was too far gone. It did turn into (by my definition) a stage-four SD (the last stage of this disorder, which is completely untreatable, let alone curable).

I felt for her because she was a fairly young woman in her mid-40s. At this stage, she was as good as a quadriplegic person in a wheelchair. It makes me wonder… if she actually called me a year before, when it was still Muscle Tension Dysphonia, I most likely would be able to attend to her and even, quite likely, bring her to a full recovery.

She did not…, so go figure!!

The recent similar story came to my attention just last week.

The person, who happened to be a teacher, had been suffering first from Muscle Tension Dysphonia as well. And now, three years later, according to her, her voice became much worse. Though to her credit, the next morning after I responded to her e-mail, she actually placed a call to me. Needless to say that she has now been diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

With Muscle Tension Dysphonia, the voice gets hoarse and raspy, as the voice gets stuck in the neck muscles - which is also not easy to recover. My colloquial explanation to that would be as such:

- If the person “drowns in a bathtub”, it is much easier to recover that person and bring them back to life. But if the person had “drowned in the ocean and hit the bottom of it”, that makes it a completely different issue. It’s definitely much harder to recover that person and even harder to bring that person back to life…

If you remember, my reader, I categorized Spasmodic Dysphonia into four stages. So if that person “drowns in the ocean”, but did not “hit the absolute bottom of the ocean” ( compared to stage one or two of SD ) then it is definitely treatable ( from where I sit ) and, quite often, even curable.

SD often has a neurological nature, but not always. In both cases, the voice “drowns” in the lowest throat position and begins to spasm uncontrollably… Often, it is emotionally induced, whereas often the thyroid (in the manner of speaking) tightens and then practically incloses on the person - and needless to say, the person’s voice becomes significantly compromised.

Nevertheless, the thyroid (in holistic teaching) represents suppressed emotions.

Given all of the above, my approach to the aforementioned matters is completely holistic; and not only to the mechanics of the voice but to the person as a whole.

I always say that your voice is a reflection of the state of your being, and (most of the times) an identification of who you actually are - like your fingerprints or your DNA). So if the problem is just mechanical in both instances (MTD and SD), then it is definitely treatable and, most likely, curable. If there are more physical issues, coupled with the emotional state of being, then the matters become more complicated.

So my wishes to those people who had been affected by any-of-the-above voice disorders are to try to research and find the best course of action for the most effective treatment… and nonetheless, once found, act upon it immediately!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

A successful and entertaining story of our former voice repair client, Todd (ORLANDO) Perusini

In January 2008, I picked up a phone call from a person who named himself "Orlando".
Right away, I was curious to know if that was his real name or, perhaps, a stage name...? Nevertheless, this person assured me that it was his real name and also added that his mother was, in fact, very creative - and thus, gave him such name.

Orlando spoke with me with a quite raspy and hoarse voice and he told me that he just visited an ENT (he called me from Mexico, where he usually spends his winter time) and revealed that, while there, he had been told that he had a one-millimetre nodule on one of his vocal cords. With that diagnosis, he was suggested immediate vocal surgery.

On this note, Orlando placed a call to me - during which he was quite inquisitive (reminded me of a KGB interrogation). But surprisingly enough, with all the desperation, he seemed to be not in a hurry to make a commitment to come to Toronto to attend my course and treatment.

He, however, placed another call in a short while and still was even more inquisitive... After spending with him a good 40 minutes on the phone (for the second time), I said: "I can only spend so much time per individual, and therefore, I will not be prepared to spend 40 more minutes with you on the phone for the third time...?"

Then he, right away, said: "I will come for just 10 hours to see how it goes."

I said: "Fine. Come and see and I guarantee you that you will be begging me for more."

So Orlando had arrived on February 3rd (my birthday) of 2008. My friend took me out of town for that day to celebrate my birthday. Somewhere between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, I got a voice message from a person who named himself Todd and who was advising me that he arrived in Toronto for his voice repair course and treatment. It puzzled me for a bit, as I was expecting a person named Orlando... I finally called him to his hotel room and, sure enough, it was his voice - raspy and hoarse.

I asked him though if he was the same person as Orlando...?

He said: "Of course it is. It is my stage name".

If you remember, my reader, he said that his mother was very creative and thus named him Orlando. Only then, speaking with him over the phone, I found out that he was also an aspiring singer... Go figure!

Meanwhile, on my Birthday, there was a snowstorm at night - and thus all the highways were closed. So there was no way for my friend and I to come back to Toronto that night. Early morning, we were able to leave the place and headed to Toronto. On February 4th, 2008, our first session with Orlando was scheduled.

Meanwhile, Orlando was staying in some unknown downtown Toronto hotel and was insisting on taking the TTC "come hell or high snow"...LOL. So our journey had begun! He was scheduled to be with me for two-and-a-half days to accomplish his 10-hour introductory course and natural herbal treatment.

On day number 2, after 6 hours of instruction and treatment, during our break, I told him about the Doctor of ENT who, sometimes, used to attend to some of my clients - if they wished to do so. Orlando (Todd) became really interested in getting a, so to speak, the second opinion from a real ENT specialist. Dr. Swartsburg (who is, unfortunately, now deceased) examined my "doomed" client and said: "Your nodule is very small. It is less than half a millimetre. So no surgery will be needed". If you remember, my reader, a couple of days before Orlando arrived to us, he was diagnosed with one millimetre (quite big) nodule on his vocal cord, and thus was suggested an immediate operation.

With that said, the doctor, Orlando and myself, came to the conclusion that within 6 hours of my instruction, coupled with some herbal treatment, his nodule began to shrink.

Given all that, Orlando exclaimed: "Diana, can I stay for the next 10 hours please?"

I said yes and had to give him those next 10 hours (20 hours in total) within 3 days, as I had to disrupt my whole schedule in order to accommodate it. I said: "Orlando, I told you so. You will be asking me for more!" I was mainly working on his speaking voice - to lift his voice off of the vocal box and off of the vocal cords in order to remove the harmful pressure of the sound from his vocal anatomy. The singing, I had touched very little due to the lack of time. That is why the protocol, especially for singers, is a minimum of 30 hours for instruction and natural herbal treatment.

In May of 2008, I was travelling to Europe and to the Middle East and stopped in Amsterdam. At 3 am of their local time, I got a phone call and it was from Orlando. Nonetheless, I was woken up by his phone call, but mostly by his quite loud, clear and well announced and pronounced voice. He said that he was practicing in syllables (everywhere and anywhere) and he could not be happier with the result. On this note, I started to laugh because he started doing the above already in Toronto - driving all of my associates (who he had been put in contact with) completely crazy... LOL. But it served him right and, as far as all parties were concerned, the mission was accomplished! Orlando was determined to get cured and he had gotten his wish!

Now, in November 2017, on the way to the Nissan dealership, (to trade my hit-by-deer-Volkswagon), I got a call. That was Orlando - (almost 10 years later, after our last conversation). He expressed huge gratitude and told me that he came up with a CD and he also said that his speaking voice, as well as his singing voice, was also up to par. He said that I saved his life, his career as a real-estate agent, his relationship and his huge passion for music and singing. He also said that he was presently singing in two bands and thinking of coming out with another CD.

All the rest, my dear reader, you can see below for yourself.

Orlando sent us a hand-written letter (he is definitely an old-fashioned purist) and included a CD for our listening pleasure. But he also asked for my constructive criticism for not just his voice, but also his original songs.

One more success story of a mature-aged man who is definitely young at heart and whose spirit will never die!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Case Study: Professional Artist "R.R" (Alias Name) - A Voice Recovery Story In Progress...

Your voice IS a reflection of the state of your being.

Case Study:
Professional Artist – R.R

(The real name of the artist cannot be disclosed due to the confidentiality code)


A few days ago, we got approached by an artist in his mid 20’s, asking us to help him to get rid of his nasal sound in his voice. He was to prepare for his tour in Europe and wanted to sound and to look his best.

When we first met him (just a few days ago) for what we call an “Introductory/Exploratory Session”, he was late 45 minutes to start with, walked in looking and acting half asleep, and stood in front of us with a completely out-of-balance posture and body.

It took quite a bit of effort, especially from my side, to bring him to the point from where I could actually work with him and make a difference. He, indeed, sounded quite nasal – speaking and singing. We, however, liked his songs, written in the Hip-Hop style. In fact, a very prominent Hip-Hop artist (name cannot be disclosed) actually assumed his song and made it very popular.

Our (now voice repair) client revealed to us that his voice was actually OK before - until he inhaled a toxic substance through one of his nostrils. He also revealed to us that he likes to (recreationally) smoke pot… Ever since he embraced the latter, his voice changed exponentially - and, nonetheless, became quite nasal - which, in turn, started to even affect his pitch.  He told us that ever since that occurrence, people began to ask him if he was sick.

No, he was not…, but nevertheless, his whole body was out-of-whack, and thus his voice (residing in the unhealthy body) was a reflection of his, evidentially, not very healthy physical body state.

Then I asked him about his everyday diet:

Dairy (galore of cheese) was included in every meal of the day.
It had been proven that dairy products ( like milk, Yogurt, ice cream, peanut butter, Nutella, etc. ) make your body produce high volumes of mucus.

Now let’s visualize a Ballet dancer trying to make jumps off of a thick carpet instead of a wooden floor. Doing so, neither the dancer nor athlete, for that matter, would be able to achieve the needed height and, quite possibly, would even end up injured. So if the singer’s throat is covered with a ton of mucus, he/she will not be able to realize his/her full range, especially for the high parts of the song.

The Vocal Science™ technique requires rechanneling of the physical sound to the sinus cavities (vocal chambers) - and therefore, if one or both of the sinus cavities are blocked, the sound will not be able to enter into the facial muscle(s)… Those facial muscles (harbouring the physical sound) play the role of the natural, colloquially speaking,  “amplifier” (or resonator). Obviously, no resonation could take place if the sound is unable to find its “home” within the sinus cavities.

In this instance, two main things must take place:

  • The sound of the voice has to be supported by the body’s abdominal muscles in order to achieve the lift of the voice from the vocal anatomy to the facial muscles.
  • Once the lift is achieved and the sound of the voice landed in those aforementioned cavities, the vocal box becomes free from the harmful pressure of the sound…
At that time, the natural herbal (and some homeopathic) remedies should be administered in order to heal the highly-disturbed flora in one’s throat and vocal box in general.

That’s where the healing begins  - while, concurrently, the voice becomes healthier-sounding and also supported, structured, placed and projected.

That means that the “wholesome mechanism” took place – and thus, began to allow the artist’s voice to work in its fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on his/her vocal anatomy.


As for our client: To date, we were able to complete the first 8 hours of instruction and treatment. And, on that premise, we believe that he left for his tour a little healthier and (even most importantly, in this instance) much more aware of how the human anatomy works and that the voice is a big part of that anatomy, which, from now on, he will have to nurture and, in general, take a good care of himself, his body and, nonetheless, his voice.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this story upon our client’s return back to us to acquire his best voice under our care.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Throat Cancer Case Study; Medical Treatments Left The Patient With Hardly Any Voice!

This case is about Michael F from the United Kingdom:
He suffered from paralyzed vocal cords due to throat cancer.

Michael was diagnosed with throat cancer and, due to that, he had undergone numerous sessions of chemotherapy and well as radiation treatments. In the end, he ended up with one vocal cord fully paralyzed and the other one completely damaged (fully non-functional). His speaking voice was totally unclear and had a very high soprano tone.

Obviously, the condition of his vocal cords was beyond repair; however, by employing the Vocal Science™ technique, his voice got rechannelled to a different set of muscles (facial cavities) which allowed him to speak much louder and much clearer.

His voice also acquired some bass on the bottom, which was supporting the actual lift off of his vocal box and off of his vocal cords. Clearly, there was a huge improvement, as Michael was taught to employ his facial muscles (natural amplifier/resonator) in conjunction and coordination with his abdominal muscles.
A couple of months later, he emailed us and told us that he went for a checkup to his ENT doctor as well as his speech therapist; and that, on a video screen, he had seen that his paralyzed vocal cord was actually moving...!

You may wonder, my reader, if Michael came to his full recovery...?

Positively not, but he was much better understood, his voice did not sound like a high soprano anymore, and thus, his confidence soared to the sky and "to the Moon".

The wholesome mechanism, which was instilled in him, began to work in its fullest capacity possible, also allowing his breathing to be more intact, along with the support of the abdominal muscles. Michael's voice was now structured and fully placed in his facial cavities, and thus he was able to project his voice to its aimed destination, while concurrently giving his vocal anatomy the needed rest while also removing the harmful pressure from his vocal box in general.

So, as you can already presume, not every voice repair case can be fully cured. But be assured that I would employ my absolute best efforts, extensive experience and expertise to bring one's damaged voice to its absolute maximum functional capacity.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Vocal Cord Damage Acquired during Open Heart Surgery…?

Case Study:

This story is about Vera D of Barrie Ontario, whose vocal cords got damaged during her open heart surgery… Vera came to us in the year 2015 when she hardly could speak, and mostly was whispering.

She told us her story whereas before coming for our non-surgical voice repair services, she had undergone open heart surgery, after the completion of which, she fell in a life-and-death coma. It took over 45 minutes to revive her. Thank God, luckily for her, she survived the ordeal.

But when she woke up, she discovered that she had no voice to speak. It clearly was damaged due to intubation and, perhaps, some other internal surgical procedures related to the main cause. She was told that she would never regain her normal speaking voice ever again. She underwent some very painful and useless tests that revealed that her vocal cord damage was permanent. On this note, she was offered not one, but two vocal operations with absolutely no guarantee that her voice will ever return back to normal. Also, Vera (before and after the operation) had some family problems which, nevertheless, threw her emotions out of balance. The above also did not help her with maintaining and then regaining her voice, as her thyroid was also compromised…

In fact, in holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions. It also holds all hurtful memories and frustrations… So all and all, Vera’s situation was not the greatest. It took officially 30 (+ some more) hours for consoling her heart and nurturing her soul, along with restoration of her speaking voice.

Needless to say, Vera's successful voice recovery could be accounted for, minimum to say, 95%.
Please read the testimonial below:

"I came from having habits of straining my vocal cords and being very breathy and very frustrated to the point that I couldn't even talk. Nothing came out.
And now you've taught me to take the strain away from my throat; to talk more on the cheek level, so that it's not strained as much. And you taught me to raise my voice in that way and I think I have made a lot of progress.
It was really hard work. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and I see the progress, Diana. Thank you so much!" - Vera

Nonetheless, with the majority of voice repair clients, there are some relapses and setback moments are usually present throughout the process of voice restoration. So it is definitely not an easy process and requires some patience (from both sides), dedication and a solid commitment to the treatment and to the recovery of one’s voice. By our extensive experience, we know that the majority of voice repair clients possess a lot of fear and insecurity…

The above is quite understandable, as many of those people had tried nearly everything; but, unfortunately, to no avail. So the Vocal Science™ method and its very unique voice/vocal technique is usually the last destination for our clients.

We, in fact, in the near future, are expecting a client with a Spasmodic Dysphonia diagnosis. She will be coming to us from New Zealand. When she first contacted us, she wrote: “I have already tried everything the world had to offer. So you are now my last hope…”

We certainly hope so and will employ our absolute best efforts (as per usual) to return all of our voice repair clients back to their normal lives and better…!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Voice Repair Article! - Bleeding Polyp: Non-Surgical VS Surgical!

We would like to share with you some excerpts from an email which recently reached our office. However, due to privacy concerns, we omitted some personal details. We regret, however, that this person did not reach out to us first and tried to rectify her vocal problem non-surgically.

For those who suffer from the same voice disorder, we would like you to think twice before you choose vocal surgery over a non-surgical approach and treatment. There are a lot of consequences which could be experienced with surgical interference.

We had numerous clients with various voice disorders who came to us after the surgery was performed - and some of them hardly could speak, let alone sing…

Please see the aforementioned email below:

"Hi. In 2013, I had an operation on my vocal cords ( bleeding polyp ) and I feel that it made my voice a lot worse. If I do a performance I am hoarse for two weeks or more.
I have lost the melody in my voice and my "throat" hurts constantly. I've been back to the Drs several times and they keep saying my vocal cords look fine, so I've given up. If I'm out with my friends I feel anti-social as I can't talk because my voice gets hoarse very quickly and it hurts. It also feels extremely tired and like a weight is on it. Then I feel like I do not have enough breath/oxygen to finish a sentence. 
When they did the operation the Drs said they've tested it and it was nothing to worry about. I am, however, devastated that I can't sing anymore or like I used to. 
I live in the U.K. I miss singing and I get very embarrassed when people remember me for my beautiful voice, but you can see the disappointed look on their faces when I sing now. I have to shout through an entire song which I know is not helping. 
Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you,
E. M." 

To support our point, please see below the story of our recent non-surgical voice repair client, Sue D.

To give it an introduction, we have to mention the Sue had a bleeding polyp and was suggested an immediate operation. However, in Canmore, Alberta, the wait for an “immediate” vocal surgery was nearly 11 months. Meanwhile, Sue’s livelihood was in jeopardy, as she was directing a big chorus, running music workshops, and teaching guitar and singing to her private students. She came to us with a very raspy and hoarse voice. As she reveals in her email to us, her voice is completely clear (speaking and singing) and she fully resumed all of her music activities.

To view Sue’s story/testimonial, you can click HERE:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This Time, Medical Doctors And Speech Therapists Had Failed The Patient With The Muscle tension Dysphonia Diagnosis!

The story is about “old” Maggie Y - now the “new” Ariel Y. Maggie Y came to us about a year ago to fix her breaking and crackling voice due to muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) voice disorder. Maggie told us her story and explained the reason why she thinks it happened to her.

With her permission, we would share her story with you:

Maggie Y

She originally came from China and, nonetheless, had experienced all the consequences of immigration. Her parents were extremely stressed going through the process of immigration to Canada. Given all that, their marriage was quite-a-bit on the rocks.

When Maggie turned 16 (she is now 24 years old ) the family situation became worse while Maggie, at the time, was attending high school. The parents were fighting everyday and Maggie, in order to stop their screaming at each other, was screaming and yelling herself day-in and day-out, obviously feeling upset and frustrated.

Due to all of that happening, she began feeling tightness in her throat and in her neck. She felt a lump in her throat and her voice was failing her while she was trying to speak. Maggie finally went to the ENT specialist(s) who diagnosed her with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD). She was referred to speech therapists as well as speech pathologists, but to no avail. Obviously, at that time, nobody could help her; and nevertheless, her confidence was failing her as well.

Eight years later, after a lot of searching for help on the net, she approached our establishment and began to work with me. It was not an easy road for either of us, but we conquered the problem - and today, Maggie speaks completely normal. Her confidence soared exponentially and in more ways than one… Overall this time, I became not only her mentor but her friend and consultant on many other issues she has been going through for all these years till now.

A couple of months ago, she told me that since her life changed immensely, she wants to adopt a new name. Now in her new, more elaborate Government job she recently acquired, instead of using her old name “Maggie”, she introduced herself as Ariel. She is feeling that her life (due to the change in her voice and thus in her spirit) took a turn for the better. Therefore, she decided to get away from her old life which was associated with her “old” name Maggie. She is a “new” Ariel now and we are very proud of her…

She was yesterday participating in my birthday party coupled with the 35th anniversary of my school, which was founded on February the 15th, 1984. Ariel was truly blossoming looks-wise, voice-wise and in every other aspect… Please read below what she has addressed to me in her greeting card:

Arieele Y (formally Maggie Y)
"It is an honour to be able to celebrate your birthday and the anniversary of Vocal Science with you!
I cannot wait to continue sharing many more experiences with you. You are an absolute blessing, miracle and divine gift to this world. So thank you for all that you do!"

Love, Arielle
- Feb 3rd, 2019

Also,  to my knowledge, she is now back on the dating scene. In our correspondence today, I said to her that I am visualizing her wedding shower party and that I believe that the man of her dreams (her prince) is yet to come and is already around the corner.

Way to go “new” Ariel! Expect the miracles coming your way!