The Case Study of J. M. Schilling of "Dallas, Texas USA" - Thyroid Cancer Survivor and, as a consequence, Sufferer of Vocal Cord Paralysis.

Once again, reader’s discretion is advised. Also, due to the personal and intimate nature of the story, some names have been withheld.

     At the beginning of the year 2016, we got an email and then (when we asked her) a call from a woman who was residing near Dallas, Texas and who had undergone a few surgeries on her thyroid (due to cancer diagnosis). And as a consequence, Ms. Schilling ended up not only with a paralyzed vocal cord but also with a hole in her throat due to a very "brutal" tracheotomy. Due to that, Ms. Schilling had a very hard time swallowing foods; and a lot of the times, she could not keep her food down and, apparently, had been expelling it quite often. Due to all of that, needless to say, J.M. was quite underweight and, obviously, did not possess a lot of energy. To boost the latter, we suggested to Ms. Schilling to order the specific natural herbal remedies with specific instructions just for her. Since she had difficulties swallowing, all of her herbs were ordered for her specifically in liquid form...

A few days later, J.M. wrote to us an email expressing her gratitude, as she already felt better and her food expelling was almost non-existent. She said that my knowledge and expertise had gained her explicit trust; thus she was ready to pay me my fee to fly me over to Dallas. I spent with Ms. Schilling 30 hours of my very unique instruction and, while at it, continued with her herbal (and some homeopathic) treatment. Nonetheless, her speech improved exponentially, as I was able to go around the actual paralyzed vocal cord by lifting the sound of her voice as high as it was possible to access the absolute top of the cheekbone muscles (sinus cavities).

Those cavities play the role of the natural resonator or amplifier; thus assuring the greater volume of the sound. The above also assures much clearer enunciation and pronunciation of the syllables of the words and the words themselves. So Ms. Schilling was taught how to power her voice from completely different channels while concurrently using her lower abdominal muscles to assure the needed height of the sound - and upper diaphragm muscles to assure the body of the sound. As far as I am concerned, this developed-by-me technique is an absolute revolution in the field of non-surgical voice repair! Needless to say that the natural herbal remedies were also very instrumental in the healing of the disturbed throat flora.

Ms. Schilling, naturally being so excited about all of the above, was also very hopeful that her inner and outer hole in her throat (the result of the tracheotomy) will "magically" close due to all the instructions and treatments administered by me. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint her, as we were talking about two completely different matters. To give you an example, If the car (God forbid) had been in an accident, it most likely would have to go to two different shops... One would be to see a mechanic who would take care of everything under the hood - and the other would be a body shop which would take care of the body of the vehicle. The role I played in J.M.'s recovery mainly was mechanical (restoration and implementation of new voice mechanics). I also did some "bodywork"- so to speak - attending to J.M.'s vocal anatomy and some other related (and unrelated) health issues overall.

But the consequence of her tracheotomy was purely a medical issue... That would have to be taken care of by surgeons to fix such an ordeal they put J.M. through! So overall and as usual, our mutual endeavour, nevertheless, ended up being as successful as it could be!


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