Vocal Science™ - Strategic Response! Do you have a voice/vocal problem…? We have a strategic approach to rectify it.

We would identify the cause of your voice issues and then we will find the solution for the appropriate alternative/holistic treatment which, in the majority of cases, will lead to a desirable cure!!

In February of 1984, The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts was founded. Just over 7 years onward, it turned into The Royans Professional Vocal School, as we started to specialize in voice and vocals only.

At that time, a lot of singers (and speakers, for that matter) successfully completed their programs with us and went on their merry way to their singing performances, public speaking careers, as well as to working in the media channels like radio and television.

Then, evidently, life became much more stressful due to (at that time) an enormous demand on human skills. Like figure skaters and gymnasts, the singers and speakers started experiencing a lot of trauma caused by various injuries in their field. By the end of the 80’s, my own stress took over my life and I too was experiencing some problems with my singing voice.

After looking for the cause and for solutions on how to rectify my vocal issues, I finally came across the natural herbal remedies as well as some homeopathic remedies to enhance the healing of my vocal anatomy and, more so, my thyroid gland - which I’ve learned that, according to holistic teachings, is actually responsible for suppressed emotions which affect the human voice (speaking and singing) a great deal…

In my case, once I realized that my marriage and a load of my business was causing me a lot of stress and a lot of unrealized feelings and emotions, I've learned how to approach and thus rectify my physical and emotional problems. And then, respectively, I’ve learned how to implement my very unique vocal technique into the equation. Once I was on the other side of things, I began my now-enhanced practice of a holistic approach to voice mechanics and to the person as a whole.

That was a stage one to be able to treat, and then get cured of all of my vocal issues, as well as, concurrently, from all of my personal life problems. Stage two began when I realized that I could help a great deal to people who are experiencing voice/vocal problems and also problems in life in general.

Before I begin any of the voice repairs, I do a full assessment and evaluation of the voice/vocal problems and mainly their cause(s). Some voice/vocal problems are being induced by a wrong application of their voice, i.e., inadequate voice/vocal technique. The latter is not a very complicated cure. But a lot of times, the causes of the vocal issues are deeply stowed beneath the present symptoms. That’s where the real strategy - with respect to how to approach the voice matter(s) - takes place.

If the person is open to undergo an honest/deep assessment for the sheer fact that they really want to rectify all of the above-mentioned causes, it should not be that difficult to put the person of interest on the right track to achieve a complete balance. Needless to say, their healing will begin almost instantaneously. On the other hand, if the person is not-too-open to reveal their external (and, mainly, internal) problems, it makes the healing a little more complicated.

The technical side of things is usually not a big problem, but the disturbed emotional make-up could be a real stopper to the healing progress. At this point, the very gentle and subtle approach will have to be strategized… Both the former and the latter play a very important role in one’s recovery. The integration and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components should be present at any given times, or otherwise, the balance between the brain, motor skills and the voice as an outcome, cannot be achieved.

Physical fitness is also a very important variable in the above equation. Diet and environmental factors are also very important. Each case, nevertheless, is very different and very unique in its own kind. Therefore, the approach to all of the problems - not just voice/vocal - has to be completely individualized and, for that matter, properly “tutored”. No doubt, the process described above is quite complicated, but definitely achievable, given that the approach to each and every problem(s) - vocal or otherwise - is completely strategized and catered to each individual on a very subtle and, nonetheless, cellular level.

To conclude:

The above is definitely not for the faint of heart - revealed a 1999 Toronto Star newspaper article. However, from our side, we can promise that when this complex process is complete, you will become a much happier, much healthier and much more vocally sound and energized' person. So if you are open to embarking onto this life-altering experience described above, we will welcome you under our roof and under our exceptional, highly-individualized care!


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