Vocal Science™ Separated, divorced, feeling lonely...? This Is A Riddle.


Vocal Science™

Separated, divorced, feeling lonely...?
This Is A Riddle.

Feel like it is hard to speak and to even swallow?
Feels like you have a lump in your throat?

We can help, and not only with your voice being strangled but also with the stuffed-up emotions you have been experiencing due to the above!
We promise that we will take care of you, holistically speaking…

Rest assured, help is on the way and we are more than happy to guarantee you that!

For quite a few years now, I have been working with a lot of middle-aged women primarily age 45 to 65; the majority of whom were separated or outright divorced from their spouses… The most affected (vocally and otherwise) were those women who did not expect it at all…

Their spouses made it financially (not without their wives’ help). And due to that, they had acquired the power of wealth and some “mostly-fake” status. 

On that premise, shortly after, they left their wives and children to stat a newly-found life with a new, younger female partner… Meanwhile, the original partner got very-much hurt and ended up with highly stuffed-up emotions which literally affected their health on every conceivable level and, evidently, closed their neck and throat - making it difficult to speak, swallow and, sometimes, even to breathe…

Obviously and unfortunately, those doomed women were looking for help - attending speech therapy and, prior to that, pleading with ENT doctors they were prior referred to by their physicians. A lot of them were concurrently seeing psychologists and even psychiatrists, but none of them were able to find what they were looking for… None of those so-called “specialists” were able to help those individuals.

At best, they were listening and witnessing a lot of tears from those badly hurt women..., but they never offered them practical advice, let alone - so to speak - holistically trying to solve their emotional and nonetheless vocal problem(s) which, without a doubt, being derived (circumstantially speaking) by that very hardcore induced emotions.

So the moral of the above is…
Unless all the history of one’s lifetime is addressed leading to those horrible voice disorders, no result, let alone “cure” can be expected.

To achieve the above, the voice specialist has to know the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the human being - and then also to be capable to apply the above to each individual based on their personal story.. and, of course, based on their voice disorder.

Our prominent Toronto newspaper “The Toronto Star“ once had written an article about myself and the developed-by-me “Vocal Science”™ method and titled it “Not as easy as it sounds!”



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