The Key to a Healthy and Vibrant Voice should always be Under Your Watch!

We, though, are here to navigate you to the right destination, so you, under our guidance, would be able to achieve your goal of obtaining the voice of your dreams.

You came to us with an obvious voice disorder.
Now what?

Don't know what to do?
Do not know how to get rid of your voice problem?


We do it day in and day out; helping people to discover, regain and restore their speaking or singing voice via mutual hard - but - smart work towards all voice and other matters.

Especially in these trying times, we, nevertheless, provide unprecedented care for our past, present and future clients; and in return, we require their full understanding, commitment, loyalty and compliance!

Without the above-mentioned, voice enhancement can not be achieved to its best capability.

At the present time, we are only able to provide personal instruction, coupled with natural herbal treatment for our local clients, as international travel is still compromised.

Our potential international clients can only obtain our Super Advanced Natural Herbal Voice Repair Kits, but not our invaluable personal one-on-one instruction.

Of course, the herbal treatment is only a part of the equation of our unique instruction combined with natural treatment - whereas the former would otherwise lead to a full voice recovery.

However, sometimes, even beyond our expectations, the natural herbal treatment does wonders! Our potential clients (even those with Spasmodic Dysphonia) who have been very disciplined, are showing unprecedented results with respect to their voice recovery!

One of those people (from Tasmania, Australia) called me a couple-or-so months ago. For me, her speech was impossible to comprehend. I had to pass the phone to my assistant - who, at first, also had some difficulty understanding her. She happened to be a very dedicated and goal-oriented 50 years old woman. She, evidently, made the recovery of her voice the priority of her life.

The focus and discipline she possesses - the words can not express…!!! Her first letters to me were describing her regiment literally by the minutes of her doings with respect to consuming these “magical” remedies.

Yesterday, she paid for the Super Advanced Herbal Kit  #4! I (for the first time, ever since we got to know each other) was able to take the particulars of her two credit cards - which I was never able to do before, simply because of her very compromised speaking voice. Due to that fact, I was not able to make out any of the card numbers which she was desperately trying to recite to me.

Before the above-mentioned conversation (also being 14 hours ahead of us), she would have to stay up late to wait until my assistant would come to the office to process her credit cards.

You can read Sheree O’s story by clicking HERE.

We hope that her letters to us will thoroughly inspire you.


Now, about those Herbal Remedies:

You, my reader, may think that they are just vitamins or “magic pills”...?

Please read below and get inspired!

Natural Herbal Remedies! They are Not Magic Pills!

There is very smart thinking and extensive knowledge applied behind those very powerful (containing great medicinal qualities) substances!

They are designed to heal your vocal anatomy and other related health problems in a very short period of time!

We guarantee everything we do and deliver our promise without failure! We will stand by you at all times during and after our services rendered - which will be delivered to you, no doubt, with absolute excellence!

What can the above-described remedies do for your voice and overall health?

  • Oxygenate and disinfect your vocal anatomy

  • Get rid of excess mucous and excess of gastric acid from your vocal anatomy and your body overall

  • Boost your immune system and get more comfort (vocally speaking) and, nevertheless, significantly improve your health overall

  • Also, we would like to point out that  at least one of those herbal remedies strongly serves as a natural antibiotic

These remedies will help you a great deal to eliminate nasty symptoms associated with your voice disorder:

If interested in receiving one of our herbal voice repair kits, contact us via phone or by email:
416-857-8741 |


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