Sulcus Vocalis (Vocal Cords Gap). How Could It Be Delt With Employing Unconventional Techniques?

Thank God that not too often, but still, we are getting inquiries from regular speakers and some singers who were diagnosed with a voice disorder called Sulcus Vocalis.

These type of people usually possess a raspy and hoarse voice and can also sound like they stutter a little, as due to the enlarged gap between their vocal cords, their voice falls in between. The timing of vocal cords opening and closing does not correspond with the voice occurrence; and therefore, the above described symptoms do prevail. By that point, the “alignment” between the subconscious mind, conscious mind, physical body and the voice is challenged.

So the total aim (using specially developed speech exercises for that matter, coupled with the unique body movements) is to put the “alignment” between the above aforementioned components back to order; and thus, achieve total balance on a mental, physical, physiological, emotional and vocal level. Once the integration and synergy between the described components are achieved, the vocal cords will be commanded to come back to the proper width between them.

This revolutionary technique is also applicable to singers who, in any case, having any kind of vocal disorder, would have to start with bringing their speaking voice in proper order.

As a positive side-effect and due to all of those manipulations, the sufferer’s voice will be lifted to the much higher level of existence; and thus, the opening of the lower throat will become available for natural herbal and homeopathic treatment, which will also play a very instrumental role in the voice recovery and restoration. With this type of voice/vocal disorder, no doubt, the flora of the lower throat would be quite disturbed.

First of all, the bottom anatomy is hurt and wounded, because the person who acquired such a voice disorder as Sulcus Vocalis, no doubts (in the first place) was misusing and abusing his/her speaking and or singing voice by speaking or singing loudly and forcefully. Of course, there are some other factors that could prevail and induce the above described condition. Unfortunately for such patients, neither the ENT Specialists nor Speech Therapists could offer any solution to that kind of a voice problem.

We, however, are not only involved in solving vocal problems full-time, we are also employing full-time care, experience, knowledge and passion.
We proudly provide our clients with valuable voice and health solutions!!


  1. In December of 1982, I was a voice major in college and was suffering with constant hoarseness. My ENT advised that this was excess mucus and would be a simple matter to remove from the vocal cords, leaving my vocal quality much improved. He performed seven of these surgeries the same morning as mine, one being a 6-year-old child. The result was that he cut a notch out of one of my vocal cords, then insisted I wasn't trying hard enough was the reason for not regaining my voice, and even added that a therapist would just be throwing money away. So I continued to strain my voice. The next month, he continued with the surgery on the second cord, after which I had no voice, at all -- for a year and a half. With the help of Dr. Van Lawrence, specialist for the Houston Grand Opera, and two therapists, I finally regained some semblance of a voice. (Dr. Lawrence later confided that he had feared I would never speak again, much less sing. He added he had not counted on my tenacity. :-)) But, I've never again had the ability to sing I had at that time, which has been devastating to me and my family who were all singers. I sang from about age 3 until this happened at 38. Do you think your methods might help me -- even though I'm now 73 years old. I so miss singing to my grandchildren and singing in church. I am hoarse all the time and have a very limited range. I would sincerely appreciate your opinion. Thank you so very much. ... Edwina Lewis

    1. Hi Edwina,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      This is Jamie Mckay, Diana Yampolsky’s assistant and office manager of The Royans Professional Vocal School, division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, writing to you.
      I have just read your comment and fully sympathize with you with respect to your unfortunate situation.

      With that said, I have informed Ms. Yampolsky about this message.
      She had briefly read it and then said that she, most likely (and quite certain) will be able to help you regain your speaking and singing voice. However, before anything, she would like you to give her a call directly so she could hear your voice in order to define where your voice stands right now so she will be able to pinpoint the best course of action she could take in your particular case.

      You can contact Ms. Yampolsky at: 416-857-8741

      Thank you.
      Best regards,

      Jamie Mckay
      Office manager
      The Royans Professional Vocal School
      Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair

      On behalf of -

      Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed.
      World renowned Voice Repair Specialist
      Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases.
      Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics.
      The Royans Professional Vocal School
      Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair

      P.S., if you would like to reply to this message via email, please use our official email address –

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