Treatment For Strained Vocal Cords; and (As a Result) Partial Voice Loss

More and more people are enquiring about how to treat their strained vocal cords without the need for surgery or any other invasive procedures. When they actually call with their enquiry, I could hear that their voice is partially lost (sometimes less, sometimes more).

However, somebody just called me a few days ago, telling me (with their whispered voice), that the ENT Doctor had diagnosed him or her with the strained vocal cords. Firstly, I had to ask that person if they were male or female, as for the lack of voice, it was undetectable. Right away, I suspected that her problem (she revealed to me that she was a 64 years old female) was, by far, more serious then just strained vocal cords. 

I have told her (since she had absolutely no sound) that I would have no idea if I could recover her voice. The fact is that the fully lost voice could indicate that the problem could be as serious as throat cancer!

In her case, the fully lost voice was more a symptom then the cause; and therefore, until the actual cause is revealed, there is no point to attempt any kind of non-surgical voice repair. 

However, when the voice (due to its strain) has been drawn to the lower throat position, it is quite recoverable via special speech exercises coupled with the special body movements and the actual voice technique, where the voice is being re-channeled from the vocal anatomy to the different set of facial muscles. 

Once those facial muscles are developed enough to except the voice (which is a substantial physical material body), it has to be put to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles, which will play the supportive role to assist with the actual lift of the sound, to the place which is called the resonator or (colloquially) natural amplifier. 

Now the voice will be recovered from the depths of the physical body and lifted away from the vocal box and the vocal cords. 

In this instance, the space for healing is released. No doubts that the flora of the throat is quite disturbed. 

That’s where I would administer a set of natural herbs and remedies, which will aid greatly to the overall healing. 

If you compare the above to a person who had nearly drowned and a person who actually did drown, you would see the picture whereas, in the first case, there was a chance of reviving the swimmer, apposed to the second case, the swimmer would never regain the vital signs, as it was simply too late. 

On this note, we hope to help those who we still can revive to the normal life (and, needless to say, respectively to the normal voice) and hope that those (with completely lost voices) will check it out as soon as possible; and thus find the real cause, which (if found early) could save their lives.


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