Is there a Non-Surgical Treatment For Strained Vocal Cords.... Can the symptoms be like Hoarse & Raspy Voice, a Partial or Even Full Voice Loss, or God forbid, a Cancer of the Throat...?

More and more people are inquiring about the treatment for their strained vocal cords without the need for surgery or any other invasive procedures, for that matter. When they call to inquire about the above, I can actually hear that their voice is definitely damaged, partially lost, and therefore, even possibly due to something more serious...

However, somebody called me in the not-so-distant past.
This person was speaking with me in a quiet and whispered voice.
They revealed to me that the ENT Doctor had diagnosed them with strained vocal cords.
Firstly, I had to ask that person if they were male or female, as for the lack of a normal voice, it was undetectable. The sufferer disclosed to me that she was a female of 64 years of age.
While I was talking to her, I right away suspected that her voice problem was by far more serious than just strained vocal cords. 

I told her (since she practically had no sound) that I would have no prediction on whether or not I could actually recover her voice. The fact is that her almost fully lost voice can, unfortunately, indicate that her severe voice problem could be as serious as throat cancer - God Forbid!

In her case, after a thorough investigation, I found that, thankfully, her almost fully lost voice was a symptom rather than the actual cause. However, subjectively speaking, before the real cause is revealed, there basically is no point in attempting a full-blown regimen of non-surgical voice repair. 

After conducting my specially developed exercises (powered by the Vocal Science TM Method), it became evident to me that her voice (due to the obviously wrong application of her speaking voice), had been drawn to the lower throat position.
My conclusion from those test exercises conducted by me was that her voice hopefully will present itself as reasonably recoverable. Those special speech exercises coupled with some body movements do become very instrumental in voice recovery. In this case, the actual sound of the voice becomes re-channelled, so to speak from the vocal anatomy in general (from the vocal cords in particular) to a different set of muscles (facial muscles). 

Once those facial muscles are developed enough to accept the sound of the voice (which is to be considered as a substantial physical material body), they have to be put to work in full conjunction and coordination with the abdominal muscles, which will play a supportive role to assist with the actual "lift" of the sound. 

In this instance, the voice will be recovered from the depths of the physical body and lifted off of the vocal cords and other related parts of the vocal anatomy.

After all of the described above, the space for healing of the vocal anatomy will be released and freed.

No doubt, that in this and the majority of other cases like that, due to the previous strain of the vocal cords, the flora of the throat became quite a bit disturbed. 

That’s where I would administer a set of natural herbs and remedies, which will aid greatly in the overall healing. 

If you compare the above to a person who had nearly drowned, let's say, in a bathtub, and a person who actually had drowned and is lying on the bottom of the ocean, you would see the difference between the two occurrences. In the first case, there was a chance of reviving the person back to life, as opposed to the second case, where the other person (lying on the bottom of the ocean, nonetheless) would, most likely, never regain their vital signs, as it could be simply too late. 

On this note, we hope to help those who still can regain their normal or even better voice and hope that those who, unfortunately, had partially or even, completely lost their voice(s), will seek help as soon as possible.

To conclude:
When the cause of the voice disorder is found, the sufferer most likely will be able to recover from their voice issue(s) and, thus, with our help, they also will be able to claim their normal/regular lives back!


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