Sulcus Vocalis (Vocal Cords Gap) - How Could it be Dealt with Employing Unconventional Methods and Techniques?

Lately, more and more, we are getting inquiries from people concerned with their speech and singing problems; All of whom have been diagnosed with a voice disorder named Sulcus Vocalis.

While being diagnosed with such a nasty voice disorder as Sulcus Vocalis, those sufferers usually possess a raspy and hoarse voice, which, sometimes, can even sound like a little stutter. The latter is usually caused by the enlarged gap located between the vocal cords(folds), and thus the sufferer's voice falls frequently between them. 

In fact, the timing of the vocal cords opening and closing, in those cases, often does not correspond with the voice occurrence. 

Naturally, it requires the “alignment” between the subconscious mind, conscious mind, physical body and the voice as an outcome. 

All of the above is aimed to achieve the desired “alignment”, between the above-mentioned components and thus, to put the balance back in order. That could be accomplished while using specifically advocated speech and singing exercises. 

Once the integration and synergy between the described components are met, the vocal cords will be commanded to come back to the proper width between them. 

This revolutionary technique is also applicable to singers who, in any case, having any kind of vocal disorder, would have to start with bringing their speaking and then singing voice in proper order.

As a positive side-effect and due to all of those manipulations, the sufferer’s voice will become "lifted" and restructured to a new set of muscles (facial muscles/sinus cavities), thus, reaching new heights...
Also, advocating natural herbal and homeopathic treatments for the injured vocal anatomy will concurrently provide the sufferer with voice recovery and voice restoration. However, with this type of voice/vocal disorder, the flora of the throat itself and the vocal anatomy as a whole may appear to be quite disturbed.

First of all, it would be natural to assume that the vocal anatomy may be hurt and wounded, because the person who acquired such a voice disorder as Sulcus Vocalis, no doubt (in the first place) was misusing and abusing his/her speaking and or singing voice by doing it loudly and forcefully. 

Of course, there can be some other factors that may induce the above-described condition. 

Unfortunately for such patients, neither the ENT Specialists nor Speech Therapists could offer any solution to resolve that kind of a voice problem.

We, however, are not only involved in solving vocal problems at all given times, but we are also full-time employing our special care, extensive experience and expertise, nonetheless, forensic science knowledge and, nevertheless, passion!


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