Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pre-Owned Voice. How Did It Feel When You Had Owned Your Voice And Were In Control Of It? Would You Do Anything And Everything In Your Power To Feel The Same Way, Or Even Better?

Over the years, and especially lately, we have been receiving numerous e-mails and calls from ordinary people and not necessarily singers, who once had their normal voice, and due to some injuries or some medical conditions, the means of communication via voice was lost, or partially lost.

For some people, it is really devastating; some are taking it with a grain of salt. Some are trying to find, if not the cure, but at least, a treatment. And some are waiting for a miracle, a magic pill, or somebody who will miraculously fix their voice, communicating with them via Skype, nevertheless.

The latter, to say the least, is ridiculous.

Any voice problem is a serious matter and has to be addressed personally, one-on-one, and with hands-on experience. Needless to say, all of those people described above, are very frustrated and a lot of them are simply distraught, to say the least.

Some, unfortunately, are learning how to live with their voice problem, whereas, in the majority of cases, those problems are quite curable, but not necessarily with conventional methods.

Generally speaking, the above aforementioned people are also quite depressed and often losing their zest for life. Needless to say, that a lot of counseling is required along with their voice repair, which is the main problem, but definitely not the only piece of a very complicated puzzle. The root of the voice problem needs to be addressed first. The majority of those problems are induced emotionally, psychologically and/or neurologically.

The lesser percentage of people’s voice problems has been caused by some peculiar accidents, which sometimes, are quite ridiculous in their nature, however, they happen and often, cause big voice trouble, not to mention any other problems, related and unrelated.

From where I sit, I am offering a natural voice (and other related problems) treatment, and thus, a high percentage of the holistic cure for one’s voice and in general.

When the person is seeking my help, I first collect all related information about the person and the cause of their voice problem. Then I outline the course of action for each specific case, which consists of natural herbs and homeopathic remedies to heal one’s throat flora, to clean the vocal anatomy from mucus, to strengthen and lubricate the vocal box and assure the reduction of the acid reflux, which is commonly present almost in every case I have attended to.

While administrating all of the above, I begin to introduce the specific speech exercises developed by me over many years, and in the case of the singers, singing exercises as well. 
In a nutshell, via the above aforementioned exercises, I am relieving the vocal anatomy from the pressure of the sound by restructuring the voice into the set of the persons’ facial muscles, (cavities), and putting them to work in full conjunction and coordination with one’s abdominal muscles, thus minimizing the use of the throat, larynx and the vocal cords.

In this case, the anatomy of speaking/singing is working hand-in-hand with psychology of the voice and vocal performance as a whole. Given all that, there is definitely hope, if not for a complete vocal cure, but for at least a significant improvement of the person’s condition, and not only vocal, but also the quality of life in general.

I very often hear, “I want my life back!”

My answer to this is, “Come and get it!”

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