Monday, December 26, 2011

Vocally Speaking, Against all odds, There is a Change with… No Change?

One of my friends likes to use this expression; “There is no change without change”.

Usually, it’s very much so true.

Lately, it’s been no secret that quite a few well known singers have acquired a lot of vocal problems; bleeding vocal chords, polyps, nodules, dysphonia and other nasty vocal disorders.

Why is that... and what is the cause, you may ask?

“We love the voice, we love his or her songs, we love the emotions, we love the performance…”

So, what is the problem then?

The problem is that nobody knows or pays attention to the voice application and how exactly that voice is being used by the singer.

And yes, the industry usually picks up a good looking person, quite often with good song writing skills and with the potential of that person becoming the world wide recording Artist and performer. And yes, when it comes to recording, the best producers and engineers will be producing their magic using, available to them, their magical high-tech technology.

Now what? And what’s in store for the Artist?

Now it’s time to go on tour, to promote the record…

And then… There is a “surprise”.

In a nutshell, and per say, nobody apparently knows how to sing properly and professionally, at least not in a safe and efficient way. Moreover and evidently, the Artists' voices have already been used up in the earlier promotional performances and concerts.

So, the tours are cancelled and everybody is cutting their losses; the Artist, the management, the record company…?

In this time an age, it is a very well-known fact that the best revenues acquired by all parties involved, would be of those derived from the live venues. So, now the voices have to be fixed somehow and preferably, in a quick fashion, so the Artist would not be forgotten and the tour in the future would not be in jeopardy. As a Non-Surgical Voice repair specialist, I could testify that all of the above, nevertheless, is not an easy task. However, by employing the use of my Innovative Vocal Science Technique and Application, it’s definitely doable.

The biggest trick when you work with a professional singer/performer is not to change her/his tone and sound in general, which is, by that time, is very familiar to listener’s ears. In other words, my mission is to produce the change with respect of voice application and placement, but not to change anything else about the artist.

The voice, however, will still sound much clearer, much crispier and overall, much healthier.

I guess those would be the positive changes, as a consequence of the voice now lifted off of the vocal cords and vocal box in general, and thus, structured and placed in the Singer’s facial muscles instead, thus relieving the vocal anatomy from the unnecessary pressure of the sound.

Much easier said than done, but the mission MUST be accomplished.

I need to produce THE CHANGE…with NO CHANGE.

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