The Question is: Am I Evidently Getting Older, or has the World Gone Crazy?

In all honestly, I think the answer is - both.

Granted, I am an old school. My teaching experience is on its 38th year, so you can do simple math and conclude that I'm in my mid-50s.

No, I do not have a mid-life crisis, but what I do have is a regret that the best times of our lives are gone and never will be back.

Let's look at the music of 50s and 60s:

Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Platters and many, many more.

Those were the true musicians, true singers and true performers.

Came the 70s and 80s and in those times, we had the best bands:

White Snake, Skid Row, The Doors, The Eagles, to name a few.

Great music, great performance-ship, exceptional singing...

And in the past decade...?

- No singing by definition
- Some bands, e.g. Simple Plan, can not play their records live, let alone sing it
- Vocal troubles and operations galore... Where do I begin?

The question is why?

The answer - it became "too easy".

The technology along with music producers could play for you, the autotune, melodine and harmonizer can sing for you, but for what cost?

The cost comes later, when the artist can not perform live, but trying real hard, and as a result, inevitably arrives to the operating table for the laser or knife operation.

Now what?

Everybody lost. The artist (not only money and joy, but also the health) and the music industry, which nowadays has nothing else to make money on, but the live shows, performances and venues.

Everybody's hopes are shattered, audience included and nobody knows if they will hear their favourite "artist" again, who they thought could actually sound at least remotely the same as they've heard on the record.

However, on second thought, it could be not such a bad thing, as at least it will save the audience the disappointment.

What's the solution then?

By listening to nowadays' music, I think some of the producers and quite well known ones, have found a solution. Their vocal lines are not containing more than two notes. On a better day and with a little better singer, they might discover a third one - by fluke...!

How sad is that?

And even more sad is that the young population is growing up with that music and thinking that's what the music should be - a couple of lines here and there, a couple of notes here and there and a couple of violent phrases here and there, supported by some insane background dancing.

Yes, definitely I'm getting older, but I'm very proud that all of my faculties are still very sound, except my ears, which are getting more sour by the minute, with every so called "new" song or rap song on the market.

I agree, to each their own, but this so called "music" is definitely a reflection of the state of being of our society, which, unfortunately, in my opinion, is not too sound, and also, in my opinion, it is promoting craziness and violence.

The society, and music along with it, with all of the advanced technology, is definitely degrading with the speed of light.

Where would we go from here?

If the world doesn't end, it will be very scary to find out.

So choose from two evils...


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