X Factor: Spot on Reality... Part V - Contestant's Choice...
Close Observations, Constructive Criticism and Praise!

X Factor just had an interesting couple of weeks.

First, the Michael Jackson tribute was offered to them, which I found was quite difficult for the contestants to keep up with. In my opinion, it was one of the least successful performances on the show. However, as usual, it was very entertaining.

This past week, it was contestant's choice, which I find very beneficial for the contestants themselves.

I do not believe that any singer could be thrown into any style of music. It's obviously good to be versatile, but every human being has their own emotional and physical make up and nevertheless, their own biological DNA. All of that dictates the disposition, the character, the behaviour and the vocal expression of that person (speaking or singing for that matter).

In my opinion, the voice is definitely an expression of who this artist as a person is, and also a quite precise identification of the state of their being. And if their inner selves suggest to them that they feel like a country style singer, for example, it would be extremely difficult for them to be thrown into the rap style or an alternative rock...

And of course, the opposite applies. If it is a strong male artist who thrives through the rock genre, it would be difficult to imagine him to sound like Michael Buble, which is sweet, romantic and so to speak "pop-ish".

So this week, I was absolutely in awe when Melanie Amaro was looking and sounding throughout her first song by Adele, exactly like her and resembling Adele almost to the T, and to some degree, even better! She even put her own little twist on the song "Someone Like You" and no doubts made it enhanced and her own.

Frankly, from the technical point of view, I would probably choose Melanie over Adele herself.

Chris Rene was stunningly good this week, and he actually offered a great vocal performance for the first time. My presumption would be that he probably could identify with the song and as I said before, once the performer could "wear" the song like a good slinky dress for a beautiful model, the "vocal fashion" would definitely prevail.

Rachel Crow, who definitely resembles Shirley Temple and is as cute as a button, vocally, however, began to deteriorate for the last several weeks. The little girl desperately wanted to win the $5 million record deal and thus was trying enormously hard. But sometimes less is more, and I think that was the case. Everything about her that was so attractive at the beginning - "singing for her own bathroom" comments and much better vocals and choices of songs,  the sparkling personality, her true natural self, which did not require, in my opinion, much of outer interference - evidently became a little too much for the fans and she, unfortunately, got eliminated.

However, I'm not worried for her future, as no doubts that Simon Cowell sees great potential in this little girl and will sign her to his label in any case. So, she's got it made regardless.

Marcus Canty - I personally love this boy. Like one of the judges said, and I think it was Paula Abdul, "Marcus, your eyes do not lie". That is true. This is the most authentic, emotional and true performance I have witnessed for a while.

One of my favourite singers was Peebo Bryson and Marcus is perfect cross between Peebo Bryson, Brian McKnight and Usher. This boy should make it big and I hope he will not go unnoticed.

Josh Krajcik - He's a great guy and I definitely wish him the best. He has good musicianship and very good intentions. To tell you though, that I'm impressed to death with his vocals or even overall performance, I can't. At least not at the level of stardom.

But he has a lot of fans and you never know what will "come out in the wash" (voting).

As usual, I can not wait for the next week semi-finals.

At this moment my predictions are that Melanie Amaro would "take the cake".

I guess we shall see and equally will pray for each and every one of the remaining contestants.

Stay tuned for my next observations, constructive criticism and praise.


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