Would You Like To Be in Contact with Aubry M, A Muscle Tension Dysphonia Survivor?


A couple of days ago, we had an inquiry from Detroit, Michigan USA. With Aubrie’s permission and encouragement, we submitted Aubrie’s phone number and e-mail address to the person who happened to be a singer with a quite-noticeable tremor on the bottom of her throat.

That tremor was clearly on its way to becoming what’s known as the Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder…

When we inquired with Aubrie whether or not the above-mentioned person contacted her, we have learnt that she never did. After conveying that back to Aubrie, we got a text from Aubrie stating:

- “I know… Lord, she better get with it! But, no doubt, I’ll convince her of her ( honest to God ) last hope!!”

Aubrie M is ready and standing by to reassure you that coming to us in Toronto to fix her voice was the best thing that had happened to her.

Not only that she acquired a healthy voice and had gotten rid of the constant sharp pain in her throat, but she also learnt how to speak and sing properly withou…

The Success Story of Aubry M - Muscle Tension Dysphonia Survivor - PART 1

“Just landed… I had a wonderful, encouraging time! I can not wait to come back.
I will definitely be in contact soon!” - Aubrie M

Aubrie M arrived to us last Friday, November the 1st from Pittsburgh, USA. Prior to her arrival, we have been in communication with her for a few months, as she had to pay off her 30-hour course and treatment in increments.

We had already been very impressed with Aubrie throughout the process, as she told us that she was working (simultaneously) two jobs - totalling over 70 hours a week to come to us to fix her muscle tension dysphonia disorder; and thus claim her life back - and, in our opinion, no doubt, more positive and better quality than before.

Up until Aubrie had arrived to us, we had no idea that she was a young single mom with a young son. For the last three years, her dreams, however, had been completely shattered. Apparently, nobody in her native city, (Pittsburgh) could help Aubrie to rectify her vocal problem. let alone to re…

“I Can Now Sing Without Destroying My Voice!”

“I Can Now Sing Without Destroying My Voice!” | Rodney’s Vocal Science Testimonial!

We would like to express a big thank you to our former vocal student of 2002, Rodney Ronquillo, for his kind words about his coach and mentor, Diana Yampolsky, on a Facebook Livestream! That was an unexpected but extremely pleasant surprise.

Rodney came to us in 2002, inspired by few former students of ours who, after acquiring our services, made it quite big in the Philippines, Canada and Germany. Before enrolling in our Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Course, Rodney was playing piano and arranging music - but had never sung in his life before.

Upon completion of our course, Rodney returned back to his church and introduced his newly-found singing skill.

The church-goers who knew Rodney for some time exclaimed: “Rodney, you are such a good singer! Why did you hide it from us all this time?”
Rodney replied: “Because I never knew how to sing before until I met Diana!”

Now, 17 years later, Rodney is…

The Case Study of J. M. Schilling of "Dallas, Texas USA" - Thyroid Cancer Survivor and, as a consequence, Sufferer of Vocal Cord Paralysis.

Once again, reader’s discretion is advised. Also, due to the personal and intimate nature of the story, some names have been withheld.      At the beginning of the year 2016, we got an email and then (when we asked her) a call from a woman who was residing near Dallas, Texas and who had undergone a few surgeries on her thyroid (due to cancer diagnosis). And as a consequence, Ms. Schilling ended up not only with a paralyzed vocal cord but also with a hole in her throat due to a very "brutal" tracheotomy. Due to that, Ms. Schilling had a very hard time swallowing foods; and a lot of the times, she could not keep her food down and, apparently, had been expelling it quite often. Due to all of that, needless to say, J.M. was quite underweight and, obviously, did not possess a lot of energy. To boost the latter, we suggested to Ms. Schilling to order the specific natural herbal remedies with specific instructions just for her. Since she had difficulties swallowing, all of her herb…

Case Study of Judy M of Southern Missouri, USA - Sufferer of Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Reader’s discretion is advised. Also, due to the personal and intimate nature of the story, some names had been withheld.

     A few years ago, I got a call from Judy’s husband who told me that his wife, named Judy, has been suffering from Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia. He also told me that they did not have medical insurance, as they were both accountants and both worked together from out of their house. Apparently, as being self-employed, they had been quoted an astronomical amount of money to pay monthly for their medical insurance.

Interestingly enough and according to Judy’s husband, John, they were ready and willing to pay from out of their own pocket (since they were not able to afford the medical insurance) to see an ENT specialist. Needless to say, they were addressed there by their physician. But when they arrived for a visit with such a specialist, they were refused to be seen - since they did not own medical insurance. So they started seeking alternative help and had stumbl…

Laryngitis: Causes, Symptoms, Consequences and Aftermath (if not treated)

Judy L from Chicago, USA - Case study:
From Laryngitis to strained vocal cords and finally, and unfortunately… to Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).

A few years ago, Judy arrived to us with her husband from Chicago, speaking with a pretty raspy and hoarse voice.

This is her story:

Judy and her husband, Bill, being in their early 60’s, had two grown children who, unfortunately, had never been married - and thus, did not produce any grandchildren for this very nice couple. They, however, were hoping to become grandparents for sometime…

From their words, their son had never introduced any of his relationships to his parents, and therefore, they didn’t even know if he actually was ever involved with anyone at all. According to them, they only saw their son, at best, a couple of times a month with his dirty laundry brought by him to his parents’ place.

As for their daughter, who happened to be a child star of a very well-known TV show, and mainly lived on the residuals derived from that s…

Voice Repair Case Study: Strained Vocal Cords, Vocal Fatigue, Throat Pain, Hoarse and Raspy Voice…

This is a case study of Ashok N - Former Non-Surgical Voice Repair Client of South Africa:
Ashok N, of Indian descent, came to us from South Africa in 2008. We were actually supposed to receive this wonderful, smart and educated man in 2005. In order to come to us, Ashok applied for two visas, where’s his wife and son were included - the one was for the UK and the other one was for Toronto, Canada,Due to the fact that he included his family, he was refused both visas - and only ended up with us three years later and finally arrived at us in December of 2008.
The fact was that Ashok owned three companies: - one in South Africa - One in Botswana - And one in India
To run those companies, it was required for Ashok to do public presentations and run rather large workshops and seminars. He did so for quite a few years until he strained his vocal cords and thus his voice started to sound raspy and hoarse - also causing him a lot of throat pain. This wonderful human being tried absolutely everythi…