Additional Voice Recovery Testimonial from A Morris: MTD Survivor, Up-And-Coming Singer/Songwriter from the USA.

We would like to share with you a letter which was recently addressed to us by Aubrie Morris, our former voice repair client, a previous sufferer of Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) - from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.
*Please see below*
Sorry for the belated communication. I got busy, but I’m busy making your money. My vision always includes you. LITERALLY, as long as I have you, I’ll be ok! I know that!I gotta get this singing course done and am willing to do almost anything to get it. Yes, I'm soo ready to come up there I CAN NOT WAIT!! I'm so READY FOR THIS PANDEMIC TO BE OVER!!
Haha, I will never let you go, Diana. I just get really focused. The evidence of your method is real! You're my coach and I'm proud of it. I can not wait to be a REAL product of Diana Yampolsky.Hey do me a favor; Take a deposit of $1500 towards my next 30-hour singing course. That will be 60 hours in total. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Can not wait to see you both!
By the way, I sent you 27 white roses,…

Vocal Science™ Forensic Diagnostics...

The above requires a specific set of skills to diagnose and to treat those complicated voice disorders - like SD, MTD and many others - naturally and alternatively with the holistic approach to vocal mechanics and the person as a whole!As it appears to be, for a vocal disorder like muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), the only thing the speech therapists are able to offer to the sufferer is a neck massage - which is a totally useless procedure concerning the voice repair issue…Regarding spasmodic dysphonia (SD), the only option the medical professionals have to offer is botox injections into the muscles around the patients’ vocal cords.It is a known fact that, for some people, it does work for 2 or 3 months at the most; for others, it does not work at all.Regardless, none of the above manipulations would work to bring the human voice to, at least, a reasonable restoration and recovery.The only solution for those sufferers is to be holistically assessed in order to address the whole life hi…

Vocal Science™ Separated, divorced, feeling lonely...? This Is A Riddle.

Vocal Science™

Separated, divorced, feeling lonely...?
This Is A Riddle.
Feel like it is hard to speak and to even swallow?
Feels like you have a lump in your throat?

We can help, and not only with your voice being strangled but also with the stuffed-up emotions you have been experiencing due to the above!
We promise that we will take care of you, holistically speaking…

Rest assured, help is on the way and we are more than happy to guarantee you that! For quite a few years now, I have been working with a lot of middle-aged women primarily age 45 to 65; the majority of whom were separated or outright divorced from their spouses… The most affected (vocally and otherwise) were those women who did not expect it at all…

Their spouses made it financially (not without their wives’ help). And due to that, they had acquired the power of wealth and some “mostly-fake” status. 

On that premise, shortly after, they left their wives and children to stat a newly-found life with a new, younger female partner… …

The Key to a Healthy and Vibrant Voice should always be Under Your Watch!

We, though, are here to navigate you to the right destination, so you, under our guidance, would be able to achieve your goal of obtaining the voice of your dreams.
You came to us with an obvious voice disorder.
Now what?

Don't know what to do?
Do not know how to get rid of your voice problem?

We do it day in and day out; helping people to discover, regain and restore their speaking or singing voice via mutual hard - but - smart work towards all voice and other matters.

Especially in these trying times, we, nevertheless, provide unprecedented care for our past, present and future clients; and in return, we require their full understanding, commitment, loyalty and compliance!

Without the above-mentioned, voice enhancement can not be achieved to its best capability.

At the present time, we are only able to provide personal instruction, coupled with natural herbal treatment for our local clients, as international travel is still compromised.

Our potential international clients can only…

Life Science... I Guess...? My mid-pandemic restaurants’ journey from the past weekend…

Believe me, I would not create it on purpose even if I could!!
So, my dear readers, I have some stories I would like to apprise you with - pertaining to the recent weekend.

Let's start from Sunday of this past week…After the completion of my voice repair session with one of my dear clients, I invited her for a cup of a nice Iranian tea to a cafe owned by the married couple and, apparently, owned altogether by the whole family.

We both (my client and I) each ordered a cup of tea and also asked for some honey and lemon; and I "dared" to order a small pastry. Then my student had to go home and I stayed for a bit more, enjoying the tea and relaxing after a stressful week.

Then, I picked up the check and went to pay for our goods at the front counter. Lately, and through the pandemic times, I became somewhat regular there - going there myself and also bringing my clients and my associates to this place.

This time I had some cash on me and was ready to pay for what we had. To my su…

Does Your Voice Sound Healthy And Intact? If Not, WE Can Make It Happen!

Attention teachers!

The New School Year Approaches…
Does your voice sound healthy and intact?

If not, WE can make it happen!

We will make your voice sound clear and vibrant.

We will also help make your words more announced and pronounced.

With our unprecedented efforts, expertise and experience, we will assure the health and the quality of your voice for a lifetime!We advocate a very unique program known as "The Total Communicator Program", which is designed to improve your communication and your verbal performance (coupled with an appropriate body language), on every conceivable level!

In fact, at any time, our prime clientele is teachers as well as fitness instructors, lawyers, voice-over actors, TV and radio personal, professional singers and actors...

The above-listed professions do require excessive use of voice…And if those people are not aware of the proper application of their speaking and /or singing voice, they could very easily damage their voice and sometimes (God forbid…

How Problems With Voice and Your Confidence (On Decline) Affects Your Everyday Life…?

More and more inquiries we are getting from people who are experiencing problems with speech. We are, no doubt, living in very trying times, which are much more emotionally and financially challenged! 

Due to that and due to other related and unrelated problems, a lot of relationships break up and cause a lot of grief, especially to the female population… These women need a lot of support - mainly emotionally and, evidently, also vocally.

A lot of voice disorders like Muscle Tention dysphonia (MTD) and what’ called spasmodic dysphonia (SD) are often caused by broken-off marriages and other turbulence and tribulations in life in general - related and non-related to their situation at home…

We are here to help these troubled women (and men, of course) holistically and, nonetheless, on every conceivable level. Needless to say, we need to recover and restore those sufferers’ voices, as it is a tool for communication that, once restored, will produce the needed confidence and assertiveness…