Vocal Science™ Suffering from Voice Problems or Vocal Issues?

Feeling uncertain, anxious scared and hopeless?
 We can help!
When a sudden voice problem or vocal issue occurs, the person becomes quite confused (not understanding what had just happened with their speaking voice and why it became so raspy and hoarse...) Why is it all of a sudden they started to experience difficulty speaking and even swallowing…?

They also began to experience a lot of pain in the throat and tightness in the neck - to the point where the sufferers did not want to speak anymore!!

What is happening…???
Why is it happening??

These people are desperately searching for answers!! But, apparently it is not as easy as it sounds! They ran to their family doctor and there they got a referral to see an ENT specialist. However, they still haven’t gotten any definitive diagnosis or satisfactory answers, let alone a solution to their voice troubles…

For singers, it’s even worse!! They visited their doctors, speech specialists, speech pathologists and still to no avail. Why you may ask?…

Doctors Said Yes to Vocal Surgery, We Said No… We Can Treat It Non-Surgically - PART 1

Doctors Said Yes to Vocal Surgery, We Said No… We Can Treat It Non-Surgically - PART 1

Doctors said that your voice disorder is not treatable at all… We said…, YES IT IS!!
Who we are …
We are natural, holistic and alternative practitioners specializing in non-surgical voice repair.
With our own Vocal Science™ method, we can treat and even cure the majority of voice disorders, voice problems and vocal issues. We have a vocal technique like no other! It has been tested, tried and proven for many years. For the last 3 and a half decades, and to date, we had gotten over 25.000 people coming through our doors!
Nevertheless, our Vocal Science™ method is our pride and joy and we have been able to achieve completely unprecedented results employing our best efforts, extensive experience and expertise day after day, month after month and year after year… We’ve saved peoples' health, speaking and singing voices, their livelihood, their musical careers and even their relationships!!

“How can natural remedies aid in the restoration and improvement of the quality of the human voice?”

Suffering from voice disorders like sulcus vocalis, GERD (affecting the vocal cords), voice damage caused by chronic laryngitis, paralyzed vocal cords, muscle tension dysphonia, spasmodic dysphonia, and many other voice/vocal problems?
We can help!!

We can ship our natural herbal voice repair kit to you (customized to your specific voice disorder and its related symptoms). We will also enclose specific instructions on how to take those remedies to achieve the absolute best possible results catered to your personal, specific and (nevertheless) unique needs. Alongside healing your vocal anatomy, those remedies will immediately start working on strengthening your immune system - which, at this very sensitive time, is a very important variable given the recent coronavirus outbreak which is causing a global pandemic of COVID 19!

Now let us explain how those natural remedies can work for you.

You, my reader, now may ask…, “How can natural remedies aid in the restoration and improvement of the q…

Vocal Science™ - Way to go…! Voice to go! (Strained Vocal Cords, Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) or Spasmodic Dysphonia).


Vocal Science™ Who we are: Natural, Holistic, Alternative Practitioners Without Borders.

We are proud of our latest success and of our 36 years (and counting) of success overall! WHAT WE USUALLY DO: Holistic diagnostics and Non-Surgical voice repair coupled with Natural herbal treatments. We specialize and advocate: Anatomy of speaking/singing Psychology of the total human voice performance We can help you with any of your voice/vocal problems, advocating our revolutionary approach to voice mechanics and, nonetheless, the person as a whole! We own a very unique vocal technique which aids to speakers and singers. We are not offering useless exercises; our speech and singing exercises are directly applicable to the person's needs. We offer our students/clients to learn a completely new application of speaking and/or singing voice. The above would help to release the vocal cords and the vocal anatomy as a whole from the harmful pressure of the sound. That is what we call a vocal rest! The conventional voice coaches, as well as ENT specialists, do usually suggest to a voice diso…

Voice Restoration and Enhancement. Get Excited! We Have the "Tools"!

If you are a singer or just a person who has concerns with their speaking voice...? We Can Help!!
Regardless of the nature of your voice/vocal problem(s), we still can help you a great deal.

We, of course, could have helped you better before the global pandemic took place, as you would've been able to travel to us and obtain our Vocal Science(TM) method and its unique voice/vocal technique, which is also coupled with our natural herbal voice repair treatment.

At that time, in spite of your voice/vocal problem, we were able to recover, restore and greatly enhance your voice in a matter of hours... not years!!!

Due to that fact, now we can only send a voice repair kit to the individual straight to their place of residency.

The Voice Repair Kit will help you to knock down the nasty symptoms like: Horse and raspy voiceDry throatPain in the throatDifficulty swallowingTightness in the neck, and many other uncomfortable sensations.
If you are a singer with a lost range due to straining your voca…

MTD, SD, ADD, Lack of Balance, Low Level of Fitness…

From our side, a Holistic Approach to Rectifying all of the above and more!

Now, with over 36 years of business, we thought that we had seen it all. As it appears to be, the above is actually not the case.

In the previous years, we had never seen people who have no control whatsoever of their physical bodies; nor we had seen people who absolutely do not know English phonetics.

We do see a majority of clients who are entering our establishment and who developed very bad habits over the years; especially while trying to conduct their physical body with obvious inability to “walk and chew the gum at the same time” in a manner of speaking. The fact is that the Vocal Science™ method and its very unique vocal technique requires the person to use certain body movements while walking and talking (or singing) at the same time.
Also, a lot of our clients, especially those with speaking voice problems, possess the wrong formation of the words to begin with. While pronouncing certain syllables of the…