Friday, September 20, 2019

The Case Study of J. M. Schilling of "Dallas, Texas USA" - Thyroid Cancer Survivor and, as a consequence, Sufferer of Vocal Cord Paralysis.

Once again, reader’s discretion is advised. Also, due to the personal and intimate nature of the story, some names have been withheld.

     At the beginning of the year 2016, we got an email and then (when we asked her) a call from a woman who was residing near Dallas, Texas and who had undergone a few surgeries on her thyroid (due to cancer diagnosis). And as a consequence, Ms. Schilling ended up not only with a paralyzed vocal cord but also with a hole in her throat due to a very "brutal" tracheotomy. Due to that, Ms. Schilling had a very hard time swallowing foods; and a lot of the times, she could not keep her food down and, apparently, had been expelling it quite often. Due to all of that, needless to say, J.M. was quite underweight and, obviously, did not possess a lot of energy. To boost the latter, we suggested to Ms. Schilling to order the specific natural herbal remedies with specific instructions just for her. Since she had difficulties swallowing, all of her herbs were ordered for her specifically in liquid form...

A few days later, J.M. wrote to us an email expressing her gratitude, as she already felt better and her food expelling was almost non-existent. She said that my knowledge and expertise had gained her explicit trust; thus she was ready to pay me my fee to fly me over to Dallas. I spent with Ms. Schilling 30 hours of my very unique instruction and, while at it, continued with her herbal (and some homeopathic) treatment. Nonetheless, her speech improved exponentially, as I was able to go around the actual paralyzed vocal cord by lifting the sound of her voice as high as it was possible to access the absolute top of the cheekbone muscles (sinus cavities).

Those cavities play the role of the natural resonator or amplifier; thus assuring the greater volume of the sound. The above also assures much clearer enunciation and pronunciation of the syllables of the words and the words themselves. So Ms. Schilling was taught how to power her voice from completely different channels while concurrently using her lower abdominal muscles to assure the needed height of the sound - and upper diaphragm muscles to assure the body of the sound. As far as I am concerned, this developed-by-me technique is an absolute revolution in the field of non-surgical voice repair! Needless to say that the natural herbal remedies were also very instrumental in the healing of the disturbed throat flora.

Ms. Schilling, naturally being so excited about all of the above, was also very hopeful that her inner and outer hole in her throat (the result of the tracheotomy) will "magically" close due to all the instructions and treatments administered by me. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint her, as we were talking about two completely different matters. To give you an example, If the car (God forbid) had been in an accident, it most likely would have to go to two different shops... One would be to see a mechanic who would take care of everything under the hood - and the other would be a body shop which would take care of the body of the vehicle. The role I played in J.M.'s recovery mainly was mechanical (restoration and implementation of new voice mechanics). I also did some "bodywork"- so to speak - attending to J.M.'s vocal anatomy and some other related (and unrelated) health issues overall.

But the consequence of her tracheotomy was purely a medical issue... That would have to be taken care of by surgeons to fix such an ordeal they put J.M. through! So overall and as usual, our mutual endeavour, nevertheless, ended up being as successful as it could be!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Case Study of Judy M of Southern Missouri, USA - Sufferer of Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Reader’s discretion is advised. Also, due to the personal and intimate nature of the story, some names had been withheld.

     A few years ago, I got a call from Judy’s husband who told me that his wife, named Judy, has been suffering from Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia. He also told me that they did not have medical insurance, as they were both accountants and both worked together from out of their house. Apparently, as being self-employed, they had been quoted an astronomical amount of money to pay monthly for their medical insurance.

Interestingly enough and according to Judy’s husband, John, they were ready and willing to pay from out of their own pocket (since they were not able to afford the medical insurance) to see an ENT specialist. Needless to say, they were addressed there by their physician. But when they arrived for a visit with such a specialist, they were refused to be seen - since they did not own medical insurance. So they started seeking alternative help and had stumbled upon one of our websites.

During the conversation with Judy’s husband, John asked me if I could guarantee the full recovery for his wife… My reply was: “Nobody in their right mind would guarantee full recovery for such diagnosis as Spasmodic Dysphonia”. However, I said, “I guarantee to employ my absolute best efforts towards the matter and, as the history of my practice has revealed, my best efforts had never failed”…

On that note, John said: “Diana, I see that you are true to your cause, and therefore I trust you. How soon can we come to see you?” And surely enough, they walked into our studio within a week after our phone conversation.

     Judy was 64 years old and John was 66 years of age. Apparently, at the age of 18, Judy was married to John who was, at the time, serving in the military. Within a few years through their marriage, they ended up with 3 daughters. Judy, no doubt, was a wonderful mother; but also was schooling all 3 daughters at home. Since John was in the military and often out of the house, she basically had been raising her 3 children pretty much alone.

There was a lot of emotional turmoil with quite strict, and also emotionally and financially-controlling husband… The kids were also very restricted and not only were they not allowed to go to school, but they also were not allowed to have friends, unless they were thoroughly checked and approved by their father. 

     Going back to my original conversation with John, I remember asking him about the possible causes of Judy’s voice condition. John said that he could not see or pinpoint what could actually cause Judy such a severe voice condition… According to him, their life was wonderful and there were absolutely no problems in their household…? To tell you the truth, it was a little hard to believe…

Such a voice disorder as Spasmodic Dysphonia is, very often, emotionally-induced.
And the Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia (a milder kind to compare with Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia) is usually emotionally-induced, thus effecting the thyroid; which, according to the theory of holistic teaching, represents suppressed emotions, usually associated with deeply-hurt feelings.

What was wrong…? you, my reader, may ask.
I did not know myself until I asked both of them (sitting in my presence) about their children.
When I did though, they both burst into tears.

Now you, my reader, can read their story… 

     They started revealing their story with their older daughter who, all of a sudden, announced to them that she was gay; and moreover, she felt more like a male than a female…  On this premise, she decided to become a truck driver, got her licence and now, driving long distances, she was hardly ever seen by her parents. However, by the time Judy and John arrived for my course and treatment, their older daughter changed her mind and said to them that now she is completely straight again…

And on that note, she revealed that she just quit her job and was desperately in need of the parents’ financial help. Moreover, at the same time, she also revealed to them that she would never get married and thus will never have children.

In that instance, Judy and John felt that they would never be able to enjoy their grandchildren, which were very long-awaited - from at least the first two older daughters.


     Speaking of the second daughter, who actually was married for the second time now, and had given the impression to her parents that everything was fine under their roof with her and her husband. Unfortunately, while being married for the first time, she experienced a few miscarriages and never ended up giving grandchildren to her parents either. Moreover, she found out that her first husband had been cheating on her quite a few times… And, on that premise, she divorced him.

Finally, she married a 30-year-old cowboy who, at the same time, was an owner of some kind of insurance company. So, on the surface, all of that was looking very positive and very promising. So Judy and John were "jumping for joy” in anticipation of long-awaited grandchildren yet to come. However and unfortunately, a couple of miscarriages had happened in this new marriage also.

The doctors though were quite optimistic, especially after administering the needed treatment, and those medical professionals were actually assuring the parents (Judy and John) that eventually it is all going to happen - and them (the future grandparents) would eventually see the arrival of their grandchildren…

In the midst of all-of-the-above ordeals, their middle daughter's new husband suddenly acquired some kind of virus. Since that virus was going around in a place where all of them were residing, they didn’t think much of it. The emergency room doctor prescribed some kind of medication and sent their daughter and her husband home. While with them, the doctor did not seem to be too concerned and said: “A lot of people have been getting viruses this season. It’s obviously going around, so there is nothing to really worry about”. 

Their daughter’s husband though asked his wife (their daughter) to bring him to his home farm where he was born and raised, as he wanted to rest under the care of his parents. She did so and then returned back to the city. The next morning, she received an urgent call from her husband’s parents to come back to the farm as soon as possible. She rushed there and found her husband paralyzed from the neck down… Needless to say, she was shocked out of her wits and could not understand how that possibly could happen literally overnight.

Apparently, the cause was environmental and her husband’s case was actually case number 4 - which affected other 3 people who ended up with the same predicament. Apparently, this farm was using some kind of vary toxic and extremely harmful fertilization, which appeared to be the cause - leaving its victims with quadriplegia.

“Wow…” - I exclaimed!
But the little bit I still knew…

On the same breath, Judy and John’s daughter was told by her ill husband to leave the farm and never come back… Her husband had revealed to her that all this time he had a girlfriend who he was in love with - and now his girlfriend will be the one who will be taking care of him…? Nonetheless, it was a shock of a lifetime for the whole family - Judy, John, and their three daughters.


     To top it all off, the third youngest daughter - who also was prohibited to go to school and to have any friends of her choice - apparently was sneaking away to the nearby-located school to see her secret friend.

While at it, she met a phys-ed teacher who was 35 years old (20 years older than their youngest daughter), who was married and had 3 children. Nevertheless, she managed to run away with that teacher and had been out of sight from Judy and John for some time. Needless to say, they were worried sick.

Eventually, the “doomed couple” had been tracked down. On that premise, Judy and John decided to send their troubled daughter to a boarding school. In turn, from that point on, their daughter refused any communication with her parents.


     Now, my reader, you probably can’t help but wonder… And, in my opinion, your thoughts were right. Indeed…, given just a little bit of that information which I was apprised with, there should be no surprise, or wonder, as to why Judy ended up with the Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder.  

Frankly, knowing what I have known, I would be very surprised if Judy had not gotten stricken with this or any other health disorders for that matter… That story (and I’m sure that it had not been revealed to me in its entirety) could nevertheless “kill an elephant” let alone a person’s voice.

In addition, apparently, Judy - for some time - also had very high blood pressure. So the combination of the vice disorder and blood pressure could easily suggest an upcoming stroke… Luckily, besides treating her voice disorder, I was also able to bring Judy’s blood pressure quite a bit lower, advocating some natural herbal and homeopathic remedies.

In fact, Judy’s Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia was much easier to treat. If she were to have Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia, the matter would be much more complicated. The Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia is much milder and the voice does not have as many uncontrollable spasms opposed to Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia which is usually neurologically-induced or cause by self-inflicted injury…

Stay tuned as, in the next blog, I will profile the case studies of my clients with the other above-mentioned kind of this very nasty voice disorder which is named ABDUCTOR SPASMODIC DYSPHONIA

Friday, September 13, 2019

Laryngitis: Causes, Symptoms, Consequences and Aftermath (if not treated)

Judy L from Chicago, USA - Case study:

From Laryngitis to strained vocal cords and finally, and unfortunately… to Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).

A few years ago, Judy arrived to us with her husband from Chicago, speaking with a pretty raspy and hoarse voice.

This is her story:

Judy and her husband, Bill, being in their early 60’s, had two grown children who, unfortunately, had never been married - and thus, did not produce any grandchildren for this very nice couple. They, however, were hoping to become grandparents for sometime…

From their words, their son had never introduced any of his relationships to his parents, and therefore, they didn’t even know if he actually was ever involved with anyone at all. According to them, they only saw their son, at best, a couple of times a month with his dirty laundry brought by him to his parents’ place.

As for their daughter, who happened to be a child star of a very well-known TV show, and mainly lived on the residuals derived from that show, who also had not been involved in any meaningful relationship - but on the contrary, was attracting so to speak “bad boys” - primarily poor musicians (Rockstar wannabes). Primarily the latter individuals had nothing to offer to such a talented woman, but actually, mainly lived off of her.

Before coming to our place for instruction and treatment, Judy, Bill and their daughter, accompanied by one of her, so to speak, “Rockstar boyfriends”, went on vacation to one of the Caribbean islands. Apparently, in front of the parents’ eyes, the so-called boyfriend was quite abusive towards their daughter.

On this premise, being very emotionally distraught, Judy first acquired what she thought was a cold, but it happened to be a virus.

To bring her voice back onto the surface and trying to sound clearer, she was constantly clearing her throat while concurrently pushing and pulling her voice to extract the volume of the sound.

With all of the above, she ended up straining the vocal cords. She continuously was trying to come out from that dark and low-energy place where her voice was now positioned. Unfortunately, with all of her manipulations, obviously not knowing what she was doing, her voice, on the finally analysis, got stuck in her neck muscles.

So coming back to Chicago and visiting her ENT specialist, she got officially diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).

So the moral of this story is such:

The beginning of the voice trouble was emotionally induced for some time - and, nonetheless, much before the vacation…

The time spent on vacation witnessing and fully understanding the situation her daughter was involved in (which seemed like a pattern of the daughter’s life), happened to be the last “straw which broke the Camel’s back"…

Judy desperately tried to rectify her voice and her health problems on her own; but unfortunately she self-inflicted more serious disorder upon herself (MTD), along with everything else described above.

The protocol to treat something like that would be a minimum of 30 hours of instruction, coupled with natural herbal treatment. Unfortunately, Judy and her husband allocated only 20 hours for our very unique instruction and specialized natural treatment.

And even though, at the end of the 20 hours spent together on this endeavour, a great result had been accomplished, in my opinion, the “Full Monty” had not been fully completed.

Three weeks after they left, Judy had e-mailed me and said that she was doing much better - but sometimes, still experiencing some pain in the throat.

At that time, I mentioned to her that at some point in time, she would have to return to complete her sessions (for at least 10 additional hours). I, however, haven’t heard anything ever since and thus presumed that she is doing well, or at least as good as it could be expected.

So, my reader, as you could perceive reading this story, the roots of Judy’s voice disorder had been sitting in a very “deep zone” in a manner of speaking…

I had definitely brought her voice up to par within only 5 consecutive days, but I am sure Judy would require more work on her mental, physical and emotional makeup in order to fully recover and restore not only her voice, but assure her well-being overall.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Voice Repair Case Study: Strained Vocal Cords, Vocal Fatigue, Throat Pain, Hoarse and Raspy Voice…

This is a case study of Ashok N - Former Non-Surgical Voice Repair Client of South Africa:

Ashok N, of Indian descent, came to us from South Africa in 2008. We were actually supposed to receive this wonderful, smart and educated man in 2005. In order to come to us, Ashok applied for two visas, where’s his wife and son were included - the one was for the UK and the other one was for Toronto, Canada,  Due to the fact that he included his family, he was refused both visas - and only ended up with us three years later and finally arrived at us in December of 2008.

The fact was that Ashok owned three companies:
 - one in South Africa
 - One in Botswana
 - And one in India

To run those companies, it was required for Ashok to do public presentations and run rather large workshops and seminars. He did so for quite a few years until he strained his vocal cords and thus his voice started to sound raspy and hoarse - also causing him a lot of throat pain. This wonderful human being tried absolutely everything to rectify his voice problems but, unfortunately, to no avail.
He actually (from his own words) was waking up at 4:00 am to do yoga and eat raw foods and vegetables. He did acupuncture, massages on his throat and, needless to say, completely useless speech exercises - suggested to him by numerous speech therapists and speech pathologists.
He felt that his business career might soon come to an end, as it was more and more difficult for him to speak while he was experiencing excruciating pain in his throat and had to clear his throat every two minutes. I, evidentially, was his last hope.

He finally arrived at us on December the 8th of 2008 for just 20 hours of instruction and treatment. After the first day and his first night at the Novatel Hotel, here in Toronto, I asked Ashok if he woke up at 4:00 am, did yoga and ate the raw fruits and vegetables… He smiled at me and said: “No, Diana. I woke up at 10:00 am, as I was watching movies in my hotel room until 2:00 am - and then ate a full Canadian breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.”  “If I continue in this fashion for much longer (he said jokingly), I will become completely Canadian and then my wife just might divorce me…”
As you can probably sense, my reader, it was indeed a very memorable voice repair course - containing a lot of education, healing, fun and enormous gratitude from my client. Interestingly enough, when Ashok finally landed in Toronto, his luggage was lost. 

He wasn’t worrying too much about his clothes, but he exclaimed: “But Diana. In my luggage was your Amarula.”
I asked: “What’s that?”

He explained that it was a very fine liquor which he brought specifically for me to try.
It was very nice of him, but go figure…

Needless to say that within 5 days, I had recovered his voice and taught him how to speak professionally; using proper support, structure, placement and projection of his voice. I also taught him how to power his voice to its max while concurrently delivering his voice to its aimed destination.

Ashok also came with the voice which had a little higher tone than a man of his age and his demeanour should have had. I was able to correct it also - however, I was wondering why didn’t his voice become a little lower than I expected…?

At that time, Ashok and his wife had a 10-year-old son. During our course of action and treatment, I’ve learned that Ashok and his wife were desperately trying to conceive a second child - but that also was to no avail. Once I completed Ashok’s 20-hour voice repair course and treatment, I knew (judging by his higher tone of voice than expected by me), there was something else that was wrong.
Then I asked Ashok if he checked his testosterone levels lately… He looked at me funny as, at that moment, he - along with me - realized that his higher tone of voice was relating not only to the “drowned-like” sound of his voice in the lower throat position, but it also was related to the lower levels of testosterone in his body.

In this instance, the latter perfectly explained why these two wonderful people (Ashok and his wife) had difficulties conceiving another child. Unfortunately, given this very busy life, Ashok and I lost communication as the years were passing by. So I have no way of knowing if they succeeded in the aforementioned matter.

But I know for a fact that Ashok’s voice was back to normal and even better than ever before, as he continued his practices on his own, watched his diet and took his supplements (suggested by me) religiously. His career, and thus his livelihood, was definitely saved!

From our side, we applaud this wonderful human being who definitely possessed a very positive attitude of gratitude throughout the whole (I might say, not very easy) process!!

Way to go, Man!