Suffering from voice loss and are in need of a viable solution to get it back in a fast and efficient manner? We are here to help!

Are you, by any chance, suffering from abnormal changes in your voice like for example; Hoarseness, raspiness or even a total voice loss? At first, you may think that you're fighting with a cold or flu, or perhaps you may think that it’s due to the fact that you sang your heart out at a concert or cheered too loudly for your favourite player at a football game. And, if so, then, (hypothetically speaking), due to those actions, you are now paying the price with a sore throat or even, parhaps, laryngitis - a type of inflammation in your voice box that makes your voice scratchy or hoarse, which can also be a cause of a lost voice, God forbid!

Laryngitis can be short-term endeavour or become chronic. Most often (if it's not chronic), it does not last for longer than a couple of weeks. 

Laryngitis (occurance of which is quite common during cold and flu season) is caused when the voice box becomes inflamed. In fact, if the inflammation gets into the vocal box lining, it will cause those vocal folds to stop vibrating properly, and thus the production of a clear healthy voice will become compromised.

How to prevent voice problems?

If you want to prevent voice problems and are looking for ways to get your voice restored in a timely manner, here are some beneficial tips for you. 

- Stay Hydrated 

Drink plenty of water. 
To drink 6-8 glasses a day is recommended. 
Stop the consumption of unhealthy substances (like alcohol or caffeine). For instance, drinking and smoking can cause your body to lose water and thus can make your vocal folds and larynx become dry. 

- Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Don't smoke and avoid second-hand smoke. It will irritate your vocal folds. 
Also, don't consume spicy foods. Spicy foods can cause stomach acid to move into the throat and/or esophagus, causing heartburn or GERD. Include plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet that contains vitamins A, E, and C. These vitamins help to maintain the mucous membranes which, in turn, help to keep the throat (and related parts of the vocal anatomy) healthy.

- Visit an alternative voice specialist.

If you have symptoms of raspiness or hoarseness and they remain to be persistent for more than a few weeks and, moreover, you begin experiencing more problems with your throat and voice, then it's necessary for you to visit a qualified alternative health specialist. That type of specialist will closely analyze your disrupted vocal anatomy, and will use specific natural/alternative methods, which will greatly aid your voice/vocal recovery. 

These kinds of therapists use a specific non-invasive approach to help you find relief from nasty symptoms of any voice disorder; and, most importantly, at the end of your treatment, nevertheless, they will help you to acquire the best quality of your desired voice. 


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