An Alternative Method of Speech Therapy may be the answer for the Treatment of a Raspy and Hoarse Voice.

Has the quality of your voice been compromised due to chronic hoarseness?

If you are suffering from this ever-growing voice problem, The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair can help to fix it.

- Before we go into what it takes to completely eliminate hoarseness, we must gain a better understanding of what exactly it is. So to make things clear, hoarseness is a symptom, not a disease. It is an abnormal change in your voice caused by a variety of conditions. Due to these conditions, the voice may exhibit a change in pitch and volume, ranging from a deep, harsh voice to a weak raspy voice. The most common cause for this is what is known as acute laryngitis (inflammation of the vocal cords) which is most often caused by an upper respiratory tract infection (usually viral), and it also can be caused by overuse or misuse of the voice (like singing loudly or yelling).

If you tend to use your voice a lot and are experiencing hoarseness, the strain on your voice (essentially the strain on your neck and vocal cords) can be treated with the help of an experienced alternative voice specialist. 

We, at The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, are providing the unique services of voice restoration. We are based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. We also provide a specialized method of voice enhancement. It is known as the Vocal Science™ method and technique. 

With this revolutionary program, created and conducted by our world-renowned Master voice/vocal coach/voice repair specialist, Diana Yampolsky, we are able to offer industry-leading, non-invasive treatment options for those who suffer from various voice problems, speech problems and or vocal disorders.

How can this information help with Chronic Hoarseness? 

The core of this form of voice therapy resides in the rule of fact - in order to treat the symptoms of a problem (in this case, hoarseness) you must first find the underlying cause. And we are not just talking about the cause of the initial hoarseness… We are talking about a complete analysis of things that lead to the beginning of the hoarseness and how it has formed from then til now. 

Also, in order to achieve desirable results with respect to proper voice restoration, the patient must be able to follow the voice repair specialist’s instructions to the letter.

For professional voice users and for everyday people, the method for proper voice restoration is as follows:

#1 The state of the patients mental and physical state is examined, noted and adjusted.

#2 Any bad habits which the voice repair specialist will identify during the voice repair process will be relayed to the patient and then those habits will be corrected on the spot.

#3 The correction of vocal projection, combined with the administration of specially-chosen natural herbs and remedies (designed to promote the natural healing of the vocal cords) will be introduced.

#5, further refinement of the patients’ voice quality will be introduced and implemented, allowing the patients to not only obtain a healthy voice but also to comply with the professional standards of speaking and or singing.


The above is a summary of the comprehensive restoration process which is conducted at The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair.

About us:

The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair has been restoring and enhancing their patients’ voices for over 34 years…. Our aforementioned name signifies the best in vocal treatment using an alternative form of speech therapy for speakers and singers. 

For more information on how we can help save and protect and enhance your voice, visit our site and/or contact us.

Phone: 416-857-8741


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