Have you ever had a thought, or were even told, that you could not sing… but really had the desire to do so?

Were you also, perhaps, ordered to keep your mouth shut and not to sing…ever…?

For the majority of you, it was happening in your childhood, but had this “minor insult” really left your mind now that you are in your adulthood? Not really… as it appears to be. More and more people are inquiring about singing lessons who had never sung before and, nevertheless, would dare to sing at all! 

How so; you, my reader, may ask? Apparently, the majority of those people were traumatized in their school’s music programs, choirs, auditions for music plays and what have you; or even some family gatherings like Christmas caroling during Christmas time, etc. Now these traumatized individuals finally decided to find out the truth and to discover whether or not they could actually sing.

Luckily for them, the Vocal Science technique is designed to give the gift of singing to practically anybody! Very recently, we were running a Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop and one of our participants named Veronica happened to be one of those people who we spoke about in the above paragraphs.

This is her feedback which she had provided us after her participation in our workshop.

“I attended a vocal workshop that Diana Yampolsky ran this past weekend. Saying "amazing" or "incredible" will be understatement.
When I was learning to play piano at the music school I had to take singing classes as part of curriculum. But I was so bad, that teacher told me to only open my mouth and not make a sound! No one actually took time to explain what singing is all about, mechanics of It, or bother with actual teaching.

Now I understand that no one new Diana's revolutionary method, neither they had her gifts to hear, see and coach a rookie to become a professional singer. She was able to help me produce such an incredible sound that for a moment I thought I am Cher!...

I also realized that one weekend is not enough and I am planning to take a recommended by Diana course, to be able to sing for myself or friends with confidence and comfort for everyone's ear. Nevertheless, one thing for sure: Listening songs on a radio became bothersome experience, as now I can hear all the unprofessional sounds, originated either using vocal cords and putting them under excessive pressure or simply using the nose to produce the sound!

Diana, it is no doubt that most of the singers are lacking your professional and phenomenal coaching!

The Vocal Science™ method works in a way which can be compared with fine acupuncture. The experienced acupuncturist would know the exact spot where to put that fine needle to trigger the desired nerve or organ,  which obviously appears to be out of balance, so to speak.

Similarly, I could guide my ‘doomed wannabe singer’ to a place where they should “humber” the sound; and thus, will be able to produce that sound in a certain way where their voice will sound more then decent and actually adequate. To do so, it takes a lot of mastery, expertise and experience from my side, as well as a lot of patience, effort and energy from my (to be) singing student.

With that said, for the local people, we offer what we call an Introductory/Exploratory Session to be able to define what and who we will be working with and whether or not it will be workable; and, if it is is, to what extent for that matter.

For the record, in the above statement, I am not concerned about the condition of the voice of the given person. I am concerned about them; their personality, dedication and abilities to set goals and being able to enjoy the process of achieving them.

The latter is, no doubt, the recipe for success!

Voice.., Life.., Prosperity Forward… 
To the Universe, where the sky is the limit!


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