Voice Repair – Love Yourself, Love Your Voice, Help Yourself!

Do not ever give up hope! Do not ever listen to the, so-called medical professionals prompting you to accept your voice condition and learn how to live with it!

How pathetic is that?


Those medical professionals do not offer any solutions and could not care less that you had spent most of your life on stage singing and do not know, or want, any other lifestyle, but the one you like and love.

One of our former clients (throat cancer survivor) was told exactly that and was encouraged to be thankful to be alive. Meanwhile, that very client had spent over 45 years on stage playing guitar and singing in a rock band. After Chemo and Radiation, his fingertips lost the sensation of touch and his voice was forever raspy and hoarse, (both speaking and singing).

How frustrating could that be? My answer would be: Above and Beyond!  Even though my client was suggested to accept it and “be happy to be alive!"  He certainly did not want to follow that guidance.

To his credit, he never stopped looking and searching. Within only 4 days after obtaining private instruction and natural herbal treatment and, concurrently, attending an exploratory group session; he was able to sing in a karaoke establishment which was located near the proximity of our studio. The owners of the place were asking me why I was hiding such a good singer?  And when I attempted to tell them that he was an American and  had come to us (here in Toronto) for only a few days to fix his voice, they gave me a dirty look and said, “yeah right!”

I got somewhat puzzled for a second, but then started to think to myself, (“this is a perfect testimonial”).  Nobody could even suspect that my poor client, who had gone through so much, was singing straight after his voice repair got completed and, believe it or not, he actually sounded awesome!

In his post course letter, Tim Bristol of Niagara Falls, New York, said:

“I am singing away - my voice improves a little each week thanks to you. I am amazed: the doctors - the "experts" - just keep saying 'nothing can be done, be happy for what you have left’ and they're wrong.  You have proved them wrong with your vocal approach.”

“Stay Warm!”

- TimB

So help yourself by still keeping your hopes up!

Don’t be afraid to part with your vocal disorder and search for the “light at the end of the tunnel”.  And if you are determined to see that light, you will come out of the dark spot by being guided by the person who has the right tools, good intentions and your interest at heart... By the person who not only knows, but who also cares to get you where you are going in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

In the end, you will be the one who will be carrying the torch for your voice, for your health and for your success overall.

Love yourself Love your voice!  Help yourself to achieve your goals in Life.  And, if your goal is to be a healthy and a well-balanced individual, make it the mission of your life!

Remember… There is no mission… which is impossible!


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